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cupid dating site review

There are many reviews on the Internet. This interested us and prompted the idea that only a large and popular site deserves so much attention from users and from competitors. We, too, could not afford to pass by it. The largest player in the world of dating industry allows users to learn from their personal experience what the perfect matchmaking is. Let’s take a closer look at the reviews.

Overall Rating (8.8/10)

– Value for Price – 9.0

– Quality of Members – 8.0

– Ease of Use – 9.0

– Customer Satisfaction – 9.0

– Safety – 9.0

Pros & Cons


– A free account allows users to study the profiles of other community members.

– Interaction is not limited to the usual options. The user can correspond, use “Cupid’s Arrow”, freely join cupid chat rooms and leave them. And that is not all.

cupid dating app – Search for users by the criteria you exactly need is simple and easy to use, thanks to the detailed and clear configuration of profiles.


 – A huge selection of icons can create some inconvenience to users who do not have much experience in using the techs.

 – Offers to sign up for a paid membership can be annoying. It pops up every time the user’s actions go beyond the limits of free membership.

 – Despite the efficiency of the search, its mechanism is very simple and is not provided for a re-search according to the criteria already used.

Cupid Dating Reviews Summary

We wrote the most detailed and in-depth article among other cupid online dating reviews, so at the end of reading you will get all the information that will help you decide: “To Pay or Not to Pay”.

The first thing that catches your eye when visiting is design. Most dating sites are decorated in an extremely simple style, with a minimal color range (which was selected by sadistic designers) and without a claim to “modernity”. meets the user with bright and harmonious colors, trendy design solutions (which cannot be ignored if you want the site to be in demand) and an abundance of icons. Young users will just be delighted and they will not find it difficult to understand the interface. Despite the seeming complexity, it is easy to learn and understand on an intuitive level. If, of course, you have had enough time to work out your intuition. Older users, who have started to learn technology recently, may face minor difficulties. They will have to spend more time studying the interface and even ask advice from relatives or friends of the younger generation. But there should not be any critical problems.

All the “vital” menu of the site is in sight and easy to access. To start using the site is simple. You will not be imposed with a long and tedious tour of the site. Create a free account or go directly to premium membership. If you are not sure that you are ready to pay money for additional functions of the site, you can easily create a free account. It practically does not limit you in the ability to use the main function of – to get acquainted with other people. You can view the profiles of all registered members of the community and communicate with them.

You can immediately go to the use of the site by filling in only the required fields in the profile or spend a little more time to personalize it. Here we want to give you a hint: do spend an additional 20 minutes of your time and turn your profile not into a brief file with a minimum of information, but a bright business card of an attractive and interesting person. Start with the selection of photos. Then decorate the background of your page with something beautiful. Tune in to a pleasant creative process and fill in “About Me”. All of these actions will increase your chances for success in a love adventure by several times. Judge for yourself: can a dull, non-informative profile of a girl keep your attention for long? Do you want to communicate with a person who can only tell you about himself that he has been divorced for 3 years and likes black and white films? Imagine what an ideal profile should look like. Done? Now create it!

cupid dating reviewsOf course, in order to start communicating with a new person, you need to find this person. A lot of people are registered on the site, so the developers created a very “sensitive” Search, which allows each user to search profiles according to the specified criteria. You can either narrow your search or expand it to general search. Everything would be very good, except for one nuance, which slightly spoils the general impression: you cannot save the search settings for reuse. Every time you go to the site, you will have to do everything from the beginning.

If you have a free account, you can start communicating with the person you like by sending “Cupid’s Arrow” or flirty “winks”. If you want to immediately go to a chat with someone or send a message to the email, you will need a premium membership.

And, finally, the thing that annoys most: a pop-up window with a suggestion to upgrade the account to a paid version. It appears very often and not every person can stand it. When you are busy with something and this pop-up window constantly knocks you off your mind, you want to close the site and never return to it.

Summarizing, creates the impression of a modern site with a variety of tools to search for a perfect match. But you will need a little time to figure it all out.Sign-Up Process

Sign-Up Process

The time that can be spent on creating an account varies. You can handle everything in 2-3 minutes or spend an hour – it all depends on your personal preferences. You can use the standard forms offered by the site or fill out the information “About me” in a free manner. The main thing is determining how much or how little you want to tell. In general, the process of creating a profile is very similar to creating a page on Facebook. So with this there should not be any problems.

You can express yourself through photos, videos and the decoration of the background. The space for flying fantasy is guaranteed.

Members & Messaging

The process of interaction with other members of the community is diverse. You can send a “Cupid Arrow” or wink at a person who seemed interesting to you. It is noteworthy that the “Cupid’s Arrow” (containing a question that should “melt the ice between you”), can be sent to several users at once, which you mark in the search results.

In addition, the site has the function of Special 7. This is a list of potential matches, which is updated daily. It is compiled in accordance with the information you specified in the profile (another reason to give it enough time) and according to your search queries.

Key Features

cupid chat rooms – Great choice of ways to interact with other users

 – To start flirting with a random user, you just need to “wink”

 – Cupid’s arrow is an original and effective tool to ask a question to another user and start flirting

 – To use the chat, you do not have to be online on the site. Just download the cupid dating app.

Safety & Security cares for the safety of its users, so you can use all the functions of the site, while maintaining anonymity. Specify only that information that you think is necessary. In addition, the site has a section where you can read dating sites security tips.

With built-in chat and a desktop application, you can chat without using personal messengers.

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Thanks for reading our cupid dating site review and good luck in your love affairs, friends!

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