Elite Singles vs. Match.com

elite singles vs match

There are many online dating sites on the Internet. Most of them seem to offer the same things. Nevertheless, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to consider it because finding your loved one is a serious venture. Elite Singles and Match.com are definitely among the most popular and widely used online dating sites. Read the following elite singles vs match comparison in order to know which one is better to use.

Elite Singles Pros and Cons


Elite Singles has a great amount of profiles. People from all over the world register there in order to find somebody to date. The number of profiles registered is very important. It increases your chances to find a suitable match. The more profiles are registered on the site, the better. The possibility to find a suitable date directly depends on the number of profiles. That is why it is way more difficult to find a date on a site that has fewer profiles than using a site that has more of them.


Elite Singles requires its users to include a lot of information in the profiles. The quantity and quality of information matter. It is needed so the system can make the best possible match basing on the information provided by users. Logically, the more information is provided, the better the result will be. Some other dating sites leave it to users to decide what information to include. But Elite Singles has a strict policy regarding this. There’s a certain amount of info you definitely need to include disregarding the circumstances.

elite singles or matchScams

Scams are a usual thing when it comes to online dating sites. Some of them have more of it and some of them have less of it. Nevertheless, you can be scammed on any site. A lot of people in their reviews commented that Elite Singles is a site full of scam. There are many stories of people who spent a lot of money for nothing or got a date with a completely different person than the one registered. Perhaps, this happens because Elite Singles has many profiles registered. However, it is a duty of the site’s managers to prevent such things from happening.


Elite Singles is surely not among the cheapest available options. You are required to buy a subscription. There are also many exclusive options paid for additionally. Sometimes the money you pay will get you the result and sometimes not. There’s no strict system. Online dating is not math. A lot depends on chance. If you find it risky to pay money without a guarantee to get the result, maybe it’s best for you to find some cheaper or even free-trial options. After all, the luxury of Elite Singles is even indicated in its name.

Match.com Pros and Cons

Match vs elite singles battle would be incomplete without a thorough review of Match.com, another popular online dating site. Read the following info to know the verdict.


Match.com has a very comfortable and accessible interface. The system really works for you. There are many interesting options for chatting, talking, and browsing through profiles. Unlike many others, this site never has any glitches interfering with the system’s work.


Match.com truly deserves its name. Many people say that this online dating site has a unique ability to find the most suitable matches. That happens thanks to a great system and clever programmers. The system considers every bit of information you provide. Thus, it is able to find you a match that corresponds with your tastes and preferences. Matches you are provided with are also the ones looking for somebody like you. So, you eventually receive not only what you looked for but also somebody who has been looking for you as well. This makes a date more likely to develop into something bigger and better.

elite singles dating site vs matchScams

Among the popular dating sites Match.com has the fewest number of scams. Unlike many other online dating sites, Match.com has a reputation for being honest, transparent, and trustworthy. Site’s managers do everything they can to find people who look for a date and not for money. The site’s clever programmers make an effort in order to disallow one person to have numerous accounts. Verification process makes it almost impossible for a person to pretend he or she is somebody else.


The only drawback of Match.com is its price. Even though you’re probably going to get what you’re paying for, nevertheless, this is one of the most expensive online dating sites. People tend to be skeptical being asked to pay money in advance on the Internet. Thus, many users avoid Match.com. However, as you can see, Match.com knows what to do with this money. For example, they value your privacy and make sure your information stays private. In other words, they take money in order to guarantee that you will receive the best service possible.

The Verdict

So, who is the logical winner in the battle of elite singles dating site vs match com? Without any doubt, it is Match.com. As you can see from the information provided above, it has fewer flaws. Using Match.com you are less likely to come across scams of any kind. The matching system makes it very possible for you to find the most suitable candidate for dating. Seeing as how these both online dating sites are not cheap, it is truly better to choose Match.com. This way the money you pay is surely going to work for you. Both these sites are very popular and commonly used. However, it seems that popularity made Elite Singles careless. It doesn’t have a system as good as the one Match.com uses. Moreover, even though they ask you for a lot of information to complete your profile, they don’t use this information wisely.

No matter whether it is elite singles or match com, you definitely need to have your own opinion. Perhaps, just perhaps, the one you’re looking for is registered at Elite Singles. Consider trying them both in order to make your own comparison. After all, what is money when what you’re doing is looking for somebody to love? Elite Singles is just a little bit worse than Match.com. You’re definitely going to find yourself a date using one or both of them.

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