Dream Marriage Review

dream-marriage.com review

While the main idea of online dating was creating a perfect environment for people from different parts of the world to find their perfect match, it turned out that you cannot blindly trust those dating services, as there are a lot of people who want to cash in on your tender feelings. That’s why whenever you come across a new dating service you need to check out how trustworthy it is. Now we are going to review dream-marriage.com – a premium dating site that offers finding partners for serious relationships from all over the world.

Dream Marriage Overview

We should start our review of dream-marriage.com by answering the question how trustworthy this dating site is. Of course, it is nice that the site positions itself as a platform only for those who seek true love but when it comes to online dating, longevity speaks louder than words. Based solely on longevity, we may assume that Dream Marriage is a trustworthy site, as it is around for more than a decade. Mainly, sites that draw a lot of complaints don’t last that long.

Unlike most of the online dating services, Dream Marriage has clear Terms & Conditions page, after reading which the users are unlikely to have any problems with understanding how the site functions.

In case you have any problems with the work of the site, you can click on the “Help & FAQ” section at the bottom of the page.

The “Testimonials” section shows that a lot of users are happy with the site but no one should buy it that quickly. So, the site is over a decade old, Terms & Conditions are clear, and a lot of users praise it. But we should dig a little deeper in the review of dream-marriage.com to understand whether the site is worth giving a chance.

Pros of Dream-Marriage.com

The best way to understand whether you want to use the dating site or not is evaluating its advantages. So, what advantages does Dream Marriage offer to its customers?

Search Engine

Since the site offers women from different parts of the world, it is necessary that it makes its search engine an easy one to use, and Dream Marriage succeeds in it. The service has one of the finest search engines on the web. You can simply choose the country in the filters and get access to the full database of girls, let’s say, from Ukraine. But don’t forget that the site’s name is Dream Marriage. The search engine offers you to add different criteria for you to be able to find the girl of your dreams.


Photo is the first thing that catches your eye on a dating site, that’s why photo galleries play an important role in online dating. Dream Marriage has a rich gallery of stunning photos of its single ladies. You won’t find picture-less profiles on this dating service. You can browse through all the photos to pick the beauty that suits your palate the most.

review of dream marriage dating siteTranslator

The worst thing about online dating services is the fact that girls from other countries have different English level skills, and sometimes it is really hard for both of you to understand each other. But Dream Marriage manages to solve this problem with its feature which helps translating any message. Of course, it won’t give you 100% accurate interpretation of what she meant but you’ll definitely experience a deeper understanding of the girl who doesn’t have a Bachelor degree in English.

Cons of Dream-Marriage.com

Evaluating advantages is important but it is disadvantages that help you make the final decision on whether to use the site or not. So, without further ado, let’s check the cons of Dream Marriage.

No Refunds

The site won’t refund your fees. So, when you pay for the service that you happen to be dissatisfied with later, don’t expect the service to give you your money back. It is bad news, though only sort of, as none of the online dating services refund your fees. Plus, this is stated on the Terms & Conditions page.

Fee Schedule Modifications

Going back to the Terms & Conditions page, we learn that the fee schedule can be changed anytime. While it is uncomfortable, on the plus side, Dream Marriage notifies its users about the fee schedule changes by email, and they post the information on it on the website.

All in all, no serious cons have been found.

Sign-Up Process

The sign-up process on the Dream Marriage is very simple. You can make it in a few clicks, and it won’t take you longer than five minutes. The best thing about joining Dream Marriage is the fact that you automatically become the bronze member without paying anything. You can create a profile, add a photo, use the advanced search engine, watch video intros of the women, and make matches without paying a cent. Of course, if you want more you need to become a paid member.

Members and Messaging

While most of the online dating sites force you to renew your membership threatening to shut down your profile, Dream Marriage continues to renew your membership, unless you notify the site administration in a written form that you no longer want to be a member. The membership prices are reasonable. We’ve already mentioned that you are becoming a bronze member by simply signing up with Dream Marriage. You can become a Silver member for less than $10 per month, a Gold member for $29.99 per month, a Platinum member for $49.99 per month, and a Diamond member for $99.99 per month.

The Dream Marriage offers a vast array of ways of communicating. You can use conventional messaging, as well as live chat, video chat, voice chat and live video chat. Mind that you can communicate with ladies only after becoming a paid member.

Key Features

Here is the list of Dream Marriage’s list of key features:

  • dream marriage review Free access to the site’s database;
  •  The list of ladies you like;
  •  Constant database updates;
  •  Real-time chatting;
  •  Possibility to view each girl’s intro video;
  •  Website’s internal email service;
  •  Live video chat;
  •  Round the clock support team;
  •  Advanced translation techniques;

Security and Safety

Dream Marriage claims that it provides the safe environment for singles to interact with each other. We’ve already mentioned site’s longevity, so we can assume that customers of Dream Marriage are safe when dating online via this service. Plus, Dream Marriage has a strict anti-scam policy. Most of the profiles have a “Confirmed Profile” sign, which signifies that the identity of a particular woman is verified. Moreover, you can report on any suspicious profile that you came across.


Concluding our review of Dream-Marriage.com we can state that this online dating service proved its trustworthiness with its anti-scam policy. Considering that the site gives you a lot of benefits from the very start, we think that it is worth giving a chance. The disadvantages are minor and monthly membership prices are reasonable considering the fact that it gives you the possibility to find a girl from any corner of the world and communicate with her via video chat.

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