First Date Sex Etiquette

first date sex

The first date is always a somewhat challenging occasion. You cannot just sit and stare as everything goes by. You have to put some efforts in planning and preparing, otherwise, nothing’s going to work.

However, the issue of a first-date sexual interaction is definitely one of the most complicated to solve. Is it okay to have sex right after the first date? Won’t it ruin your potentially successful relationships? Are there any peculiarities of a sexual intercourse on the first date? Let’s figure that out by answering those simple yet intimidating questions.

Does first-date sex ruin relationships?

Well, from the very beginning you might admit that it’s quite hard to ruin something not yet existing, and you are right. Developing relationships, nonetheless, are much more fragile than the ones you have been in for some time, obviously. Consider that first date impression is, fortunately or unfortunately, is the most long-lasting. Knowing that, we now understand that the aforementioned sexual intercourse can ruin your prospective relationships in a wide range of ways, which include:

1. Revealing everything you have too soon and, therefore, leaving your significant other with no unfulfilled interest;
2. Outstepping moral norms, because, by far, if you let the passion overpower you during the first encounter, you are not much of a moralist;
3. Showing poor sex skills due to anxiety, nervousness, and lack of knowledge about your partner’s preferences and ideas of a perfect intercourse.

All this can thoroughly affect your potential relationships and demolish the smallest glimpse of mutual feelings. Nevertheless, first date sex can also catalyze the development of your relationships. In the world strongly characterized by vague standards and increased subjectivity, having no sex may work just as bad as having a too-soon sex. Likewise, girls’ minds are much kinkier than most us assume. They just prefer not to talk about it aloud. But hey, girls love good sex just as much as dudes do. The pivotal necessity at this point is to make her believe that you asked her out not just to have sex; this escapade should look natural. Don’t rush to it like you are riding your Ferrari to a dead end. It should go like it’s just another stop on the way to a successful relationship, which it can totally become under certain circumstances.

Is sex on the first date is always a mistake?

All is fair in love and war! If both of you felt the passion burning and wanted to make love right here and right there – yeah, you are a lucky guy. The 21st century is the era of broadening horizons in literally every sphere of life including dating and interpersonal relationships. The expanding of one’s sexual freedom, which undoubtedly includes first date sex, is incredibly important. Therefore, the answer is no. Sex on the first date is not a mistake. This though is 100% outdated. You will only find it nowadays in gender-targeted magazine and books.

So the next question is: Can first date sex lead to a relationship? Yes, of course, it can. And here are some recommendations to make it work for you.

The most important peculiarities of first date sex

Don’t rush into it. Once again, the perfect circumstances encompass her demonstrating interest on having sex and you acting as if it’s not a big deal and you can totally feel satisfied with just looking at her captivating eyes. These mind games might seem somewhat useless to you. But girls prefer to believe in what they want, and the most comfortable situation is when you both didn’t plan this sex to happen but it somehow turned out this way. Magic!

Romance works best. Just compare two situations: 1) you and your potential girlfriend sitting in a diner by the cinema, you are chewing your dripping cheeseburger and saying something like, “So, not let’s go to my place?” and 2) you and your potential girlfriend are strolling down the evening park drinking mulled wine and talking about everything, and you naturally say “Hey, if you don’t mind visiting my place, I will show you the record I told you about!” Which one you assume will work better?

Overdoing is worse than underperforming. Considering that you have just met and don’t know each other’s bodies all too well, your first time together will be relatively clunky and awkward. That is why you should better be gentle and maybe even avoid some of your favorite hardcore positions and practices. And, oh Lord, please don’t shower her with your perversions and fetishes. There are time and place for everything – and neither of it is now.
Don’t be selfish. Remember, we are trying to make her believe that the sexual intercourse itself is not the aim of the entire thing. Therefore, you need to focus your in-bed endeavors on bringing her some joy. Don’t be afraid to ask her what she likes most. Communication is exceedingly important even in such specific situation. In fact, most couples that have troubles with sex life, experience those because of lack of communication and understanding.

What do women think of first date sex?

Finally yet importantly, let’s talk about how women treat this occasion. By far, you may encounter girls with totally different points of view. However, most of them encompass three different ideas. The first one says that such sex is a sin (in every possible religious and non-religious meaning) ant they are never up to it. Such individuals often turn out to be hypocrites, but hey, we are here not to judge people. The second idea says that first date sex is the only possible way to hook up a man for good. And, of course, such females often find themselves infinitely lonesome. Girls that stick to the third opinion say that first date sex is just another subjective doing and it may take place or not take place based on what you actually look for. So far, the third group is the least frequent yet the most appropriate in a role of a partner. Have fun seeking the perfect one!

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