What to Talk About With a Russian Girl: 10 Topics that Always Work

russian girl

Discover what’s on your Russian lover’s mind

Have you met an amazing Russian girl? Well, if not yet, let’s assume this has happened. So you chat to this lady via online dating services or arrange a date and wanna know how to start the conversation and keep her interested. I suggest you take a look at these 10 topics below. They aren’t just safe but help new mates to get to know each other in the beginning of a relationship.

1. Get keen on her tastes

You can’t please your lady without knowing what she likes, right? This topic often works as an icebreaker: communication instantly goes to another level if it turns out you two like the same films, music, foods, or books. Although Russian spheres of culture are hugely different from Western, she is probably aware of all foreign performers and works. It’s the fact that products from developed countries are well-known in developing countries.

2. Tell her to what places you’ve been

If travelling is your hobby, a Russian lady will be happy to know everything about it. Due to the economic instability in the Russian Federation, many citizens of this country have never been abroad. Well, Russian girls who live in big cities and earn enough money can afford trips to various places – yet there are not so many of them. Hospitality was always a distinctive feature of the Russian national character and these people are also willing to explore foreign cultures.

3. Search for common interests

Apart from similar tastes, there are also activities two lovers should take up together. In fact, Russian ladies are incredibly versatile. As little girls, they attend various classes and courses (dance, culinary, sports, painting etc.), which helps them become many-faceted individuals when they grow up. That’s why I’m sure you will get many subjects to discuss. Moreover, Russian girlfriends are always glad to take up different things along with their partners to get even closer to them.

4. Share childhood memories

We all have good moments to recall. There is a special attitude to kids in Russia: they are claimed to be the flowers of a human life. My experience tells me that most local girls are against the childfree movement so this topic evokes their warmest emotions. Ask your friend to tell you about events she remembers – even if her childhood wasn’t ideal, there will definitely be something. Don’t hesitate to share your own memories as she will be keen on them. Again, when people relive happy days together, it is easier for them to build rapport.
5. Ask questions about her family
Family life is what Russians are deeply concerned about. Historically, these people had to share living space. Even today, most flats here are occupied by several generations at the same time – the flat question hasn’t been fully solved since the Soviet Union times. On the other hand, Russian families are typically very strong because members support one another. And yes, young ladies usually maintain this connection with their relatives. To make your date fall for you, take a sincere interest not only in her but in her dearest ones too.

6. Take an insight into her native culture

Our world is full of diverse traditions. Russian and Western mentalities are quite similar but somewhat contradictory as well. Humanity now goes through westernisation: developed countries actively spread their values, customs, and views of life. Modern Russian society evolves and borrows many things from Americans and Europeans. International dating is all about dealing with these cultural dissimilarities. If you want to build the connection with this Russian girl, appreciate her national heritage.

7. Ask what she dreams about

Dreams belong to an intimate sphere of human communication. They aren’t always easy to describe or even realise. However, there may be “bigger” or “smaller” goals a person wants to achieve. Russian women are known for their determined priorities: though they work hard to succeed as professionals, a very few of them would put a career over a family. Apart from these common values, they have many other interests in life. So you can hear truly unpredictable things! Don’t be silent either; tell her what your heart desires.

8. Prove you are knowledgeable

The beauty of Russian ladies is famous worldwide. But there is one more feature they possess – high intellect. Yes, they are quite brainy and understand how important it is to develop your mind capabilities. You might know that Russian literature is considered to be great. But did you know that Russians also reads more books than any other nation on Earth? Of course, they are extremely proud of it. If you love reading, your chances of conquering your lady’s heart grow.

9. Exchange fun stories

To charm a girl online, it’s necessary to change the tone of communication periodically. Otherwise, it may get boring. Storytelling requires certain skills, even if it happens online. We scientifically know that women fall for males who can tell stories well. Keep this in mind and don’t forget to use your talent to enhance your dating life. And a man should be a good listener too because there’s nothing more precious to girls than attention.

10. Do you have pets?

Another topic that may work as an icebreaker. Almost every Russian family has a pet that they adore. If you both have cats/dogs or maybe some other animals, you will click in a very short period of time. After all, if only one of you has, it is nevertheless an opportunity to create the mutual bond. I guarantee you that any Russian girl will be amazed when you ask questions about her pets!


You can see now that talking to beautiful Russian ladies isn’t as hard as you might’ve imagined. Just choose the right words, be polite, and read carefully what she writes to you. By following standard etiquette rules, you will easily make any girl curious about you!

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