Pros and Cons of Women Over 40 in Bed


A woman’s peak of sexuality comes just at the age of 40 when the woman’s world stops turning around only the baby crib. She has her own soul searching during this period, and she wants to lose herself in love. At the peak of her sexuality, she can also feel unsatisfied with her intimate life. What is the reason?

A poll, conducted by one of the magazines, showed that 77% of respondents get more pleasure from sex in forties than at a younger age. In addition, 45% of the surveyed women said that after 40 they want even more sex than before. Almost 78 % of women believe that a good sex can never end even in long-term relationships.

That can be explained by the fact that the mature women sex is more adventurous than ever before. About 66% of women said that they are at odds with their bodies and thoughts even more as compared with their younger age. Almost 70% of respondents said that now they feel more confident in sex than in their 20s. The physical changes that occur in the female body after the age of 40 are not related to the loss of sexuality. On the contrary, now she is a more mature, experienced woman for whom sex at 40 brings a lot of pleasure. It is time to break some myths and … go to bed.

What advantages do women after 40 have?

They know exactly what they want. These women know what they want, and are not afraid to ask for it. Maybe because they are already experienced in family life or maybe they are just successful and self-confident, and they are no longer pressed by the need to manage their lives. Women between the ages of 40 and 49 can be demanding, but this has a positive side: sex with mature women has more adventures in bed.

They really like sex. Women love sex after forty. Every second woman is ready for sex right on the first date. In addition, they have an orgasm almost every time they have sex. For the most part, they do not worry anymore about the procreation, so they can easily treat sex and engage in it more often. Women become more determined in explaining what they want and offering innovations that you can try together. The mature women and sex can sound like synonyms in some way.

mature-womanThe mature women leave the simulation of orgasms to youth, which is slightly more than 20. Women become much more courageous lovers and engage in the best sex at forty.

The mature women over forty like their own bodies, and they are less prone to feigned orgasms.

Nine out of ten women like to diversify their sex positions, many of them prefer to get on top. Love games are not anymore limited to bedroom walls: they have sex in the hall, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, or even in the garden or the park. If you think about mature women for sex, you should better find one.

They know what the men want. A good lover always knows what her man wants. Sex ends in bed but begins with thoughts and conversations, trust and joint experiences. The mature women are able to give their men what they want, to caress them, to fulfill whims, remaining not intrusive in personal relationships (for example, to “torture” them with calls demanding attention). They know that the strongest networks are invisible.

Mature women do not look into the man’s eyes after the first shared night with the question, “When will you come next time?” It is very important for a man to feel like a master. Therefore, a good lover will never allow herself to be intrusive. Men do not like when they are put before a tough choice and women in their 40s understand that very well. Women do not need to check their feelings for durability. They can use some forces only to make their feelings stronger. A perfect lover knows that for every man, love is much less important than for a woman. The mature women do not torture their men, forcing them to tell, “How much they love them”.

Women after 40 try not to complain about almost everything. They know that as a rule, their problems seem insignificant and ridiculous to men, and complaints are just female whims. Therefore, when it comes to life’s difficulties, mature women count on themselves and forget that they have partners or address them only in the extreme and serious cases in fact.

They are wise and smart. There is a misconception that men do not like smart women. Not smart, but those who overly demonstrate their mind, pointing to the man at the gaps in his knowledge. A smart mature woman never shows that she is smarter. She does not emphasize her superiority in anything.

The ability to forgive is also the ability not to recall past mistakes. To forgive is to forget or pretend to have forgotten.

What disadvantages can women after 40 have?

beautiful-womanThey are more demanding. Women after 40 are more demanding in a relationship, career, food, and entertainment. It is all about hormones. After 40 years, the level of estrogen and testosterone in the body of a woman decreases faster, but testosterone falls not so fast as estrogen. Therefore, she becomes almost a man in a skirt. She is more straightforward, purposeful, firm in her decisions, perhaps more courageous and independent. Moreover, she no longer calls her friends to sit in a bar and unwind with a martini, but she still needs someone who will share her hobbies and sexual desires with her. So, you just got to be willing to sweat.

They are still hot. The sexuality of a woman changes throughout her life: during the monthly cycle, after the birth of a child, due to breastfeeding, contraception. However, the changes, associated with menopause, are considered the most cardinal revolution. In this case, there are quite a few myths associated with this period; in particular, that menopause leads to a loss of sexuality. In our society, although it is quite modern and liberal, a woman in her 40s is perceived as unattractive in sexual terms. This makes some women feel like this and give up intimate relationships regardless of their own needs, but they are still hot, very hot.

In order to make your own conclusion, you should better check yourself how hot mature women are.

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