Typical Dreams of a Russian Woman


Women are truly mysterious creatures. Now they are cheerful and enjoying life, at another moment they burst into tears and hate everything around them. Millions of men all over the world try to solve the puzzle and make their sweethearts the happiest women in the world. They give terrific presents; they become perfect lovers, loving and wise fathers, or reliable breadwinners. However, not all of them succeed. Thus, they begin seeking a woman from another culture believing the problem is in a local mentality. Unfortunately, everything is not so easy.

Today more men all over the world aspire to find a Russian girl. This is not surprising. Dating Russian women is widely spreading because of their beauty, faithfulness, great housekeeping skills, intelligence, and sincerity. But if you think that taking a Slavic girl to another country is enough to make her happy, you’re mistaken. Some Russian dreams may be similar to the desires of other girls all over the globe, but they have their peculiarities. This is what we’re going to talk about right now. Get ready to know how to make your Russian girlfriend happy.

What does the man of her dreams look like?

It’s no secret that every single woman’s desire is to find a perfect man. Russian dream girls are not an exception. In their culture, a husband is the head of the family, the main breadwinner, and a strong support for a wife. Therefore, when a Russian lady chooses a potential life partner, at first she pays attention to all of these key features:

Masculinity. Sweet, cute, and extremely handsome boys may live in Russian woman’s dreams, but only when she is under 20. The desire to date the beauty king swiftly dwindles as she gets a certain life experience. Wise women chose strong and masculine men who are not afraid to show themselves as they are. Moreover, Russian girls appreciate real men’s actions: respect, protection, and honesty.real-man

Responsibility. This is another matter of experience. Reckless rebel guys cannot take charge of anyone except themselves. Carefree life may seem to be thrilling for some time, but dating Russian girls and a further marriage require a huge responsibility.

Faithfulness. Everyone hates lies. Meeting a faithful man is very rare nowadays. It especially hurts Russian women who devote themselves entirely to their beloved husbands and boyfriends. Your loyalty will be rewarded with endless respect and mutual faithfulness. Honesty and faithfulness play the key roles in relationships.

Independence. Not a single woman on Earth can stand a man who always relies on someone else. In Russian women’s imagination, the real man can easily make money for his family, deal with difficulties, and is ready to face different challenges of life. Is it too much for you? Then don’t even think about Russian girls for dating. This is a very important matter.

Good sense of humor. Dating a bore may be a huge challenge for every lady, including Russian. If all your friends sincerely like your jokes, then your chances to find a Russian woman are pretty high.

As you can see, feminism has a low impact on Eastern European culture. This makes Russian girls the most desired brides.

Big happy familybig happy famoly

Russia, along with the other Slavic countries, is known for the prominent cult of family. Traditions of getting married, having two or three children, living together until the death do them part are common for Russians. For centuries, the institution of the family has been the basic unit of the society. That’s why parents teach their sons and daughters to respect traditional Russian values since childhood.

It is customary to spend every holiday in a big family circle. Russians adore meeting with their relatives, spending much time together. Children are considered to be the source of happiness and a key to a strong marriage. Therefore, any girl aspires to create a big happy family and become a loving wife and mother.

Unfortunately, the number of divorces is rapidly increasing among modern family couples. The longer the marriage is, the more painful it is to get through it. After facing the divorce of their parents, Russian girls do their best to avoid this mistake. Consider this important matter before meeting Russian women for dating. Make them happy in marriage and you will get a reliable partner for life.

Wonderful Life

Big dreams about beautiful and rich life are easy to explain giving some historical facts. The Soviet Union has never topped the lists of the richest counties. The parents and grandparents of today’s generation had to bear poverty after World War II, numerous economic and social crises, food deficit. The things went worse after the dissolution of the USSR in 1991. Young families had to raise their just-born children in poverty. They could not afford to buy extra clothes and toys; the huge unemployment was a common tendency for at least next 3 years.wonderful life

The children of the 90’s as they are called in the post-Soviet countries dream to get everything that their parents could not get in their best years. Modern Russian 20-something girls are looking for all possible ways to make their life luxurious and beautiful. They appreciate wealth and financial independence not because they are greedy, not at all! They aspire to make the lives of their children bright.

To be honest, dreams about luxury are too exaggerated. Their wishes do not include mansions with gardens, dozens of servants, and a garage full of Bentley and Maserati cars. The typical elements of Russian woman’s dreams about beautiful future are:

 – A spacious modern apartment or a house,

 – A fashionable and reliable car,

 – Enough funds for buying some stylish clothes, cosmetics, and accessories when it is necessary,

 – Education and investing in self-development,

 – Visiting gym and beauty salon regularly,

 – Traveling.

Moreover, these items concern only her own self. Imagine how demanding she is of her husband and children! That is why modern Russian girls looking for husbands abroad. This is the guarantee of a stable and beautiful family life. Moreover, don’t think they are helpless and lazy. Every woman also dreams to make the best of their skills, be successful at work as well as in the family life.


Today any girl will say that she loves and dreams of traveling. This dream has already become a commonplace, which men perceive with difficulty. After all, in fact it turns out that all the love for travel lies in the endless lying near the pool, endless selfies in the hotel room and check-in in “fashionable” places around the world. If you put a deeper meaning in the word “travelling”, you will easily find a common language with Russian dream girls. After all, they have a completely different approach to travel. Their dream to see the world is real and if you manage to realize it, you will be the best man in the world.

typical Russian womanThirst to travel is laid in the Russian genetically. They seek freedom and scope at the instinctive level. After all, how many generations of these people lived behind the Iron Curtain – an inexorable barrier to the rest of the world, which could overcome only a narrow circle of the elect. And if you think that with 20 years of freedom they had enough to quench the thirst for cultural exchange – this is not so.

Of course, there are a lot of typical Russian girls who seek only the outer manifestations of a person’s life, who travels a lot. Simply put, Russian girls are not alien to the pursuit of likes on the Facebook. However, among them there are many who really want to see the world and understand how other people live around the world. They want to breathe new air and enrich their lives. Yes, this is a typical dream of Russian women, but it has a very special, noble character.


To you such a dream may seem too abstract. But for Russian women all more than real – they really dream of Respect with a capital letter. Judge for yourself: typical Russian woman work on a par with men. They raise children. They look at the house, creating in it an atmosphere of coziness and peace, so that the beloved man would like to return there. But what do they get in return? It’s not a secret for anyone that many Russian men are lazy. They believe that the duty to go to work every day is a sufficient reason to behave like any dictator-president in the African republic. In addition, many Russian men are prone to alcoholism.

Is it possible that in such an atmosphere something may arise, though remotely resembling a respectful attitude towards each other? Of course not. But Russian women know that it exists. In the world there are men who have not forgotten what a gentleman’s behavior is. In the world there are those who know – a man is a calling, this honorary title must be earned.

In search of such men, Russian women turned their eyes to the West. Let’s be extremely frank: among us, too, there are a lot of lazy people and rude people who know how to prove their worth only by force. But the gentlemen are still more.

So, here is another typical dream of Russian women. And in your power to realize it in life. Agree that there is nothing complicated in this. This is natural and so it should be. That`s why traditional Russian women are so popular among Western men. These are real women for real men.

Take this information into account and you will definitely make your woman happy.

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