Elite Singles vs. Tinder

elite singles vs tinder

Nowadays, online dating is a very rapidly growing market even though it seems that all places have already been taken there. If people were mostly using dating websites five years ago, then now dating apps have completely overwhelmed this market. Nevertheless, all of those dating apps (even the worst ones) have enough users to be useful, and this is not surprising since we all know that just one successful date can change everything in our lives. We always want and need romantic relationships with others.

Dating apps are taking the dating market at an enormous speed. So, any modern human should choose the right dating app to be successful in the modern world of dating. Today we are going to discuss the most popular dating app (Tinder), and one of the best dating web site (Elite Singles). After reading this article, you won’t need to search for any reviews, since we are going to cover all the most important aspects of using those websites here.

Tinder and Elite Singles: General Info

What are the most important things to know about Tinder and Elite Singles? Well, these two are dating app and a website that help people search not only for romantic partners but also for friends too since not all dates turn into romantic relationships, especially in online dating. You should never worry too much if things didn’t work out with someone whom you met online since there you have hundreds of new options every day.

elite singles vs tinder

If you are feeling lonely, then you are one of those people for whom those services have been made. Nowadays, it is way easier to open some websites in your browser or download and install a dating app on your phone than searching for a partner in real life. But does it mean that online dating apps and websites can or will substitute the offline dating? Of course not, and here is why. Any online dating service just helps you save your time when you search for someone, but you will still have to meet offline if you want to have a serious relationship.

How Does Online Dating Services Work?

Most dating services use the same pattern, of course, there are some differences, but usually, those differences are not so dramatic. Therefore, if you learn how to use Tinder, you will easily find your way in other dating apps. The same happens with dating websites, when you get used to Elite Singles, you will be able to use any other dating website without any problems. So the main principle of their work is that you register an account, create short Bio, then you search for a partner and talk with him or her in built-in chats. After that, you and your new friend should have a chat and decide when you would like to meet in real life.

Who uses dating services?

Literary everyone! On dating services, you can find people that belong to a different age, gender, social, racial groups. Everyone is allowed to use both Tiner and Elite Singles. The only requirement is that a user should be older than 21 years old. So there is nothing to worry about if you are just 22 years old or three times older, you still will be able to find a match online. Remember, online dating works well for everyone.

Registration and Sign-In Process 

When you begin to use any dating app, you will have to get through a quick registration process. Both those apps require registration not only for security reasons but also to let you and other users know who they are talking to. If you have an email and a Facebook account, then registration won’t be a problem even if you are not an advanced pc or smartphone user. Remember, both Tinder and the Elite Singles are made for a wide audience, so they are as simple to use as it is only possible.

Elite Singles sign in

Elite singles sign in procedure is very simple and won’t take too much of your time. First of all, you should find elite singles online dating home page, there you will have to enter your gender, and the gender of your potential partner whom you will be looking for here. After that, you will have to create a strong password and complete the registration via your e-mail address. Take your time to read the Elite Singles dating website’s Terms and Conditions and their Privacy Policy. After that, you will have to pass the personality test to complete the registration. When done, you will be able to see your results and fill other information into your profile. Note, you should never create multiple accounts, and it is better to use your real first name when you choose a username. Thus, your profile will look more trustworthy.

Tinder sign in and registration

elite singles or tinder

If registration on Elite singles seemed hard and frightening for you, then you will be glad to hear that it is much easier to get registered on Tinder. So, can you say that Tinder is for beginners? How do you sign in on Tinder? First of all, you will have to download this app. Don’t worry, since registration won’t take too much time. If you use an iPhone, then you should go to the App Store. If you are into Android devices, then search for Google Play Store on your device. Tinder is free on both platforms. Next, you will have to connect your Facebook account with Tinder, but don’t worry, your friends on Facebook won’t know that you are searching for romantic partners. By doing this, you will allow Tinder to learn more about you, and you will be able to get right to the dating.

Security and Scams

Security is a cornerstone of human civilization. Everything popular attracts scammers and fraudsters. Administrators of every dating apps and services do everything possible to protect their users, but it doesn’t matter what you are going to use, you still will have to be very careful, especially when talking to other people. Dating websites and apps check their users, prevent information leaks, and do many other things that help protect your data and person. But nothing can protect you if you act without caution. So, Tinder vs Elite Singles, which one is safer?

Elite Singles

According to the elite singles reviews that we have read on various sources, the website’s administration does everything possible to protect its users. But even though their encryption algorithms are very strong, and fraudsters won’t be able to steal your data, you still can be scammed by the people who use this dating website. There are many different fraudulent schemes that criminals use to get money from users. For example, your new online friend may say that he or she has sent you a very expensive gift, and you have to cover the delivery costs, or some fraudster may say that “his or her” mother is sick, and they desperately need money. As you have guessed, no one will be able to help you if you believed those people and sent them money by your own will.


Same as with EliteSingles, we have read many Tinder reviews, analyzed their user protection mechanisms, and now we can say that there are no scams on Tinder, except for cases when users fool and mistreat each other. Tinder has no resources to control all its users, so some people may create an account with fake photos and bio. But, after all, you decide whether to meet someone online or no, after chatting with him or her. Thus, if you see that this person behaves like a maniac, and you still choose to meet him or her, then God save your soul because no one else can. So, Elite Singles vs Tinder. Which one is safer? We believe that both dating services provide their users with a decent level of safety and protection. In fact, the only weakness of these two services is their users. The fraudsters may try to fool you, so you should be ready for this.

Options and Interface

The interface is the most important part of any dating app or website, since when you interact with all services through the user interface. There are special rules on how convenient and pleasant interfaces should be made. Both the Tinder app and Elite Singles website are made by professionals, and their interfaces are very easy to use and understand. When it comes to usability, what should you choose Elite singles or Tinder? Well, it is completely up to you, as we have said both services are convenient and effective.

elite singles dating site reviews


On Elite Singles dating site reviews, we’ve found many positive feedbacks concerning the interface and options that are provided by this service. According to users, the Elite Singles website is very convenient and user-friendly. The administration has managed to create not only a very usable service but also a very usable one. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about their dating app, since the Elite Singles dating app is not as convenient as it could be.


Maybe Tinder wasn’t the first dating app, but it definitely has become an iconic one. Not only users but also programmers often compare their products and other dating apps with Tinder, since Tinder is a great example of a perfectly laconic and informative interface. 

So, which service has the best interface and options?

If you are planning to use a dating service from your Laptop, PC, or MAC, then you should prefer the Elite Singles. If you are up to mobile dating and prefer to use your iPhone or Android device, then the Tinder dating app is your choice.

Free and Paid Versions 

As you may have heard, both Elite Singles and Tinder have free and paid versions. This happens because those services should not only be self-sustaining but also should make money for their creators. This is absolutely normal since if you want to have a high-quality product, then you will have to pay for it. We are ready to deal with this fact, but only as long as owners don’t go too far with their prices and paid options.

Elite Singles: cost and opportunities of premium membership

So how much using Elite Singles cost? This website and app work on the subscription business model. There are several types of subscriptions. You have three options: one year of subscription will cost you about 40 hundred dollars, approximately it will be 33 dollars per month. The second option is to buy a subscription for 6 months for 270 dollars (approximately 44,5 per month), and the third option is a 3-month subscription for 170 dollars (approximately 59 dollars per month). For this price, you will get: detailed explanations for your personality test, other premium members suggestions, will see people who visited your profile, will be able to send and receive messages without any limitations, will have access to all photos of other users, will be able to leave comments on profiles and photos.

Using Elite Singles for free: does it worth it?

elite singles sign in

We are not going to leave any comments on their pricing policy, but is using elite singles for free worth it? The administration of this service encourages its clients to sign up for premium accounts because, without premium status, you can’t use all features of this service. Is it useful? Partly. The best option is to get one month of the Elite Singles free trial. Thus you will have time to learn whether you want to use this service or not.

Free Tinder

Tinder vs Elite Singles, so, which service is the best if you use it for free? Tinder has a certain advantage here, as you can use Tinder for free. Of course, with certain limitations. This won’t be a problem, if you can deal with limited likes, inability to come back to your last swipe, no super likes, no boosts, ads and inability to search for international partners. Generally, the free version is made only for creating a positive first impression and encouraging clients to buy Tinder Gold or Plus.

Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus

As we already know, Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus are paid versions of Tinder. But is Tinder Plus worth it? In fact, Tinder Plus is just a full version of Tinder. Thus, you will have unlimited likes, will be able to go back to your last swipe, will have 5 super likes, 1 boost, no adds and will be able to date international partners. Again, we are not going to make comments about their pricing policy, so it is up to you to decide what is better for you.

What about the gold version? Is Tinder Gold worth it?

Tinder Gold is a better version of Tinder Plus. Here, you will be able to learn who has liked you before you decide to like someone back in return. Frankly speaking, we believe that Tinder Gold is not worth it. If you like Tinder, then you should buy Tinder Plus, and it will be quite enough. Why would you care who liked your account if you don’t like this person?

Matching Systems and Algorithms

As you may know, online dating allows users to search through hundreds of different accounts daily. Even if your favorite dating service has a very nice interface, you still will struggle to find someone perfect among other users. To help their users with finding perfect matches, dating services have created special filters, systems, and algorithms. Those algorithms allow users to set special options according to which algorithms create lists of the most suitable users. Often some filters are available only for premium users. Sometimes users are not allowed to choose parameters, in this case, algorithms create lists automatically according to the data that you mentioned during the registration.

Elite Singles

Elite Singles creates a special list of perfect matches for you. Its algorithms are using the data that you provided to help you find the best possible candidates for a date. Thus, you will date only those who probably share your interest and ideas, since the more you have in common with your possible partner, the more chances your love has to develop. This matching system also allows you to date people with special qualities and interests. Therefore, you will be able to find exactly what you are searching for on this website.


Tinder doesn’t have any matching system at all. So, how to find someone on Tinder? On Tinder, you can write a short bio (no more than 500 characters) that describes you. Other people will be paying attention to your bio and photos. If they like your account, then they will give you likes by swiping right. If you both liked each other, then you can have a chat. As simple as it can only be. But there are some hidden algorithms that choose what strangers you will see on your list. Those algorithms evaluate the popularity of your page (they count how many likes you have). The more popular you are, then the more popular people you see on your list. Usually, people whom you meet on Tinder have nothing in common with you, since Tinder’s hidden algorithms work only with likes and matches.

tinder vs elite singles

Finally: where is the dates’ higher quality?

So, what dating service should you use to achieve the best results? Both services are great and live their competitors far behind, but using both of them at the same time doesn’t sound like a good idea, and what should you do? The answer depends on your desires and wishes. 

What is Tinder used for?

Elite Singles vs Tinder which app is better in direct comparison? Very often, Tinder is used by those who search only for a one-night stand. Those people find matches, and directly ask people on Tinder whether they want to spend time together or not. Of course, not only people like that use Tinder. Some people are searching for friends there, and others have real intentions to find a life-time partner. Generally, people treat Tinder as a funny game of meeting people. Often they go on dates there just to meet someone new and interesting without any special purposes. So, if you want to find someone to date very soon, then you definitely should choose Tinder, since there you can find someone to date relatively quickly.

What is Elite Singles used for?

Usually, dating websites are preferred by those who have serious intentions and search for lifetime partners. It is much easier to get scammed on Elite Singles, but there is a big reason for this. When people search for serious relationships, they are more open, because of that, scammers have higher chances of success. Just be careful, and scammers will never get you. Elite Singles gives you a very nice opportunity to find a perfect partner, someone who will satisfy all your requirements.

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