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The website is a popular (or the best as they tell themselves) Ukrainian dating service for men and women around the world. gives single ladies from Ukraine and Russia the opportunity to widen the search field and find their soul mate abroad. This dating site enables men from all over the world to get to know Slavic girls and start serious relationships with their beloved.Huge database, attractive interface and a great amount of various services are the few things to mention in order to draw your attention and make you go on reading a review of

Huge database, attractive interface and a great amount of various services are the few things to mention in order to draw your attention and make you go on reading a review of Let us get this started!


A new male user may register here by filling the registration form that consists of 7 blank fields (Login, Name, Surname, Telephone Number, Country, Email, and Password). While registration everyone has to confirm that he/she is more than 21 years old and has a straight sexual orientation. This way the site will be sure to provide only the good and reliable content to the users.

You can finish your registration or open a full application form and fill it with the information about yourself (Height, Hair Color etc.) and your criteria for an ideal lady matching your life (appearance as well as traits of character), which will  narrow the search field and filter the females according to specific features. In general, the registration can be either short or take a long time to finish. It depends on your intentions and readiness to find a dream girl. Both ways are convenient and easy.

Female users can sign up using a Russian-language registration form.


The interface is simple and beautiful. The two-color scheme (pink and grey text on the white background with purple areas) makes the website clean and easy to read. It is also a great background for the bright realistic photos of beautiful girls. A special green bar to the left of the page draws attention at once as it helps to search the ladies which is one of the main goals of the website. It is constantly on every page, so you always have an opportunity to stop reading different types of info and go back to business).  The layout is clean. It makes you feel comfortable with the site because you do not feel overwhelmed by information.  At the top of the page on the purple background, you can find an easy and useful menu that includes “Home”, “Contact Us”, “News”, “Flowers and Gifts”, so you will not get lost. In addition, at the top bar you can find the address of the agency, two phone numbers and e-mails, in case you have any questions or suggestions. All the features are located to the left below a green search field.

Is scam? No.

The loading speed of the whole site during any of the offered services (viewing woman’s profiles, clips, online messaging or video broadcasting) is lightning fast.


The first things you need entering the site is to discover more about its goals. You can easily find out more about this Kiev dating agency and some necessary tips while watching the video guide on how to use the website effectively, special video blogs for men, webinars for women.There are a lot of videos of the couples made up within the site as well. The membership is free of charge. The site also provides a huge amount of services from a browsing of 1000s of Ukrainian and Russian females to a miracle face-to-face date. The special feature that you scarcely can find on the net is the special owner’s (Natali’s) service to organize your special trip.

All that you need is to schedule an interview with Natali and she will consult for 30 minutes through Skype or by phone on the best matchmaking service plan for your trip free of charge. It can be a wonderful background to create a romantic atmosphere for the first date with your future bride. There are many books on courtesy and success on the bar to the left. This way you not only look for or communicate with the girls but develop your personality as well.A great advantage is that you will not find any advertising in website menus, letters, and other places so your navigation will not be confused.

To sum up, it is an easy and convenient bridge on the way to find your beloved among the Slavic girls and meet them for real in Kiev. If you think that scams, I can assure that you are completely wrong.

If you still have doubts that this website as well the dating agency is the one for you, you are free to check out other reviews.

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