The Ultimate Guide to Russian Women

how to meet a Russian woman

Russian women are considered very attractive. Foreign men dream of having an affair with Russian beauties. Some of them even admit that a fleeting holiday romance is almost the most striking adventure in their lives. So, why are Russian women so attractive? Let’s figure it out together!

Why Russian Women are so popular

Russian women are beautiful. The beauty and intelligence of Russian girls have always been recognized by all men in the world. These girls know about it and they try to maintain this image. What else is so special about them?


The main advantage of a character of a Russian woman is patience. This is a trait that attracts men. They can endure a lot of things. But many of them want a good life. The dream of a Russian girl is to marry a man who will take care of her, protect her, with whom she will feel like behind a stone wall. Every Russian woman has a certain mystery, magnetism, tenderness, and compassion.

understanding Russian womenIntelligence

In addition to beauty, Russians are very educated. They study hard and work hard. They strive to know everything. That is why they can keep almost every conversation and you will never get bored with them.

Great body

Russian women have beautiful figures. Their bodies look very feminine. Most of the girls have wide hips and big breasts that, of course, attract men.


Russians are addicted to bright and colorful clothes. Also, they like gold and silver ornaments, precious stones and are crazy about fur. It’s fashionable and prestigious for a Russian woman to have a good expensive fur-coat.

Inner strength

Russian women are very strong both morally and physically. Their inner strength lies in obedience, in the ability to forgive, in the struggle for survival, in the desire to preserve and protect their families; they remain beautiful, kind, and charming despite everything.

Where to get acquainted with Russian women?

How to meet a Russian woman? Every guy would like to know what the best places for meeting Russian girls are. But most of them make mistakes choosing the wrong places. Therefore, we will analyze the most popular and best places for acquaintances.

In Russia

Acquaintances on the street of Russia become very popular in our time. This, of course, is not a perfect option since it is impossible to determine neither the character nor the interests of a girl. But it is much easier to get acquainted on the street since no one will disturb you as in other places for dating where there are many people. If you see a girl who walks slowly, then you can safely approach and get acquainted with her.

On the Internet

Of course, the best place to meet girls is the Internet. There are many forums, chats, social networks, dating sites, groups on the Internet. Every man can find an interlocutor or a friend and bring this communication to real life. You don’t even need to go far for this type of dating. You can just be in a cozy room with the Internet and communicate with girls you like. But on the Internet, you only see the pictures of an interlocutor that may confuse you. Therefore, it is necessary to ask a girl out on a date as soon as possible. If you don’t meet up after a week, the process of dating can be considered unsuccessful and it doesn’t make sense to continue it.

where to meet Russian womenIn restaurants, cafes, bars

You can also consider bars, cafes, and restaurants as the best places for dating. The main thing is to be always open for acquaintances, be cheerful and with a sense of humor. This will greatly simplify your task.

In nightclubs

Of course, nightclubs are also among the best places to meet Russian girls. They love different parties very much. However, these institutions are not very popular among shy and calm women who lead a healthy lifestyle. But if you look for an easy relationship, these places are for you.

On vacation

Where else to meet Russian women? This can be done at various resorts, recreation centers, tour trips, or excursions. Girls are relaxed in such places, they escape from problems and worries. That is why many of them are ready for interesting communication, new meetings, and acquaintances.

How to impress Russian Women

If you start dating a Russian woman, you have to impress her every time. There is a reason for this: representatives of this nationality rightfully can be called real pearls of life who adorn the gray destiny of every man. Therefore, guys are always obliged to impress these girls, take care of them and protect them. And now we will teach you how to impress them in different cases of life.

How to make a pleasant surprise

You can impress a Russian girl only by those things that she surely likes. That is why you should know a girl and her tastes well. For example, some girls like romance. So you can impress them offering to see the dawn on the beach. If a girl is crazy, she can be surprised by your offer to have a hot air balloon ride. Remember that every Russian girl is unique. So, they have different tastes and a pleasant surprise also should be individual.

How to impress a girl from a distance

A Russian girl can be surprised not only at a meeting. Even if you are at a long distance, you still can make a girl surprised and think about you. For example, you can buy a gift and ask a courier to deliver it to your girl. Also, it can be a flower delivery to her apartment. In some cases, you can even come to her city (not telling a girl about it), and meet her on the street with flowers. It will definitely cause a storm of pleasant emotions.

How to impress a girl at a meeting

This is the easiest thing. As an option, you can show up for a date with a bouquet of flowers. You can impress a girl by arriving on the first date in a beautiful car and inviting her to take a ride around the evening city. Of course, everything depends on the duration of your relationship. For example, if you know each other not for too long, then you can impress a girl just inviting her to some expensive restaurant.

tips on dating a Russian womanHow to impress a girl on a first date

A lot of things depend on the first date. A girl may judge how interesting a particular guy is at this meeting. Try to organize it in such a way that it will be interesting for her. As we already wrote, girls are different, so they like different things. You can get to know what a girl likes from her friends, for example. Ask them whether she likes romance, what kind of gifts she likes, whether she likes animals, what alcohol she drinks, what flowers she prefers, etc. Also, you should study her social network page. It may tell you a lot of useful things.

How to impress a girl with words

For this, you have to learn to speak beautifully and succinctly. It is better to write your speech in advance and memorize it. Speak with a beautiful timbre of your voice. Agree that words of love will not sound good if you tell them in a rough voice. Every word should sound convincing. That is why you shouldn’t laugh a lot and there should be convincing assurances in your words that you will do what you say!

How to impress a girl via text

If you don’t have the opportunity to meet (you live in different cities or countries) and most often your communication is an SMS communication, then you can also impress her with the help of short messages. For example, you can write about your feelings. But try to come up with beautiful and original phrases or rather use the ready-made options. Or you can do differently: for example, come to her city but don’t tell her about it continuing to communicate via SMS. Then ask her where she is, come there and write her: “Turn around! I want to kiss you!” She will be shocked by such message and very pleasantly surprised seeing you next to her. She will certainly not expect such surprise.

How to impress a girl in bed

If you just started an intimate life with a Russian girl, then you don’t need to try to surprise her. You can just show how much you are ready to give her maximum pleasure. Give her maximum attention trying to notice what movements and positions bring her maximum enjoyment. If you are together for more than a year and sexual attraction is not as strong as before, then you can study Kama Sutra, try the most interesting positions, read about erogenous zones, and try to have sex in an unusual place. Also, you can buy items in a sex shop. Pay more attention to foreplay and you may need to learn how to do an erotic massage.

What can and can’t you talk about?

What can you talk about with a Russian girl? About everything! The more versatile person you are, the more a girl is interested in you. The main thing is not to make gross mistakes and not to say things that may show you from a bad side.

And here is the list of mistakes a man can make:

Complain about something

Remember that Russian girls like strong men and not whiners. A real man can solve his problems by himself. A girl should feel that she can rely on him and he is like a stone wall.

Talk about failures and defeats

Do you want to show yourself as a loser? Try not to talk about your failures and if a girl asks a question directly, state the fact of the defeat but don’t show that you are hurt and broken.

Have doubts about everything

Every Russian girl looks for a confident man who can make independent decisions.

Act like a victim

Of course, if you are in a long-term relationship, you need to share your experiences. But this is a mistake to discuss how you are tired at work when you are on a first date.

List the names of women you had

It’s a very unpleasant thing to hear for every woman.

Speak badly about ex-girlfriends

A girl will think that you don’t respect your ex-girlfriends and the same situation will be with her.

Boast of every success

If you want to tell something that will raise your status in the eyes of a girl, then mention this casually and try to insert this fact into some interesting story.

How to build relationships with Russian women and what the pivotal dating rules are

Here some tips on dating a Russian woman:

Make sacrifices

Surely you have noticed that you wanted to sacrifice something in your previous relationship (or perhaps in real ones, if you have a girlfriend). For example, you know that your better half doesn’t like some things in your behavior and you are sincerely ready to sacrifice something in order to be with her.

Russian women cultureHave regular sex

Everything is simple: if there is regular quality sex, then everything is fine. If it doesn’t exist, then something should be done urgently. Otherwise, a girl will find a replacement.

Respect each other

If you want to date Russian women, you should respect them. It is important that both partners don’t allow themselves to disrespect each other. So, keep your promises. Don’t offend a girl even in jest and don’t let her do the same.

Be motivation for each other

Do you want to do anything in your life just because your better half loves you? If yes, then congratulations – this is exactly the kind of energy that allows men to achieve rather ambitious goals. The same feeling must be felt by a woman. If she becomes energetic and happy after meeting you and you notice that she has some goals (or she has become more vigorous to achieve the previous ones), then everything is fine. The absence of such motivation can become a signal that something is wrong in your relationship. After all, agree, if you have a valuable person next to you, then you always want to improve your life for her!

Plan a joint future

If you are already in a relationship, then your feelings should tell you how long they will last. Do you see her in your future in a month, a year, two years? In addition, there should be topics in your conversation in which you discuss your joint future, for example, that you will go to another city next year. The main thing is to be attentive to your feelings and to her behavior and be able to correct a situation in time. If you see all these signs, then know that you do everything right.

Sum up

So, this is what you should know about Russian women. As you could see, Russian girls are very interesting people and it is not so difficult to build relationships with them. Almost everyone agrees that Russian girls are very beautiful and feminine, cheerful and stylish. They are good housewives and passionate lovers and the popularity of Russian women is increasing every year. So, don’t miss your chance. Try to get acquainted with the most beautiful Russian women. You will be the happiest man in the world.

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