Top 9 things Russian women will always like in men

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For centuries men from all over the world have tried to guess what is needed win women’s attention and admiration. It is clear that every lady has a lot of preferences, which apply to man’s appearance and psychological aspects of behavior. Their choices are affected by hundreds of factors. Sometimes even a woman herself can’t give a clear answer why she picked one man from others. However, there are some factors, a set of qualities which help a lady make her choice.

The thing is that sometimes these qualities can be directly opposite to each other. Yes, it’s a fact. You just need to learn how to choose between them and show a right one in particular situations. Here are nine main qualities that every Russian woman likes. The list also contains some recommendations that you have to use at your own risk.

Smart men

Russian women like intelligent men, so you should know how to use your brain. Not all men have an equal degree of intelligence. Do not confuse the ability to solve a hundred of crossword puzzles in a few hours with the power to think. But knowledge, of course, also means a lot.
A woman must see that you’re a person who wants to improve himself. You don’t need to have two or three bachelor’s degrees. The main thing here is not to get hung up on your achievements. Develop yourself with books. Be educated.

A good sense of humor

Russian women love men with a good sense of humor. Just remember that your Russian girlfriend is not an object of your jokes. You can make fun of her from time to time; it spices relationships. But don’t take it too far and make yourself seem like a clown. Also, remember, a joke that’s repeated for more than five times is not funny at all. Besides, the ability to find humor in difficult situations and making fun of everything you see are different things.

Bad guys

Yes, Russian girls love bad guys. The word “bad” here means that the man can do something new and unexpected and knows when to take risks. He can, for example, sing a serenade under a lady’s window, jump with a parachute, go down the mountain river or steal an armful of flowers from someone else’s backyard. A man must be ready to dedicate his life to his woman. Any lady will appreciate such an adventure. It’s worth mentioning that Russian women don’t like men, who follow them, dutifully indulging all their whims. But at the same time, they love daring and persistent admirers. Carefully mix all these qualities, and you will always have success with Russian women.

Romantic guys

Here is the first contradiction. Russian ladies like bad guys and romantic gentlemen at the same time. Sometimes masculinity must be combined with tenderness. A man who can be both is a perfect husband for any Slavic beauty.

A sense of taste

It’s one of the most important things. The ability to dress stylishly and have a taste in cars, wine, music, and so on will set you apart from the crowd. To know how to look fashionably dressed is a simple skill to learn. As for other things, a little knowledge would be enough. Besides, it’s ok to love good clothes and accessories.

Attention and solicitude

You must show your Russian girlfriend that you care about her. Not because she’s helpless or something. A woman loves the attention and caring so much because she needs it. You can send her a dozen romantic messages, tell a compliment or look after her if she catches a cold. Pick her up at work; ask if she wants to see a movie. There are hundreds of ways to show that you care about her. Be attentive every day, and you will always remain attractive to women.

Energetic men

Passive and timid guys, who can’t make a single step without a kick from behind, are not able to attract a Russian lady. You must be full of to keep your relationships going. It will make you irresistible to women’s gentle eyes. It doesn’t mean that you need to stay active twenty-four hours a day to make the right impression on your girlfriend. But she has to feel a flow of your vital energy. That way you can share it with her.


A Russian woman always must be a hundred percent sure that you remain loyal to her, and not only physically. Moral Loyalty is as much important. Do not fool her, even in trifling matters. Such attitude will mean a lot to her. You don’t need a reputation of a cheater and a womanizer. Ladies prefer to keep off such gentlemen.

Confident men

Be a leader. What distinguishes a leader from the rest? There is a particular term in biology, known as alpha male. You probably know who he is and what he does. He can make a choice by himself. Being in a group, he acts like a real leader and takes what he wants. He knows what he needs. He is confident and able to carefully choose his words or actions and take full responsibility for them. It does not depend on person’s physical attractiveness or his welfare. It’s more like an inner state that every Russian woman likes.

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