Elite Singles vs. Tinder

elite singles vs tinder

The Internet offers a lot of different options for those who look for a date. A successful date can easily change your whole life. Most of the online dating sites and applications consider your unique preferences and individual tastes. Without any doubt, all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Recently, the discussion in this field revolves around elite singles vs tinder. These two widely used sites are surely among the most popular and effective. Read the following info to know whether it is best to use elite singles or tinder.

Elite Singles Pros and Cons


Elite Singles online dating site values security of its users. You can be sure that the information you put in your profile is going to stay safeguarded. Nobody is going to blackmail you with it because the site’s clever programming prevents it. Moreover, what you say to other users is also going to stay confidential. Glitches or other interferences with the system are absent at Elite Singles. You can be sure that whatever information you upload it will only be used for the purpose of finding you a suitable date.

Matching System

Elite Singles provides you with matches. Basing on the provided information you are going to be presented with the best possible candidates for a date. Therefore, you are going to get not just any date but a date with a person who, perhaps, shares your interests. It is believed to be so that the more you have in common with your date the better will be the result. Matching system also gives you an opportunity to date a person who is looking for somebody like you. Therefore, your passion for each other will be mutual.

elite singles or tinderScams

Even though your information stays secure at Elite Singles, you can be scammed by its users. Some people have commented that they were matched with fake dates. For example, imagine yourself at the date but not with a person you thought you’d be there with. It is pretty disappointing, isn’t? Some of the fake accounts can ask you for money. They will give you a variety of different reasons like child support or health support. You should never give any money under no circumstances. While on the dating site, you should only give money to its managers and not to its users.


Elite Singles is not free. Depending on the situation, you will be asked to pay more or less for different kinds of subscription. A lot of people seem to be skeptical in regard to this necessity. Paying money in advance without knowing what to expect is surely a gamble. It doesn’t increase or reduce your chances to get a date. It just gets you in. What goes next will be totally up to you, your profile, and your personality.

Pros and Cons of Tinder

To complete the comparison tinder vs elite singles you also need to know everything about Tinder.


Tinder has more users than most other online dating sites. It is not by chance that Tinder is single most popular online dating application. This is its benefit but it is also its disadvantage. It is quite easy to get a date but it is difficult to make the right choice out of all this variety of possibilities. Therefore, using Tinder you will waste a lot of time before and if you find the right candidate for relationships. The variety is good but it is also confusing.

No Matching System and Lack of Info

Tinder allows writing 500 characters in order to describe yourself. It also doesn’t have a matching system. So, you’re going to have dates with complete strangers. Most of the people don’t even bother themselves to write these 500 characters and put their Instagram name instead. This is one of Tinder’s main disadvantages. People you are going to date will have nothing in common with you. Still, you can try your luck because sometimes the opposites attract.


If you live in a big city, then Tinder can provide you with a date very quickly. That is because it has a lot profiles registered. Other online dating sites need more time but people using Tinder react quite fast. In case you want a date instantly you should consider using Tinder. But it will be any date and surely not a perfect date. Everything happens by chance on Tinder. The best way not to be disappointed is not to expect too much right from the start.

elite singles or tinderScams

Tinder has no scams. If you’re not stupid, then you wouldn’t be scammed. You find a person or a person finds you. You chat and arrange a date. The first time you see the person means that Tinder’s work is done. If you still happen to be scammed it is totally a person’s guilt. Tinder just can’t do anything about it. Tinder itself is safe. It connects you with different people. But people it connects you with can be unsafe for you. Therefore, be attentive and careful. If something happens, don’t blame it on Tinder and blame it on yourself or on the person you have a date with.


Because there is no matching system, it is totally up to you whom to date and whom not to date. You can write anybody. Anybody can also write to you. Prepare to reject and being rejected. Variety gives you a lot of choice. You are free to ask for a date hundreds and thousands of people living in close proximity to you.

The Verdict

So, who wins in the comparison of elite singles dating site vs tinder? Elite Singles is a better option. Even though it is possible to be scammed there, still it has more benefits than Tinder. First of all it looks for someone suitable exactly for you. Then, the profiles registered there have a lot of important info. You are definitely going to be rewarded for the money you spent on subscription. You should go with quality and not quantity. Tinder gives quantity but doesn’t have quality. Providing you want to start relationships, it is better to use Elite Singles.

But if you want an instant date and don’t want to pay money, then it is better to use Tinder. It can get you a date pretty quickly. Perhaps, some of the dates you’re going to have will be successful. Perhaps, not. Tinder is operated by chance. You can always use them both to see which one suits you best. In fact, nothing can really substitute personal experience.

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