The Types of Sex Russian Girls Prefer

Russian women in bed

Some say that all Russian women are a bit inexperienced in bed and want a man to dominate in intimate relationships. That’s far astray from the truth. Each girl expects quite different actions from her partner; Slavic ladies have their own desires and fantasies. Even though they are vague and diverse, these desires still have something in common.

What sex do Russian girls like? More and more men begin asking this question. After all, a lot of foreigners would like to find a Slavic beauty, conquer her heart, and give her pleasure she will never forget. But how to do everything right, so that she remembered a wonderful night and agreed to repeat it one more time? Well, there are several types of sex that Russian women prefer, and in this article, we’ll talk about them.

Do it gently

So, the first rule of sex with Russian women: they love when they are loved. So be sure to show your Slavic partner love and sympathy in every possible way. Actually, this leads to the second rule: please your partner first, and then please yourself.

Russian girls in bedAny Russian woman, even the most passionate and ardent one, likes being treated as if she was inexperienced and cold. Many Slavic ladies are very affectionate; they are waiting for decisive actions from their partners. A Russian girl wants to drown in her lover’s touches and caresses. She is even ready for unusual experiments in bed, but she probably won’t appreciate the idea of being treated rudely in bed. Russian girls often look for an older man. They appreciate men’s experience and sharp mind. Affectionate caresses combined with quiet and soft music bring them maximum pleasure, and gentle whisperings in the ear give them extraordinary sensations. At the same time, they want to feel weak and defenseless in the arms of a strong and confident man.

Imagine that your partner is an innocent girl who has never been with a man yet, so it’s very important not to scare her off with your persistence and show that sex can be pleasant. Sometimes it’s difficult, especially if you see that your lady wants you so bad that she can’t resist her desire anymore. But you still should “tease” her a bit with some more gentle caresses; after that, you can be sure that she won’t fake her feelings in bed.

Sex and preludes

foreplaySex is not a sprint. At least that’s what Russian girls think. If you really want her to tremble with excitement, then before you proceed to the most enjoyable part of your evening, you should make some preparations. The majority of Russian women in bed have an orgasm, only if there was a prelude before sex. According to different anonymous surveys, most Russian girls prefer sex with caresses. Everyone knows that women’s potency is different from men’s one, and it needs more time to “warm up.” Therefore, if you prefer fast actions and short “races,” be sure to take some statistics into account. This doesn’t mean that you should be the only one who works. Caress each other in turn.

When talking about Russian women and sex, preludes shouldn’t last less than fifteen minutes, or even more. Experienced men can caress a partner for an hour or more, sometimes even leading a woman to an orgasm without having sex at all. Pay attention to her body. Don’t forget about her ears. Bite the lobes a bit; kiss her right in the auricle. Many Russian ladies get really excited when a partner passionately and heavily breathes in their ears.

There’s no need to hurry. Your kisses should be soft and gentle; make sure that you move your hands slowly when touching her. If it’s difficult for you to keep your emotions under control, try to think about something abstract during preliminary caresses. This will slightly reduce your sexual arousal and allow you to hold out longer.

Find a couple of hot spots on her body

Breasts are the most obvious erogenous part of the female body. But in no case should you twist or bite them. Keep in mind that during sex, some areas of the breasts become very sensitive to pain. That’s why by making such a mistake, you can only spoil everything. Gently grasp her breasts, feel them in your hands. Smooth them and caress them. A lot of Russian women enjoy it so much that they will agree to do anything for you.

The navel is another ladies’ erogenous zone. In addition to its aesthetic appearance, it’s incredibly sensitive. Of course, you don’t need to focus on the belly button itself. Kiss and caress the area within 5-8 centimeters from the navel; it will make your partner tremble.

Your caresses shouldn’t be monotonous because no woman will get the maximum pleasure from massaging her nipples or kissing her navel for an hour. Even if she tells you that she’s already burning with impatience, think, maybe she’s just bored and wants to end this as soon as possible.

Well, the last rule: don’t be silent. Say everything that you feel, because Russian girls fall in love through their ears. Express your emotions with words or at least moans, but avoid vulgar phrases and don’t overact. After everything’s over, don’t just fall asleep silently. Hug your lady, kiss her, and say that you have never felt so good. These words may seem trivial, but sometimes they can bring the greatest pleasure and boost the girl’s self-esteem.

Let her dominate

woman in bedSome Russian women having sex prefer to be leaders in bed. They are bold, sometimes rude, and want to control the situation. Such woman loves weak men; they make her feel like she’s “caring for them” and teaches them something new. She enjoys a man’s caprices and anxiety. She wants to protect him in bed, teach him, and show how to do everything right. When being with such hot Russian women, a man should be gentle and obedient. Of course, in this case, she will agree to various experiments and even sex games. To please such a woman, pretend to be obedient and submissive, do everything exactly as she says. Sex should be active, tough, maybe even slightly rude, but on her part. A man should play the role of a victim; he has no right to contradict her in anything.

Add some variety

Many beautiful Russian women are OK with bringing some variety to sex, but they do not always talk about it. Despite that the Slavic girls are slightly more constrained than their Western counterparts in bed, most of them would like to do it in some random place. Sex in the back row at the movie theater or in the restroom of the restaurant gives them a real explosion of feelings. That’s why you shouldn’t believe some common stereotypes about Russian girls in bed. The right approach is the main thing in sex.

In conclusion

Regardless of what type of sex they prefer, those sexy Russian women don’t like the “good guys.” They love the persistent ones. They are looking for their conqueror and don’t understand how men can have so many complexes. After all, everyone knows that when saying “no,” in most cases, the girl means “yes.” They just want to seem unapproachable. Men, in their turn, are scared of failures, immediately giving up positions and retreating. But to excite a Russian woman, you need to work hard, so that she felt that the night spent with you was the best in her life. Don’t forget to tell a Russian woman dating you how great she looks, compliment on her beautiful hair and such. In other words, say all that she wants to hear, and sooner or later, you will be rewarded.

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