What Kind of Sex Do Russian Women Like?

sex with Russian woman

The sexual revolution in Russia occurred considerably later than in the Western world due to the Soviet Union communist ideology. But do Russian women enjoy sex as much as Western girls Sure! Phew, what a relief. Millions of men all around the globe wonder what feelings does it bring to have sex with Russian women. You can come across many rumors about this nation and its women. Just like all Russians can’t live without vodka, or they allegedly hang out in the woods with bears around and balalaika tunes or there is always winter in that country. In this article, we’d like to break all the stereotypes s and tell you how to act with a Russian woman in bed to leave her satisfied.

Male dominance

There is a common belief that Russian ladies are too humble, passive and controllable. I will let you know from the beginning: they aren’t. Simplicity and decisiveness are among the prevalent Russian character traits. On the other hand, Russian girls are smart enough to realize that a man should be at the head of his family (or the couple). Not all Russian girls fall for persistent alpha-males but any of them will make you feel stronger and more manful. Isn’t it awesome? Yet this is just one side of the Russian conception of sex, let’s take a look at the rest in order to get the sufficient understanding.


The Russian people sincerely believe that a woman attracts men by being mysterious. It is, in fact, the image every girl from this country tries to create. Although sincerity is one of the key merits of the Russian character, they don’t talk about sex in a straightforward way. Naturally, some girls may avoid talking about sex features in daily life because their mothers taught them so. Besides, they aren’t used to discuss “shameful” physiological processes like farting with vagina by accident. These women acknowledge polite guys who can talk nicely. At the same time, Russians value honesty above all, so you should find the golden mean and express your mind quite delicately if there are any issues in bed.

Love supremacy

Clearly, it’s possible to date Russian women only for sex without further obligations. But usually, these girls dream about the stable relationships and observe sex as part of romance. The notion of eternal love is prominent in the Russian culture, not to mention that family is of a true cult there. No wonder that sex in Russia comes secondary after compatibility and the spiritual bond. Therefore, sex with a Russian girl is not about some specific techniques but about expressing your profoundest feelings to her. She is willing to say “I love you” through lovemaking and hopes you treat her with respect.


As we already stated, it is rather difficult to find a girl for a one-night stand in Russia. Owing to their family-oriented way of thinking, local ladies measure every single man’s ability to become a reliable long-term partner. Concerning sex, they want things happen gradually: first, partners should get to know each other. If your Russian girlfriend needs some time, just give it to her. Don’t enforce her to do anything unless you’re playing some pervert sadomasochistic games. Again, your nice manners mean a lot to her. A bedroom is that kind of place where you should prove your values over and over again!

Russian women sexMonogamy

You might have already guessed that Russians are more into monogamous relationships. They put feelings in the first place. Loyalty is another fundamental concept of the native culture. Ideally, a Russian woman should have one and only partner for a lifetime so you’re expected to be exceedingly faithful to your partner. So if a woman marries a man who took her virginity, it’s considered to be perfect. Of course, this tradition may seem very outdated but that’s how the Russian mind works. The strong link between two loving partners is much more important than fantastic skills and popularity here. Dull? Well, Russian women can’t be perfect for everybody.

Romantic atmosphere

Taking into account everything we’ve noted above, it’s easy to predict that Russian ladies like going out in the appropriate ambience. So what can you do about it? Foreplay is the very first thing that comes into the mind.Well, seriously, women do need time to get ready. Quickie might work out, but on occasion only. How to create the right atmosphere? Recall what you have ever heard about women’s preferences. Charming scented candles, massage oils, flowers, a hot bath with rose petals and so on. If you are skillful at cooking, why not conquer her heart with a special dinner? Unconventional dates will do their job too.

You need to guess

It is the men’s first responsibility to figure out what Russian girls want in sex. Remember what we told you about mystery? Fine. That’s another part of it. Since Russian society is into patriarchic values despite all the contemporary changes, a man here is supposed to take the initiative when it comes to wooing a woman of his dream. For instance, it’s okay for American women to tell their men what they want in bed. But this rule doesn’t work for Russians. You should ask her about her wishes in a tranquil atmosphere, keep her loosen up or she will feel uncomfortable throughout the conversation.

This involves a lot of talking

Talking is actually one of the favorite activities of Russian females. Remember this when you will be chatting with hot Russian girls! Most of them are indeed intelligent and knowledgeable. And they love sweet talks as well. Not just in everyday life but in a bedroom as well. You already know that Russian girls prefer discussing their sexual life in a particular manner. Don’t forget to confess to her while making love or after it, tell her compliments about her appearance and performance, and gently suggest trying new things out.

Russian women sexRussian women sex features

Sex with Russian woman has to be creative. If you dream about having a Russian woman in bed, be constantly ready for experiments and the role plays. Every woman has different fantasies, some are excited by a man in uniform, for example, police uniform, and others are too fond of, well, pirates (not kidding you). And it happens, when you imagine a lady who looks like a student, has sex with a man in an image of a teacher, and there is an irresistible desire to try this out with your partner. Such role-playing games will diversify your relationship and bring freshness into ordinary sex. Thus, you can give a green light to the fantasy and try something new. Needless to say that not all Russian girls enjoy this sort of games, so you should ask your girlfriend about her tastes and then decide what you are going to perform in your bed.

A bed is undoubtedly a convenient place for sex. However, be prepared that this bed comfort will bore your hot Russian girl sooner or later and she will expect you to suggest some more unusual places. So, keep in mind that Russian girls are not against sex in the most exotic places, in the most unexpected moments, whether it’s a bathroom, floor or even backyard. Eventually, the world has lots of different places to make love. The unusualness of the situation or the fear of being noticed only ignites the mutual desire. Are Russian women good in bed? Yes, and not only in bed. The main thing is that she should be prepared for that, otherwise you can scare her off. Some Russian women are too timid for that.

Act softly

Nikolay Nekrasov, a Russian poet once said: “A Russian woman can halt a galloping horse and go in the burning hut”. It comes as no surprise that Russian girls can be too independent, but all of them love it when you treat them gently. Thereby, the first rule of sex with a Russian girl: they love when they are loved. So be absolutely sure to show your Slavic partner sympathy and love in every way imaginable. Actually, this rule is followed by the second one: please your partner first and then you can please yourself. Many Russian ladies are very tender. They are waiting for decisive actions from their men. A Russian girl wants to drown in her lover’s touches and caresses. She is always ready for unusual experiments in bed, but she probably won’t appreciate the idea of being treated harshly in bed. That’s why sex with Russian woman must be really delicate. Girls in this country often look for an older man. They value men’s experience a lot. Affectionate caresses combined with quiet and soft music can bring them maximum pleasure, and gentle whispers in the ear give them exceptional sensations. Nevertheless, they want to feel weak and defenseless in the arms of a strong and confident man.

Imagine that your Russian crush is an innocent girl who has never been in a relationship yet, so it’s very important not to scare her away with your persistence and show that sex is pleasant. Sometimes it may seem difficult, especially if you see that your lady wants you so bad that she can’t resist her desire anymore. But you still should “tease” her a little with some sweet caresses. Only after that you can be sure she won’t fake up her feelings in bed.

Wrapping all up, now you know what Russian women are in sex. Of course, there are many minor factors that impact your success in dating ladies from this country. However, you can be 100% sure that Russian women sex is definitely worth itself. In fact, any man has to become a constant learner if he wants to satisfy his woman. No doubt, women are also struggling to master the art of lovemaking. You see, when both partners make efforts, a relationship gets healthy. Work on your bedroom skills and treat your Russian bride in the way she deserves it!

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