Elite Single vs. eHarmony

elite singles or eharmony

The following comparison is going to tell you whether it’s better to use elite singles or eharmony. Both these online dating sites have their pros and cons. Each of them is very popular and widely used. Finding a date is very complex and important task. You definitely don’t want to be disappointed because you pay your hard-earned money and expect results in exchange for it. Even though most of online dating sites kind of look the same, different reviews and comments make it possible to reveal which of them does its job and which doesn’t. So, it’s the battle elite singles vs eharmony. Read further to know the verdict.

Elite Singles Pros and Cons


Elite Singles is not a cheap dating site. Still, most of its users don’t mind paying for it. That is because you’re going to get what you’re paying for. Elite Singles is one of the most commonly used online dating sites in the world. Your money is surely going to work for you. It helps the site’s managers to upgrade security measures and improve interface. Moreover, you shouldn’t really consider money you pay for subscription because love is priceless. Some other sites that are cheaper can be full of scam. So, eventually you’re going to spend this money either way. Therefore, it is better to spend it wisely in order to guarantee your own security and not to come across some scam.


As it was said earlier, Elite Singles is used by many people from across the world. That is one of the reasons it is so popular. You can easily find yourself a date because of the amount of profiles registered. More profiles means more people. More registered people give you better chances at finding somebody to date. This is pure math. Thus, your chances to find somebody to love using Elite Singles are pretty good.

elite singles dating site vs eharmonySecurity

Scam is the worst problem of the online dating sites. The presence of scams indicates that a certain online dating site doesn’t improve its security measures. Elite Singles constantly improves them. The site’s clever programming disallows one person to have numerous profiles. It also makes sure that a person’s profile truly corresponds with who this person is. Thus, you’re not going to be scammed because of the effective security provided by Elite Singles. Moreover, the information you provide is going to stay private just as well as everything you write in chat.


Of course, Elite Singles is not perfect. Nothing is. Even though there are a lot of profiles registered, you need to be patient. Most of the people want their date to be ready instantly. If you’re not patient enough, you better find some other online dating site. After all, an online dating site is not a supermarket. You can’t get a date the same day you registered there. If you can, then you’re a lucky one.

eHarmony Pros and Cons


One of the best things about eHarmony is how thorough they approach your profile and information you provide. They ask you to complete your profile with accuracy and attention. That is made in order to find the best suitable match for you. Even though a lot of people are afraid to provide a lot of personal information, eHarmony makes sure it stays private. The more information you provide, the better. It makes your profile more attractive. Nobody really likes strangers. eHarmony makes good use of your information corresponding it with the information from other profiles.


eHarmony is cheaper than Elite Singles. But that doesn’t make it worse. It is a good option if you only just started dating online and, thus, not yet ready to pay more because you don’t know what to expect. You don’t pay much, so you can easily try it for yourself. Nobody really likes to pay in advance. Site’s managers understand it and, therefore, don’t ask for much.


eHarmony has less registered profiles than Elite Singles. Therefore, your chances to find a date here are lower. It is a popular site but in relatively small circles. It is difficult to find a date in your city but you can find it in your country or a neighboring country. Thus, you should be ready to make a trip.

eharmony vs elite singles Scams

Security measures at eHarmony are not as good as in the case with Elite Singles. Your information is secured but the dates can be fake. Some people have reported that they got on a date with a completely different person than the one registered. Of course, it ruins everything. Even though profiles are registered with attention, bots and fakes still manage to get through. Some of them are going to ask you for money. They will tell stories about kids who need support, about handicapped conditions, debts, etc. Don’t fall for it and immediately break all contacts if you hear something like this.

The Verdict

So, who wins in the battle eharmony vs elite singles? It is Elite Singles. It is not by chance that this online dating site is more popular. Despite its price, more people use it because it is better. It has better security measures, more profiles, and less scam. Unlike eHarmony, scams are almost absent at Elite Singles. As you can see, the money you pay doesn’t go wasted. It works for you and your security helping you not to be disappointed with the provided result. Scams are the worst. The lower price does not justify eHarmony. Fewer profiles registered there make it more difficult to find a suitable match. Even though eHarmony can provide you with a match faster, this match can easily dissatisfy you. So, you should aim for quality. Don’t save money on such serious thing as dating.

Despite the fact that in the comparison elite singles dating site vs eharmony, the former wins, still you should consider using them both. It is difficult to find suitable date using only one dating site. Moreover, it is better to come up with you own opinion and see everything for yourself. Without any doubt, you won’t regret it. And, perhaps, your only one true love happened to register on eHarmony and not on Elite Singles. If you want to use only one site, then use Elite Singles. But if you’re able to do it, use them both. Good luck in your searches!

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