5 Scam Stories about Saucy or Sweet Dating Site

saucyorsweet review

Online dating sites can often lie to you. Only some of them are good enough to offer some real deals. Almost half of them only try to get money from you. Any saucyorsweet review will prove to you that this online dating site is full of scam. Many of the profiles registered there are fake. This makes it impossible to meet somebody and get a real date. Read the following info to know all about saucyorsweet scam.

I Paid My Money For Nothing

One of the users desired to be anonymous who got confused by saucy or sweet scam told the following story. He registered on the site and got himself a subscription. Then, logically, he started to look for matches. First five girls he found told him that they didn’t like him. It wasn’t even a fact that those 5 were real people and not bots. When he finally managed to find a match, a girl started to ask him for sums of money evidently to support her children. He made the first transaction and his match disappeared right after that. Nobody from the support system agreed to compensate him the loss.

The Girl Wasn’t Who I Thought She’d Be

Another saucyorsweet review indicates that a person you arrange a date with can be completely different from what she appears to be on the site. In other words, you choose somebody by photo and information in profile. Logically, you expect a person to correspond to this info. Nevertheless, saucy or sweet dating site can provide you with somebody completely different. Obviously, you’re going to be confused and disappointed. When something like this happens people start to think that all online dating sites are full of scam. They all take money but only few of them are able to deliver.

Nobody Liked Me

One of the seemingly great benefits of the online dating sites is that they can find you a match no matter who you are. That is because most of them have hundreds if not thousands of registered profiles. Logically, you expect at least one person to like you. Yet saucyorsweet.com review shows that even though they take your money and say they are looking for a match, they can still leave you with nothing. Moreover, they will blame it on you saying that you are not good enough for women registered there. This is not only disappointing but sad and even offensive.

saucyorsweet scamThey ask For Money

Just like in the first scam story, matches you found can ask for money even before the first time you meet them. This is, of course, unacceptable. You should never pay anything in advance. A person that matches with you can lie to you in many different ways. You can hear stories about 3, 4 or 5 children in need who want something to eat. There’s just no end to lies on some dating sites. They can easily trick you into giving money by saying that it is for the right purpose like curing some illness or paying debts. People who use online dating site are emotionally vulnerable and many of them are truly lonely. That is why they make an easy target for those who just want to get their money.

My Profile Was Deleted

As you now can see almost any sweet or saucy dating review shows that this online dating site looks for different ways to deprive you of your money. They either say that you don’t have any matches or provide with somebody you’re not looking for. Some of the users reported that their profiles were deleted for not reason. After that they were banned from the site. It is evident from the variety of different reviews that it is done after site managers are assured that they can no longer take any money from you. In other words, they use you and then get rid of you. Therefore, the whole system seems to be flawed. Even if they have some true profiles it is a big question how much money you should pay to really get a date. Without any doubt, the more you pay the worse it is going to be for you. So, it is better not to pay anything.


The worst thing that could happen is not just the fact that your money can be stolen. Your personal info and the fact that you search for a date online can be used against you. Usually people put a lot of personal info into their profiles. They upload pictures and share their life experiences. Obviously, they think that the more info they will provide, the better the outcome will be. This is so with honest online dating sites which work properly. But in this case your personal information can be used to blackmail you. Law won’t help you because you give it voluntarily. Thus, you should be careful and should not upload everything right ahead. Moreover, you shouldn’t share a lot of personal information with your matches while chatting with them. Whoever you’re chatting with might very probably be a bot or somebody who works for the site.

All in all, Saucy or Sweet truly doesn’t deserve your trust. You should not use this site because it is full of scam. The best option is to use some other online dating site. Good luck!

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