How to Date a Mexican Woman

a Mexican girl

Online dating opened a lot of boundaries, but that made a lot of Western men forget about hot girls in Latin America. It often seems like everybody are far more interested in girls from Russia or Asian countries. But there are a lot of problems that men face building relationships with women from those countries. The cultural differences are way too big, and the periods of adaptation are quite long. Considering those mischiefs, it is quite strange that only a few men pay attention to Mexican women. Mexican girls are not that far from us, and they are way more familiar with the American lifestyle than their Russian or Asian counterparts whose knowledge mainly comes from TV-series. So, let’s check out why you should focus on beautiful Mexican girls.

What Are Mexican Women Like?

So, what is so special about hot Mexican girls? Are Mexican women attractive? Yes, and they have enough to spice up your romantic life with their emotions, as you don’t have to think twice about what Mexican girls think and feel. Hot blooded Mexican women are easy with expressing their emotions. Don’t expect over the top drama that you may have spotted watching those Latin American TV shows, as they work more as a caricature, rather than a faithful portrayal. But let’s check out other features that make beautiful Mexican girls stand out.

What to Know About Mexican Girls?

1. Mexican Women Are Hot

We’ve already told you that Mexican women are quite straight in expressing their emotions, so you won’t be left guessing what she really feels. But there is much more to hot Mexican girls. A Mexican girl is a passionate one. So, if passion is one of the things that you expect from your relationship, then you should really focus on dating Mexican women. It is highly unlikely that a Mexican girl would refuse a romantic evening. Most likely it is something that she would offer you. The only disadvantage is that you may be more interested in a quiet evening in front of your TV-set, but in that case, you should look for girls from some cold countries.

Mexican women2. Mexican Women Are Loyal

One of the main reasons why Western men are looking for women from abroad is their disbelief in the loyalty of their domestic women. While such a conclusion is debatable, we are not talking about different opinions here. If you want your woman to be as loyal as possible, then Mexican women is your ultimate choice. Mexico is one of the strictest Catholic states, thus being unfaithful is one of the greatest sins. But when you are dating a hot Mexican girl, you must understand that religion is only the second reason behind why she is loyal to you, as the first reason is her love for you.

3. Mexican Women Are Family-Oriented

Yep, much like Russian women, Mexican women are family-oriented. They are restless mothers, lovers, wives, and housekeepers. Quite the same that you can get from Slavic women, but as we’ve said before, it won’t take a Mexican woman that long to assimilate in the American society, and her English is most likely to be more advanced than that of a Russian girl.

Mexican Women vs American Women

Now after learning the advantages of dating sexy Mexican girls, let’s see how different they are from American women.

1. Family Matters

The general complaints about American women is them being overly-emancipated. According to men that cherish traditional family values, feminism had led to women being much more focused on building their successful careers, rather than on building a healthy family. It’s a debatable view, but let’s concentrate on Mexican women. As we’ve stated above, Mexican women are family-oriented. Actually they are so family-oriented that sometimes it may feel like you are having a relationship not with her, but with all of her family. If you want your dating a Mexican woman to be successful, you must be approved by her family. So, get ready to make a good impression on her parents.

2. Partnership

The main problem with American women is that they want to lead in your relationship. The main problem with Russian girls is that they want you to lead in your relationship. With Mexican women, you won’t face a problem like that, as they view romantic relations as a partnership. It doesn’t mean that it’s going to be flawless, as you need to take her opinion into account. Moreover, she can easily get offended, if you make some serious decision without her. Still, it’s not that difficult compared to having a supporting role with an American woman or be a forced lead with a Russian girl.

3. Expectations

When it comes to American women, their expectations are mainly based on their accomplishments and their goals. With Mexican women, things are different, as their expectations depend on their families. So, if your girlfriend is from a lower class, then she’s going to be your tireless housewife. But if your Mexican girlfriend is from an upper-class family, she might have grown with maids and has no idea about how to clean the house and how to cook. You will figure out what her upbringing was, as you will have to meet her parents anyway.

Online Dating with a Mexican Girl

So, is there anything special about dating Mexican women online? Although online dating is more or less the same with girls from each and every country, there are a few rules that you need to follow when you are chatting with a Mexican girl.

hot Mexican womenFirst of all, you need to be polite, and you need to show that you are really interested in her as in person. You shouldn’t tell her in advance that you are looking for a Mexican girlfriend. If you are chatting with five girls at once, show each of them that you are interested exclusively in her. It is the basic rule of online dating, but a lot of men seem to ignore it.

Don’t be rude and don’t demand anything from her. You need to chat for a while to understand whether you like each other or not. Remember that Mexican women view a relationship as a partnership, thus it must be a dialogue and not your monologue about your life. Show your interest in her life and Mexican traditions, as it will help you greatly in your further relationship. But it is better to know something about Mexico if you really want to impress your girlfriend.

A Typical Date in Mexico

Now, if your online dating went successfully, then you are going to have the first offline date. Don’t make any surprise arrivals, as you know already that Mexican girls like when you are making decisions together. So, you need to ask her how she feels about you come and visit her in Mexico and when it would be suitable for both of you. Now, what you need to know in order to stand out from other men.

1. Express You Affection Politely

Mexican men are hot-tempered, and they often express their affection with loud whistles and shouts. That something that you shouldn’t do. If you act the same way as an average Mexican man, why on earth would she want to date you? So, the polite and cute “You look gorgeous!” will easily make you stand out.

2. Flirting

With flirting, you must act the same way as Mexican men if you want to impress your girlfriend. Yeah, they shout and whistle, but that’s just a bravado, so when it comes to a more intimate atmosphere, Mexican men are mainly much more respectful. So, nothing ruttish while flirting, just give compliments starting from the way she looks to the way she thinks.

3. Generosity

Yep, feminism brought us the possibility to go dutch when we are on the date, but that won’t work if you want to impress your Mexican girlfriend. You need to show that you are generous and that you can take care of her. So, paying for dinner is something that you are obliged to do if you want to show her that your intentions are serious.

The Development of Relationships

So, if your first few offline dates went well, it’s time to meet her parents. And if her parents give you the blessing, then you can marry her. Quite that simple right? Nope. No surprise proposals and we are not joking. If you want your Mexican girlfriend to trust you, you need to discuss with her whether she would like to marry you or not. Even if you are dating for a year, it is something that should be asked. You are partners, and neither of you should make such an important decision on your own. Moreover, if you want a normal development of your relationship, you need to discuss everything. From where are you planning to go on the weekend to the guests you are planning to invite to a dinner. If you prefer deciding everything on your own, then probably you should date a Russian girl or any other girl, who won’t mind you doing everything on your own.

What Mexican Girls Don’t Like?

If you really want your relationship with a Mexican girl to be successful, you need to learn what Mexican women don’t like aside from making a decision without asking their opinion. So, we offer you to check out our brief list of what they don’t like without further ado.

hot Mexican girl1. Absence of Attention

When you are dating a Mexican woman, you need to give as much attention to her as possible. Mind that they are hot-tempered, and when you say that you are too tired after your work, your Mexican girlfriend may start suspecting that you have some sugar on the side. A Mexican woman is ready to dedicate all of her time to you, and you must be ready to do the same for her.

2. Flirting with Other Women

If flirting is your general way of talking with women, you should forget about that when you start dating a Mexican woman. Moreover, you should delete all of your accounts on every dating service where you have been registered, as she may get paranoid that you are still chatting with someone.

3. Making Fun of Them

Although Mexican women have a good sense of humor, they don’t like when you are making fun of them. Especially, when it comes to language. Of course, she may be great at English, but some mistakes are unavoidable. So, don’t laugh when she makes mistakes in English, just kindly correct her.


Speaking of language, you should mind that while a lot of Mexicans know English at some level, you must be ready that your Mexican girlfriend’s English may not be the best. The best solution is to start learning Spanish. It will help you understand her better, and helping each other with your native tongue can reinforce your bond.

Start Dating Right Now

Now, when you’ve learned everything you need to know about Mexican women, there are two steps you have to make. The first step is to figure out whether you still want to date a Mexican woman after everything that you have learned. If you are positive about that, your next step is to register on one of the online dating services that offer Mexican girls for dating. Mind that you should stick with reputable services to avoid falling prey to online dating scam.

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