Top 10 Pornstars in 2017-2018 by Region and Category

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Every fan of adult films has faced a very difficult obstacle, which sometimes drives the most disciplined and restrained of us to madness. You cannot choose a movie or video. The abundance of genres, actors and actresses does not work as it should – it does not give the feeling of freedom. It’s horrible. But we took the responsibility to deal with this and analyzed the porn market in search of the best representatives of the most popular genres. Now your choice circle has noticeably narrowed. Watch only the best!

Top 10 Young Pornstars

Kimmy Granger

This nymphet is only 22 years old (she was born on May 5, 1995 – that’s the exact date, if you suddenly want to congratulate her on her birthday personally), but she has already conquered many porn-peaks.  As soon as the girl turned 18 she started making money. Her first job was a hostess in a restaurant, where she was an object of constant attention by her colleagues. Perhaps you guessed what caused this. Just in case, we will clarify: it’s not the ability to meet guests and seat them at tables.

Leah Gotti

Leah Gotti

Once, Leah (born in 1997) was an excellent student. She studied at the faculty of bioengineering. But at the age of 18 she came to the conclusion that bioengineering is cool, but the career of a porn star is even cooler. In addition, bioengineering can be practiced at any age, but that can’t be said about porn career. Simple logic. Therefore, in 2015, Leah for the first time engaged in sex in front of camera lenses.

Elsa Jean

How to gain an army of fans if you are in the porn business for only one year? Ask Elsa. She is only 19, and she is already considered the queen of a new generation of porn actresses. This charming blonde was an excellent student in college, she worked at Starbucks, and now she is shooting in adult films for big fees.

Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova

Have you ever seen such a killer body, made by Mother Nature only, without any interference of plastic surgeons? Mia is a real brilliant. She was born in 1992 to rock porn industry once. Thank God we are living in these happy days when Mia is on top of her career.

Kendra Sunderland

The path of this girl to the career of the webcam model is as straight as possible. She became an adult actress not wasting her time working as a waitress, a nurse or a stripper, like other ladies in our favorite industry. She has very beautiful eyes, a slim figure and big, natural tits that literally rivet the eyes of any man.

Ariana Marie

The story of Ariana Marie (born in 1995) is a typical story about a girl who is tired of being a good girl. After all, she was always like this for her parents and friends. And one day, the charming Ariana decided to act in porn. Before that, she had only 6 sexual partners. But the very first scene compensated for this omission – Ariana had sex with 3 guys at the same time.

Megan Rain

After watching the videos with Megan, no one can believe that she first saw the Earth quite recently – in 1996. This is simply impossible – many stars from the MILF category will envy her skills. Megan has magnificent hair, a slender figure, beautiful tits and no less beautiful eyes. We recommend you to watch her in action.

Kiera Winters

Kiera was born on February 2, 1996. She is very petite and beautiful. She knows this fact and she has even found the best application for it – she is a real porn star with a big future. Her favorite genres are Hardcore, Threesome, Lesbian, and POV. Just everything you like too.

Naomi Woods

Naomi Woods

In 2015, a newcomer appeared in the porn industry. Her name is Naomi and she was born in 1996. She has the appearance of a princess from a fairy tale – perfect facial features, long snow-white hair and a mysterious look. What is behind it? Go check it.

Riley Reid

Riley was born in Miami, Florida, in 1991. She gives the impression of a very shy girl who is too young to even think about sex. This gives porn scenes with her participation an extra piquancy. Riley has already achieved great success in porn – she starred in more than 400 units of video content for adults.

Top 10 Milf Pornstars

Francesca Le

Erica Sherwood, also known as Francesca Le (born in 1970) is one of those ladies who know literally everything about sex. She is equally hot in any genre – that’s why she has such a large army of fans.

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

When Janet was very young (and it was a long time ago because she was born in 1967), she had a hobby – fitness. The result of this hobby is right here, in front of your eyes – she is 50 years old, and her figure is better than some young nymphets in the porn industry have. Every film with her participation is a masterpiece and classic of porn.

Diamond Jackson

Diamond was at the forefront of webcam models. She began to show off her chic body and masturbate online back in the distant 2001. But the matter did not stop there and she went to conquer the peaks of the porn industry. Today, in 2018, we confirm – it all happened. In all genres. Even in bukkake.

Franceska Jaimes

She is a top MILF Latina pornstar. No one argues this. She is tall, very slender and has huge boobs. But it would be worthless if she could not handle all this well. But she knows how to use this, you can take our word for it. If you are not so gullible, look for films with her participation, shot by the Brazzers studio. No one has any doubt that this studio knows the best of the best.

Vanessa Lane

Vanessa Lane

This charming lady, born in 1983, has practiced yoga for many years. This led her not only to excellent physical and mental health but also to participation in the craziest porn scenes. Vannessa can satisfy the imagination of the most sophisticated director and at the same time ask more of it. She definitely is worth your attention.

Jewels Jade

Jewels Jade was born in 1971, San Diego. When you look at her face, it seems to you that she is only 24 years old, she passionately wants sex and she has something to show. It’s true. Everything except age. This lady does her business for 16 years, but no one claims her place in the top of the actresses of the adult genre.

Kendra Lust

The world of porn would not be so exciting without this goddess. She has been shooting in adult films for many years and, in theory, her star should be approaching the sunset because in the industry there are new pretenders to the title of the best of the best. But this story is not about Kendra.

Nina Dolci

A girl with a slutty face from the early 2000s. That’s her style and millions of Nina’s fans can’t imagine their life without it. Nina is 52 years old but her body is still rocking. She has strong sexual charisma and huge experience that she brings to the stage each time she is doing her business.

Sarah Jessie

Sarah Jessie

If you like Sarah Jessica Parker and you liked to undress her in your dreams after watching Sex and the City, you will like this babe for sure. Sarah Jessie was born on December 26, 1977, in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a classic example of a tall and slender blonde with excessive sexual appetites.

Alexis Fawx

Do you know what a real American MILF is? This is a sexy lady over 40 who meets boy scouts selling cookies in a thin and transparent nightie. This is your seductive schoolteacher who often received reprimands from the authorities for an excessively candid decolletage. Alexis personifies all these images from youth and embodies them in front of the camera lens.

Top 10 Black Pornstars

Bethany Benz

Bethany has sex easily and naturally. Porn is the continuation of her essence. It is noticeable almost immediately, no matter in what scene it was shot – be it sex with a boy or with a girl. In the biography of Bethany, there is one remarkable fact – she comes from Ukraine.

Leilani Leeane

Leilani Leeane

When this girl does POV blowjob, she looks into your very soul with her incredibly beautiful, slightly slanting eyes. This feature of her appearance came to her from some Asian relatives. She has an extremely sexy figure: long legs with luxurious thighs, natural tits, and a flat, trained belly.

Sinnamon Love

Sinnamon was born on December 31, 1973, year in Flint, Michigan. Despite the fact that Sinnamon has already retired, she is still at the top of the search engine queries at the most popular porn sites. She began her career in the far 1993, to star in more than 250 films and get to the AVN Hall of Fame and Urban X Awards Hall of Fame.

Vanessa Blue

Vanessa loves her fans more than any other porn star. When she worked at Playboy, she was the host of the popular radio show in which she listened to the sexual fantasies of her fans and added a little bit of her own fantasy to them. Do not be surprised that Vanessa is still in the top porn ratings, despite the fact that she finished her career in the 2000s.

Lacey Duvalle

Lacey Duvalle

Lacey began to surprise the world of porn in 2000. Her thirst for sex could hardly fit into the framework of 150+ porn films with her participation. She has a luxurious figure, big lips, and sexy features. Lacy has won numerous awards from leading porn magazines and is still considered a role model for young black porn actresses.

Mone Divine

This girl is able to turn even the most hardcore and uncompromising porn into an incredible work of art. She is that breed of porn actresses who either do it at 200% or cease to exist. Mone is a porno lady for true gourmets. This is a kind of underground in the world of porn. If you are a great esthete and a connoisseur of adult films, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with the films with her participation.

Misty Stone

She is one of the most natural ebony porn stars of all times. Misty drives you crazy with one glance only. And when she’s humbling to undress and demonstrating that her gorgeous ass is not only fit to wear jeans but also to much more juicy things, many men and women are pierced by a shiver of admiration. This is another girl who demonstrates that the talent for having sex is rare and very beautiful.

Jenna Brooks aka Bambi Bliss

This baby with a chic, round ass personifies porn in which sensuality has a more significant place than sexual intercourse as it is. Just read her pseudonym again and everything will become clear to you. She began her career in 2002, but still confidently holds positions in the world top charts.

Keisha Kane

Keisha Kane

Keisha represents the English school of porn. She does not just have sex in front of the camera – she fucks like it’s her last time. Looking at her, you fully believe in the fact that Keisha came to porn not because of despair or thirst for big money – she just loves sex. Very, very much.

Olivia Winters

According to real connoisseurs of porn, this girl appears in the charts too rarely and, in general, little is said about her in the thematic media. But there is something to talk about. She’s starred in more than 100 porn movies, each of which sold well and became mega-popular, largely thanks to Olivia. The girl constantly receives new contracts and has already starred in several works this year. Be sure to check them out.

Top 10 Japanese Pornstars

Ai Kurosawa

She is a real idol of Japanese porn. In homeland, her name is familiar to every Japanese man, although not all admit it. She started her career in 2001, shot a lot and, in general, built a successful career, but in 2006 she unexpectedly retired. Anyway, she did not like inaction and she returned to the big porn screens in 2007.

Aino Kishi

Aino Kishi

She began her career as a gravure model, but then she came across the world of AV and realized that is the best place for her talents.  The fatal meeting with the Japanese porn took place in a hotel room where she watched a porn film with the participation of Rio and was amazed at her work. “What could be better than this?” – this is the question Aino asked herself before entering the world of porn.

Akari Hoshino

Another charming porn actress from Japan. She is actively filming in adult films since the debut and is not going to slow down. In Japan, she has a huge army of fans, who closely follows every movement and event in the life of Akari.

Aki Tomosaki

Do you think there is no such porn genre in Japan as MILF? What should we do with Aki, which has been stirring the minds of Japanese students for years now? She became famous precisely as a performer of the roles of mature women who cannot do anything other than constantly having sex with young (or not so young) Japanese men.

Akira Ichinose

Akira Ichinose

The image of this Japanese porn actress is exactly what Japanese men like. This is a shy girl who wears short skirts, shyly smiles and pretends that she knows nothing about sex. What is the surprise of her partners when it turns out that she is a real demon of sex in the human image? The Japanese really like to portray surprise, you know.

Anri Suzuki

Another famous Japanese porn actress who became famous as a lustful and lascivious owner of a slim figure and beautiful big boobs. She has a very serious facial expression and an intent look, which makes her image mysterious and desirable.

Kobe Tai

Kobe lived in the state of Arkansas, where she led the most usual way of life. However, it quickly bored her and she began to be shot in porn, just at the time when adult films were becoming more popular. She quickly assembled an army of fans and received several exclusive contracts, after which her career rushed to the very tops.

Azusa Nagasawa

Azusa Nagasawa

This girl is also famous outside of Japan. Pornvideo with her participation consistently gets into the top-charts of the most popular porn sites in the world. She has a very sweet, innocent appearance, so most of her characters are naive girls who are trying to be seduced by lustful men.

Asuka Sakamaki

Although this girl passed the position in the Japanese porn charts a little, she is becoming more popular in Europe and America. We recommend getting acquainted with her early works, where she shines in all her glory. By the way, Asuka is very-very cute.

Ayumu Kase

Ayumu was born on February 14, 1987. She has a very beautiful, slightly “hooliganism” appearance, a sonorous smile and an extremely lascivious look. She possesses atypical for the Japanese sexual energy, which sweeps everything in its way. At home, Aymu has a huge army of fans that is expanding its holdings and gradually opening branches in America and Europe.

Top 10 Asian Pornstars

Jayden Lee

Jayden Lee

Jaden, a Vietnam pornstar, started to shoot in porn as soon as she reached a legal age. She was not interested in other ways of earning, for which her fans are very grateful to her. Jaden has beautiful and big (compared to other Asian women) boobs, slender legs and neat feet that have provided her a place amongst the stars of a foot fetish.

Evelyn Lin

This miniature nymphet from China got into the porn industry by accident. Her friend photographer told her that she would be filmed nude for some art project, but eventually, Evelyn’s photos were on porn sites. The girl was not indignant – she was impressed by the amount of money that she managed to earn so quickly and the army of her fans, which appeared literally overnight.

Priya Rai

This madam comes from India. You probably have to read this amazingly: after all, everyone forgets that India is the same part of Asia as China, Vietnam, and Korea. Rai has huge tits and the face of the goddess of sex who personally wrote the Kamasutra. Her sexual charisma can excite even the most convinced asexual, so we recommend that you watch a couple of films with her participation.

Cindy Starfal

This nymphet from Vietnam began her career relatively recently – in 2012. She has a gorgeous body and a sexy face, which was appreciated by directors from such studios as Hustler, Wicked and the Evil Angel.

Charmane Star

Charmane Star

17 years ago, this lady from the Philippines took a fateful decision and went overseas to demonstrate to the world her ability to have sex before the camera lenses. She is the star of the MILF genre who does not leave the set until the director praises her for her ideal work.

London Keys

London Keys knows what hard work is – without it there is no success in the porn business and she proved it by personal example. She is respected and loved both for diligence and for her unusual appearance, which resulted from the mixing of Japanese and Caucasian blood. She has already starred in more than 300 films, so you will find something to watch.


Katsuni is a self-made star who has achieved a resounding success thanks to the dedication to the hard work and deep knowledge of marketing. She is one of the most popular pornstars in Europe, and in her native France, every boy and man knows her.

Sunny Leone

Sunny is a Panjabi hottie, star of Penthouse studio. She takes the men with her languid gaze and beautiful legs that excite the most secret sexual fantasies. In her asset, there are a lot of porn awards from leading porn magazines. By the way, she is not only an actress but also a director.

Maria Ozawa

Marie didn’t have enough in her native Japan, where she quickly won the title of AV idol. She packed her stuff, learned English and went to conquer Canada first, and then the US. And she managed to achieve all these goals – she often stars in movies and receives huge payments under contracts.

Asa Akira

Asa Akira is a porn idol for men from the West and East, Japan, and America. Although why we belittle the reality – she is an idol for the whole reasonable part of humanity that at least occasionally watches porn. In addition, she is also the richest Japanese-American porn star, the beginning director and author of the book on the relevant industry.

Top 10 Latina Pornstars

Melanie Rios

Melanie was born on April 8, 1991, in Colombia. Who knows how her life would have developed if Melanie’s parents had not made a fateful decision to move to Los Angeles, California. It was in this city that the girl learned that porn is not a bad taste but a multimillion-dollar industry that can bring glory and big money. The girl quickly made the necessary acquaintances and now is being shot in the movies of the best porn studios.

Gina Lynn

Gina Lynn

This is a real legend of American porn business. Gina came to New Jersey from Puerto Rico when she was only 7 years old. After growing up, she realized that her sexy appearance is a trump card that can be used. Today, Gina is no longer a performing actress – she took a director’s chair and under her sensitive leadership new masterpiece films for adults appear every year.

Ariella Ferrera

Ariella and her parents were sick of life in Colombia, they packed their things and moved to the United States. Ariella has changed a lot of workplaces and has managed to reach the age that allows you to shoot in the category MILF before entering porn business. She was very lucky – she started working with such industry giants as Brazzers, Reality Kings and Naughty America.

Lupe Fuentes

This miniature Columbian girl is no longer acting in porn – now she is a singer, DJ, and producer. But the fact is that she managed to take part in the creation of a huge number of porn movies, so watching her video legacy will take you more than one hour. And there is something to watch, you can trust us.

Luna Star

This hot brunette has a powerful sexual charisma, a huge ass, and beautiful tits. The guys from Porn Pros and Brazzers immediately discerned a great talent in her and invited her to participate in the shootings. Since then, she has worked with all the big porn studios and received many awards.

Juelz Ventura

Juelz Ventura

This charming Brazilian with green eyes won a huge number of porn awards, but she is not going to stop there. After all, her luxurious tattooed body can bring more money and pleasure, and leading porn studios constantly offer new contracts.

Franceska Jaimes

Franceska has a chic body. She has an iron character. She does sports. In general, she has all the qualities to be a leader in the porn business. She works with the main players in the industry, wins awards and constantly receives new contracts. She is worth your attention.

Esperanza Gomez

Esperanza was born in Colombia. Her first childish hobby was the modeling business, where she took a worthy place – she was a Playboy playmate. However, it was not enough for her to be just a model and she decided to try her hand at porn. Well, her strength was enough to become a real star.

Veronica Rodriguez

Veronica comes from Venezuela. She is a miniature and very sexy possessor of a completely natural body. Veronica causes associations with innocence until you see her in action. She works with studios like BangBros, Hustler, Naughty America etc.

Abella Anderson

Abella Anderson

Unfortunately, Abella is no longer acting in porn. But this does not mean that she is not worth your attention. Since 2010, Abella has participated in the shooting of excellent porn movies. There is no studio that would not want to work with this girl. Her luxurious body and sexy look have always been a guarantee of high ratings of any porn product.

Top 10 British Pornstars

Jaye Rose

Jaye never loved men as women and … herself. She starred in just 10 porn movies, but each of them is a masterpiece worth of separate reviews. Red-haired beast Jaya will be to taste of all fans of lesbian and masturbation porn.

Kiki Minaj

With the image of this girl, everything is clear – it was invented so that fans of frank clips of Nicki Minaj, where she shakes her huge boobs and ass, could let off steam and look at the twin of Nicky in action.

Harmony Reigns

Harmony Reigns

Lustful Queen of Great Tits – that’s how fans call her in native England. She often changes the hair color to please everyone – fans of blondes, brunettes, and brown-haired. By the way, her huge luxurious tits look quite natural!

Ava Dalush

In the blood of Ava, there is Scottish and Mexican blood. That’s why Awa has such big natural boobs, for which fans around the world like her. Ava does not have any prejudices and complexes – she is equally good both in solo scenes and in blowjob, interracial and hardcore sex.

Jasmine Webb

Despite the fact that this girl was born and raised in Britain, she is more like a Jamaican woman than Kiki Minaj. She has big tits and a sweet ass, which we, her fans, porn directors and partners on the set like so much.

Paige Turnah

Do you know who this is? This is Strapon Jane’s daughter! Yes, that same lady who punished disobedient boys and girls with the strapon. Now her daughter is engaged in about the same: her most favorite genre is female domination. By the way, Paige has a luxurious fat ass, from which you cannot tear your eyes away.

Jasmine Jae

Love luxury ladies with a languid look and a million dollar smile? Then you need to watch a couple of movies with Jasmine. She is engaged in anal sex as if it is the greatest honor for her partner. She is a real bitch.

Samantha Bentley

Samantha Bentley

Samantha has a mysterious look, long dark hair and big natural tits. And Samantha is a yoga instructor who shoots in porn. What else do you need?

Tanya Tate

Do you think you have an impressive resume? Tanya would have laughed at you, believe me. She has more than 280 over-the-top porn movies and she is the legend of the English porn industry. So hide your resume, please.

Sophie Dee

But Tanya’s resume is nothing compared to Sophie’s resume. During her career, she starred in more than 500 porn films. Her name is known all over the world and she is a welcome guest of any porn studio or the corresponding thematic event.

Top 10 Russian Pornstars

Olga Barz

Olga loves kinky porn. We also love this, so Olga and we are best friends. If you are not familiar with the creativity of this girl, watch her films from the Ferro Networks studio.


A bit of a strange pseudonym, right? So it’s easier to find a video with her on the Internet! She often stars in products from European porn studios and is not limited to one genre.

Alina Henessy

Alina Henessy

Alina not only acts in porn but also runs her own modeling agency. Her talents were appreciated in many top European studios, and then in Western ones – she was shot in scenes for Brazzers and other giants of the market.

Anna Polina

Anna Polina was born in the cultural capital of Russia, St. Petersburg. This gives her image a special charm and grace, especially when you consider that later she moved to France. She bears the title of a porn star with her head held high, so all these numerous awards are absolutely deserved.

Marina Visconti

Marina Visconti

Marina is the youngest professional Russian porn actress. She has already worked with major European studios and is now actively working in America. She is known for her big boobs and unsurpassed sexual charisma.

Melena Tara

Melena is a well-known adult movie actress from Russia. She debuted in porn in 2013, when she was barely 23 years old. She considers herself to be an erotic model because this is her favorite genre, where she has achieved outstanding success.

Eva Shanti

Eva joined the army of porn actresses in 2013 and since then she managed to shoot in many genres. The most interesting of them are femdom, anal, DP, and lesdom. She is actively filming in Europe and across the Atlantic.

Nikita Von James

Nikita Von James

This is the most stereotypical porn star from Russia. She has big silicone tits, long blonde hair, and a sexy look. Nikita belongs to the category MILF. She worked with such well-known studios as Brazzers and Hustler.

Krystal Boyd

Krystal was born in 1993 in Russia. She is considered one of the sexiest European actresses. Her debut took place in 2011. Fans adore her for her sexual skills and a slim, absolutely natural body.

Gina Gerson

This is the main porn star from Russia. She was born in 1991 and made her professional debut when she was 21 years old. Despite her compact, tiny size, Gina does not hesitate to act in hardcore porn and gangbang scenes.

Top 10 Czech Republic Pornstars

Blanche Bradburry

Blanche is famous far beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. She starred in more than 70 porn movies, most of which are lesbian. In addition, she often performed in anal and hardcore scenes. The best films with her participation are films from the Female Fake Taxi studio.

Brittany Bardot

Brittany appeared in this business only recently but has already achieved great popularity. In her first year in porn, she starred in a spicy interracial DP scene shot by Evil Angel studio. Beginners rarely are brave enough to do it. Brittany is 35 years old, so she can be classified as MILF.

Ashley Bulgari

Ashley Bulgari

Ashley is another queen of porn from Eastern Europe. She has a sexy, languid look, long nails, and a slender body. She is 29 years old, eight of which she’s dedicated to porn. Ashley is filming exclusively in solo and lesbian scenes.

Alexis Crystal

This girl is called the classic example of a Czech porn star. She does not limit herself to anything and acts in the most diverse genres of porn, ranging from masturbation and ending with hardcore sex.

Michaela Issizu

This angel is able to turn on even an impotent with huge experience. She is starring only in solo scenes, where she undresses and caresses herself so that no man can resist to join her.

Abigaile Johnson

This pretty angel with blue eyes will drive anyone crazy. Abigaile is one of the most popular pornographic stars of Eastern Europe. In her portfolio, there are works with almost all the leading porn studios in the world.

Little Caprice

Little Caprice

You might think that this girl is too sensitive to demonstrate her sex skills to everyone. But this contrast between her angelic appearance and wild sex charisma made her so popular far beyond the Czech Republic.

Nessa Devil

Do you know what a fashion model looks like when she’s shot in porn? If the answer is negative, then look at the films with Nessa. She is tall, slender and with big tits. By the way, she likes everything – from deep throating to solo anal masturbation.

Lexi Dona

You will not find a porn star similar to Lexi. She has a very beautiful, delicate and slender body, a charming smile and unsurpassed charisma. She loves hard sex, but she never participates in MMF scenes – Lexi is faithful to her boyfriend. Deal with it.

Lucie Wilde

She is a number one huge boobs babe who loves to shoot in porn. She started acting in porn 2 weeks after she turned 18. Now she’s 20, so she’s in business for only two years, but she has already managed to achieve success and collect a huge army of fans.

Top 10 European Pornstars

Madison Ivy

Madison is from Germany but spent her childhood and youth in Texas. She began her career as a miniature blonde with a small natural breast, but now she is known as a hot brunette with huge tits.

Valentina Nappi

Valentina Nappi

Valentina was born in Italy, but most of her life she spent in America, where she started acting in porn. Fans love her for a luxurious, natural body and the ability to do a master blowjob.

Amy Reid

Amy was born in the homeland of the most delicious sausages in the world – Frankfurt, Germany. She started a porn career in the US. Amy was shot mostly in the most piquant genres, among which are her favorites gangbang and blowbang.

Amirah Adara

Amira was born in the capital of European porn – Budapest, Hungary. She began her career in 2011 (hardly coming of age) and immediately signed contracts with the main players in the local porn industry.

Ava Addams

Ava is part French and part Italian. She comes from Gibraltar, United Kingdom. She is considered one of the main stars of the MILF genre for her irrepressible sexual energy and dedication at work.


She is a hot MILF from Lyon, France. She does her business for 10 years and it seems like she’s not going to stop. Many thematic publishers rank her among Asian porn stars, but Katsuni calls herself a Frenchwoman and refers to the European scene.

Bridgette B

Bridgette B

Bridget was born in Barcelona, Spain. She shoots in the genre of MILF. Fans love her for a slender body, big tits, and a posh ass. She starred in both gonzo films and high-budget porn blockbusters. She does not limit herself to anything and is engaged in almost all types of sex.

Sophie Dee

European porn cannot exist without a nympho from the UK Sophie Dee. Starting with her first scenes, Sophie starred in the most hardcore porn genres and continues to do so to this day.

Aletta Ocean

Another queen from the capital of European porn. This lady from ancient Budapest takes the highest positions in the world porn ratings each year. Fans love her for her big, soulful eyes, her slutty face and incredible sex skills.

Abby Boyd

We can talk about her for a very long time, but it’s better just to look once at her performance in front of camera lenses. This nymphet from the European part of Russia has earned her place on porn Olympus – that’s for sure.

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