Why Do Beautiful Russian Girls Want to Marry Foreign Men?


Many Russian girls dream about marrying a foreigner. Why? Foreigners always look attractive to them and girls always think that somewhere life is better, brighter, and more interesting than theirs. They want a stable future and confidence for themselves and their children. They want sincere, honest relationships based on love, trust, and loyalty. These are not all the reasons. The rest will be considered below.

What Kind of Foreigners Attracts Russian Girls

Unfortunately, many Russian men behave arrogantly. They think only about their problems and set their women at naught. Foreigners are not like that. They really appreciate their girls. And almost all of them look for Russian girls for marriage. Many girls marry foreigners in the hope of a better future: they want to be real women and mistresses in the house, and they don’t want to be with men who depend on their wives. So, why do Russian girls like foreigners so much?

They are responsible

They know what is self-reliance and responsibility. They are able to analyze. These men see the problem, analyze it, find all sorts of solutions but choose the only one – the most effective. This ability remains for life. Foreigners don’t complain about life and don’t look for sympathy. They courageously make decisions and bear responsibility for it. This is one of the main features of Chinese men. No wonder why almost every Russian girl marries Chinese man nowadays.

They are successfulsuccessful-couple

It is prestigious to be successful. Foreign men always work. They know that they are responsible for their family, so they can’t spend their days or evenings irresponsibly. They get up early in the morning and go to work. Therefore, they go to bed early and don’t spend the whole night playing computer games. A successful foreigner always sees the goal that he wants to achieve.

They are reliable

Foreign men appreciate their wives. There is no sharing of obligations in their families: all members do what they can. Also, these men don’t think about cheating. What is it for? They do everything to make their wives want to be with them. Foreigners appreciate their women. Especially it concerns Indian men. Usually, a Russian girl marries an Indian man because she wants a faithful man with whom she spends weekends, evenings and holidays together and such a man does it with pleasure. He thinks that his best friend is his wife.

They are real men

Foreign men always want to conquer girls. But they do it not with romantic poems, not with serenades, and not with compliments. They don’t talk much, they act. Everything they do is for their wives and children. They can go for a walk with children so that wives can relax enjoying their hobbies. They don’t like to talk about their merits – they want to see their results. They are very delicate in the issue of sex and think that a woman has to reach pleasure first.

Remember that if you meet a Russian girl, she will want to see all these qualities in you too.

How to Please a Russian girl

There are general patterns to which we would like to draw your attention if you are seriously interested in the question of how to please a girl.

Step 1. Types of girls

At first, you need to decide what type of girls you like. This may help you understand what tactics to use. For example, it can be a quiet and modest girl, energetic and fearless, creative and dreaming, or jealous and hysterical. So first of all, figure out what kind of character your girl has.

Step 2. The choice of style of communication

Now, it is time to choose your tactics of communication. But one thing is common – you need to communicate with a girl very confidently and politely. There should be strength and determination in every action. Girls like guys who keep their words and know how to take responsibility. Such a man can please and marry any Russian girl.

Step 3. Appearance

It is not necessary to be handsome, buy expensive suits, and wear a watch that costs $10,000 to please a girl. It is enough to have a normal appearance that will not repel a girl at first glance. This can be achieved by wearing ordinary clothes that are appropriate for your age.

Step 4. Impressioncouple

Your main goal is to make an impression on a girl. After all, girls don’t fall in love with men; women like images that they build in their minds. And after you understand that your behavior and appearance are united into a single whole, it will be not such a big problem to make an impression.

Step 5. A date with a Russian girl

There comes a moment when it is necessary to pass from interest to real relations. However, men make a lot of mistakes in attempts to please girls. In fact, your behavior must be strong, selfish, and free. A girl should feel that you don’t try to get her attention but she wants to have a date with such a cool man like you.

How to Interest a Russian Girl Online

Here are some tips that help understand how to communicate with a girl on the Internet.

 – You need to write a message that a girl unlikely receives from other interlocutors. It is not recommended to start communicating just with a winking emoticon. It is necessary to try to interest your companion with wittiness or a sense of humor.

 – You should study her interests, find out her hobbies and preferences, and then you can surprise her with knowledge of interesting facts related to her hobbies. For example, if a young lady likes to read, you can discuss some book or her favorite author.

 – You need to ask questions. It is necessary to accompany the interrogative sentences with various stories in order to involve the young lady in the discussion. Phrases should be simple but meaningful. For example, you can ask what a wedding means to a Russian girl and then tell her about weddings in your countries. In addition, your questions should involve a detailed response.

So, if you look for Russian women for marriage, you should remember all those rules written above. Every foreigner has a greater chance of success because they are the best men for girls from Russia. Good luck!

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