10 Stunning Photos of Slavic Beauties by David Dubnitskiy

Dubnitskiy photo

The beauty of Ukrainian women has always been valued all over the world, and to this day Ukrainian brides are considered to be the most attractive and desired. This beauty is artistically reflected in the works of the Ukrainian photographer David Dubnitskiy.

This talented man is a freelance photographer, whose portfolio mostly consists of naked and half-naked beautiful Ukrainian girls. David works with genre portrait and nude photography. He is a prize-winner of several international photo contests, like The best photographer of 2016 in the “nude” and “portrait” categories according to the international 35photo Professional Photo Community. Apart from his main job, David also works as a tutor in genre portrait photography.

He makes portraits and takes pictures of landscapes, but people’s attention is mainly attracted to his photos of Slavic beauties that reflect the photographer’s sensual view of female beauty. Although his photo shoots are staged, his pictures artfully display the natural charm of Ukrainian girls. At first, it’s even hard to tell whether his works are real photos or paintings. The girls from David’s photographs look as if they came down from the canvases of talented artists. His photos draw our attention with the harmony of the scenes, the forms of nude and half-nude hot Ukrainian girls, retro interiors, and wonderful lighting.

Speaking about his works, David says that he tries to make sure that models always looked perfect in photographs. And he does his job well, we must admit. Delicate, sensual, and refined ladies turn into true goddesses right before our eyes. These delightful portraits are so catchy that it’s hard to walk past them. Sure, the author of the photos was really lucky to be born in a country full of amazingly beautiful and sexy Ukrainian women.

His profiles on social networks gain thousands of subscribers, and his artworks have millions of views. However, once you plunge into the world of David’s photos, you immediately understand why they are so popular. You can feel this special approach, which is aimed at showing the viewer only the best qualities of the models to emphasize their extraordinary beauty and femininity.

We picked 10 amazing photos from the collection of David’s wonderful photos for you. These and other works of this Ukrainian photographer perfectly demonstrate how to expose women’s erotic side without vulgarity.











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