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elitesingles.com review

Elite Singles is one of the most popular dating sites in the UK and the USA. Nevertheless, in the modern Internet age there are also more popular resources for creating new acquaintances. However, the user interest in Elite singles constantly grows. What is this site? What is its peculiarity? Why does it constantly attract new users? We answered these questions and offer you the most detailed elitesingles.com review on the Internet.

Overall Rating – 9/10

– Value for price – 9

– Ease of use – 8

– Safety – 9

– Quality of members – 10

– Customer satisfaction – 9

Pros & Cons


1. Matching system that is close to perfection. Developers have achieved this result thanks to a detailed questionnaire, which not only collects data but analyzes it (up to 29 character traits), which allows you to select a mate with the maximum compliance of all criteria.

2. User profiles are designed in such a way that you can immediately see the key similarities and decide whether to interact with a particular person.

3. Developers focused on privacy, creating several levels of account verification (optional) and special filters.


1. Creating an account can take a long time, especially if you use an application for smartphones.

2. Missing “classic” search option

3. There is a noticeable difference between the functionality of free and paid membership.

Dating Reviews Summary

Elite Singles positions itself as a dating site for serious people, professionals. But do not let such pretentiousness deter you. This site is completely different from other resources created as romantic sandboxes for an “elite” club, where each member has at least one degree obtained in some super-prestigious university.

review of EliteSinglesThe success of Elite Singles began in the UK, but quickly developed and crossed the borders of one country. Today this site is very popular in the US, as evidenced by the number of requests for “EliteSingles Review”, as well as by statistics: every week on the resource there are 25,000 new users from the US. This interest is based on the high efficiency of Elite Singles: according to the internal statistics of the site, new pairs appear on it every 8 minutes.

Like any modern dating site, Elite Singles acquired its own application for smartphones. However, it does not work as well as it could, since developers still adhere to the original concept of Elite Singles as a large-scale dating site, whose unique functionality is provided by the collection and qualitative processing of large data sets. Therefore, the shortcomings of the application remain completely unnoticed against the background of the success of the site itself.

You do not need to read other EliteSingles Reviews to believe us. Just check the sign-up process. The serious approach of developers to collecting information about users is immediately noticeable: the process of creating a profile can take 45 minutes. The detailed questionnaire is impressive. However, the user immediately receives a profit, as soon as the registration process of the account is completed – the matchmaking algorithm selects you a pair that is as close as possible to your character and requests. So 45 minutes of time spent – this is a low fee for using an effective matchmaking system.

Our review of EliteSingles cannot be completed if we don’t say anything about Elite Singles mobile app a little more. The difference between the site and the application is very noticeable, especially if you just start using the resource. To get acquainted with the functionality of Elite Singles, we recommend that you first use the desktop version of the site. It works quickly, is convenient and intuitive. Even if you have any questions or difficulties, there are a lot of tips and advices on the desktop version that will make your first experience of using the site positive. In addition, the desktop version of the site is convenient if you have not used dating sites before and can hardly imagine how to start communicating with the match you like. If you do not know what to ask, you can use a list of pre-prepared questions. There is no such function in a mobile application. However, as soon as you get acquainted with the functionality of the site closer, you can safely use the mobile application to always stay in touch with other users. Send messages, update your profile – it all works fine in both versions of the site.

The developers of Elite Singles made the main emphasis on the detailed study of user profiles. By the way, if you thought there was not enough brainstorming while working with the questionnaires, you can supplement it in the future. This option is designed for very scrupulous users. The bulk of users do so, as site developers constantly remind that the only way to create a serious relationship with Elite Singles is the maximum detailing of personal data in the profile.

As we see in other EliteSingles reviews in 2017, users receive a daily newsletter that contains links (up to 10) to the most suitable matches for you. Your similarities are highlighted by a special indicator. This allows you to quickly understand what topics you will be interested in communicating. In addition, you can view other profiles, with a lower likelihood of similarity of your interests.

You can interact with users in other ways. For example, you can go to a particular section of the profile thus showing your interest. The developers of the site are aimed at creating a serious relationship between users. So, this is not the best place to create frivolous, short-term relationships.

However, if you do not like to hurry and you are ready to spend some time searching for the other half, Elite Singles will be able to cope with this task perfectly. The site has one more interesting feature: even if you use free membership, you can learn a lot about yourself and about those people who can become a potential couple for you. Free membership is a great way to get to know the basic functionality of the site and understand what it is capable of. However, to get a full-fledged profit, a free membership is not enough. If you want to build a serious relationship, it makes sense to buy a paid membership.

EliteSingles reviews in 2018Sign-Up Process

The first thing to note is the difference between the process of creating an account on the desktop version and in the application for smartphones. In the application, the process of creating an account is very simple. You just need to enter your email and come up with a password. However, on the desktop version, the user is not limited to these two actions. In order for the site to find matches for you, you need to provide as much detail about yourself as possible. By the way, if you do not have a profile yet and you decided to download mobile application, an error appears during registration. But if you do the opposite and first make an account on the desktop version, and then go to the site through the application, everything will work fine. We hope that EliteSingles reviews in 2018 will inform us that this issue will be completely solved.

The beginning of the process of creating an account is similar to thousands of others: you need to choose your gender and specify the gender of the potential partner. Immediately after this, you can proceed to a detailed questionnaire. Prepare to spend some time on it – 30-45 minutes. Someone copes more slowly, someone faster. However, fast registration on this site is impossible, since the questionnaire contains questions of varying complexity (from family status to the importance of presence of certain parameters in your potential partner).

Some users compare the creation of the profile at Elite Singles with a session of in-depth psychoanalysis. And they are right: to make the algorithm work as efficiently as possible, it needs to know about you as much as possible. You can tell about your hobbies, attitudes, priorities, about your character traits (for example, whether you like to take initiative and be in the spotlight or you prefer to act when someone takes the first step) – any information about your personality is valuable.

As soon as you finish with the questionnaire, you will be redirected to your profile page. You can choose which package of services you will use (you can simply skip this step) and start using Elite Singles. By the way, if before you have already logged in to the Elite Singles application, you can look into it – the entire profile fields will be automatically filled and the application will work fine.

Members & Messaging

You can interact with three types of members: Matches, Visitors and Favorites. Let’s take a closer look at matches. These are the users that fit you the most. They are specifically chosen by the search algorithm of Elite Singles. You can just check the profile page or write a message. As we said, if you like just one section of the profile, you can mark it. By the way, photos are visible only to those users who use paid membership. For all other photos are blurred, even the main profile photo. By the way, correspondence is available only to those who use paid membership at Elite Singles.

There is a type of popular swiping game in Elite Singles. You can browse profiles from wildcard section (this section contains profiles that are less suitable for you, according to matchmaking system) and like them or just swipe to other user. If you want to access this section, you just need to click on special button, designed like cupid’s arrow. It is worth noting, that wildcard profiles are limited (up to 20 per 24 hours).

Key Features

1. In-depth algorithm for creating a profile that makes each user unique. This increases the chances of finding a soul mate and creating a serious relationship.

2. You should send messages to show interest even in swiping section, which makes communication experience even better.review of elite singles dating site

3. In-depth process of creating a profile eliminates the need to constantly interact with the site’s matchmaking system. Elite Singles does everything on its own.

4. If you are not interested in a profile from a wildcard, you will never see it again, which makes every user experience unique.

5. You can like only a part of other user’s profile if something seemed interesting to you.

6. Send questions from a list, if you can’t invent your own.

7. All communication with other Elite Singles members is recorded, you always have access to them.

Safety & Security

Let’s finish our review of elite singles dating site with closer look at its privacy. The site uses multi-level user protection. Credit card numbers are encrypted using COMODO, and a firewall is also used to secure other users’ data. In addition, Elite Singles has an automatic filter system that excludes the transfer of certain types of information via chat, and also removes abusive and unacceptable messages using key requests.

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