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Free Dating Sites

With the advent of various smartphones that support increasingly complex, functional and at the same time convenient applications, the era of sites has gone into the shadows. Of course, an ordinary Internet user does not think so because new sites appear every day, and the audience of mastodons of this business is constantly growing, but the capitalization of two types of entertainment aimed at the common goal of uniting searching each other’s hearts has become significantly different.

Applications for the desktop and for smartphones bring more profit. Nevertheless, if you are just starting your acquaintance with the world of online dating, dating sites are just what you need. Free dating sites enable the user to understand the basic rules of this game. After all, many mistakenly believe that dating on the Internet is not much different from dating in real life. Free dating sites easily deal with this myth and you can quickly understand whether this method of soul mate search is suitable for you.

The online dating industry is large in every sense. Today there are no such people whose romantic preferences would remain unsatisfied. Do you want to find yourself a mate of certain height? No problem. Do you want to find a mate from a farmer’s environment? Or maybe you need a good old butcher? Or do not you think that the third one is not superfluous and do not have anything against a love triangle, where everyone knows and values ​​their place? All this is a trivial problem for the modern day industry. But it was not always so. If you conduct a small retrospective analysis (and you can only get a small analysis, since the online dating industry is relatively young), it turns out that very recently the choice of potential partners that could offer dating sites was negligible. In addition, the quality of the service, especially when it came to free dating sites, was at a very low level. And it’s not just a ridiculously small chance to find a soul mate with whom you would like to live life.

The problem was the security of users. Your personal information was not protected at all, and attempts to fix it were only superficial. Therefore, if you were a family man, you constantly risked using dating sites. But there were new faces on the stage. Players who have proven that this game is interesting and profitable to everyone. Tinder and OkCupid brought the industry to a new level. The caravan of success was joined not only by applications, but by ordinary, free dating sites. If you compare the quality of service today with what existed 10-12 years ago, you will be amazed. It seems that you are looking at the temporary abyss in 20-30 years. But this is not so.

dating serviceSurely, when reading this article, you asked yourself the question: if things are so good, then why use paid dating sites? Probably, they have something special? Some steep advantages, inaccessible to mere mortals? Yes and no. Indeed, if the dating site offers you to buy a premium membership, it will give you specific bonuses. Perhaps, it will be an improved search or a set of some features, thanks to which you can make communication more interesting and diverse. But the truth is that the search algorithms of the other half on some free dating sites are better than paid ones. The truth is that very often the feature sets do not represent any practical benefit.

So what can you do? First of all, understand one thing – online dating was originally created for people to communicate with each other. Some monetization is certainly present, but it should not be too annoying. It is better, if the user will notice it occasionally and not be distracted from his main task – to find a partner. Do you agree with me? Then your task is simplified.

Today, in the digital world, there is a huge variety of dating sites. They are more than 5000 of them. And you do not have to check them all in search of a better option. We did this work for you and extracted from the bowels of the Internet the real diamonds, for which you do not have to pay.


This application is an excellent example of minimalism. There is nothing superfluous in it. Some marketers and experts in the field of specialized applications claim that it was this feature that made Tinder an application for dating number 1. By the way, experts in the field of physical culture also praise Tinder – your fingers will train flexibility and dexterity, like the fingers of gymnasts. The fact is that your main occupation in Tinder is scrolling user profiles to the left or right. Left, if you liked the person. To the right – if you did not like. Everything is very simple. I’d say it’s easier now.

Profiles are also simple and minimalistic. The main space of the profile is taken by the photo. If you are such a bore, that you need to talk about yourself, you can use a small, even a very small space for this. Chat between two users is possible only in one case: if they have liked profiles of each other.


This site is similar to a song that was written long ago, but over the years it not only did not get bored, but it became even more popular, more interesting, more hit. OkCupid exists since 2003. In the current year 2017, it is not only not forgotten, but continues to grow. For the dating sphere it is an example of a real longevity. What is the secret?

Firstly, it’s simple and understandable features. Not always the pursuit of innovation brings new customers to the company. Not always new is better than the old. In OkCupid, this is a well-known fact and everyone adheres to this principle. But do not think that everything there is run by old-fashioned bores. This is not true. The site is very modern. It is in trend – you cannot doubt it. Simply, its developers have brought to perfection the basic things, without which the dating site cannot exist. This is a detailed search. This is an opportunity to create a profile as you like, and not what the developers want to see. This is an opportunity to go to an instant chat with someone who you liked.

Secondly, OkCupid can boast one of the most effective algorithms for finding matches. It is based on a large number of questions you are requested to answer. It is based on your specific actions on site. That is, as a result, individualizes the search algorithm. I think this is enough to keep OkCupid in the top of free dating sites.

online datingCoffee Meets Bagel

This application has a characteristic feature: the last word is given to a woman. Every day, men can check up to 21 profiles. Girls see only those men who are interested in their profiles. It is they who decide with whom to engage in a dialog.

Specialists call this application a synthesis of all the best that has appeared in the industry in recent years. It is convenient, easy to learn and effective. In addition, it is free. And many are surprised. The main feature of this application is the developed feedback system. And the point of its existence is not to provide developers with information to improve the performance of the application. The meaning of its existence is that the users are always aimed at the result. To do this, they introduced a system of reviews: if you went past the profile of a person, you leave a small message. Perhaps you did not like the quality of the photos. Perhaps the profile contains too little information. It turns out that each user can constantly improve its profile and sooner or later it will achieve success. It catches a lot of people and they use the application not only for making new acquaintances, but also out of a sporting interest.

The principle of the application is built on rewards. Shared application on the Facebook? Receive your coffee beans (this is an internal “currency”). The more coffee beans you have, the better it is. By the way, every log in is also paid for with coffee beans. It is profitable to deal with these guys!


About Pure, probably everyone already heard everything. The mission of the app is to sexually satisfy this world. The service even has an evangelist (and this is a girl!) in Russia.

There are only photos and “readiness” to sleep with someone in the next half an hour or an hour. You can not correspond more than an hour. You still need to specify whether you will invite the partner to your place or you are ready to go on a visit. The application shows those who are in close proximity. The fight against unscrupulous users takes place when a person has not posted their photos or deceived somehow, from that point their access to the service is denied.

In addition, this application said a completely new word in the field of security. Your presence in the “affected area” of the application is strictly limited in time, after which all your data and traces of being in the zone of sexual desire disappear without a trace. Wow.

Plenty Of Fish

This dating site can be called a classic. I recommend starting an acquaintance with this diverse and interesting world of online dating from it. The main advantage of the site is a large number of various features (most of them are really useful), for which you do not need to pay. The second significant bonus is an extensive network of users, each of which is available to you at any time. The fact is that many dating sites impose restrictions on the number of profiles that you can view for a certain period of time (most often it’s 24 hours). Plenty Of Fish refused this and won the love of users.

Profile customization is also performed in the best traditions of this industry. The developers refused to put users in any kind of frameworks: you want to tell us about yourself in more detail – you are welcome. Do not like verbosity? It is your right, be limited to a couple of words. The site is also interesting because it gives you the opportunity to better explore … your own psyche. Developers worked well while creating questionnaires to identify the characteristics of the user. They are thought out, informative and lead to real conclusions about your personality. A very cool bonus.

What About Paid Dating Sites?

It would be very stupid to completely write them off from this article. After all, some free dating sites (not the ones we listed above) fully correspond to the people’s idea of ​​what quality something free is in the modern world. There are three main problems that often occur on free dating sites:

  • Unbalanced design and bugs
  • Fake profiles
  • Scammers

The presence of even one of these points leads to the fact that you will lose your time. Paid dating sites are less prone to this problem. Some got rid of them completely. Let’s take a closer look at them.

online dating siteZoosk

This service is time-tested. For 10 years of its existence, the site, built on the basis of the Facebook application, not only has not lost its popularity, but has strengthened its position in the relevant market.

Service made a jerk at the moment when developers took a fateful solution for themselves (and for thousands of users): to integrate the social network with their own site, as a result they received millions of active profiles, their number is growing to this day.


Match. No doubt, this is the most popular modern dating site. More than 6 million people use it daily. The multilingual interface means that the site is being used all over the world. And this is really so: according to the most conservative estimates, you can meet citizens of 23 countries on the site.

What is the secret of Match? Excellent combination of simplicity and convenience of the interface with the qualitative organization of online dating. The site does not specialize in any particular type or form of dating, it is designed to unite both men and women from different countries of any age and race.

Most users are in the age group of 35-45 years, the ratio of female and male is almost the same. Free registration will give you the opportunity to use the basic functions of the site: create your profile, upload photos, view the profiles of other users, read the messages you received. But to send messages is possible only with paid subscription. And it is worth to buy it.


If you do not need a serious relationship, but you really do not have enough time to communicate at a particular moment – this site will help you cope with loneliness and a thirst for adventure. This site is worth its money – there are practically no unreliable users there. It works fine. Sometimes even better than expected in the wildest dreams.

The site was not just limited to bringing together people who were hungry for each other. If you do not have time or opportunity for this, but you really want something special, then check what progress such an interesting app made in virtual sex, which is also possible on the site. The check will bring you satisfaction – both moral and physical.

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