The ‘Is My Wife Cheating?’ Checklist


The very idea that you have a cheating wife is disgusting for many men. Cinematography, literature, and famous people have created the image of a deceiving husband, and the fact that a woman can also cheat on her husband is often shocking.

As a rule, men pay little attention to the mental state of their spouses. Therefore, they find out that they were cheated on either accidentally and unexpectedly for themselves or when the cheating wife stories have already become public knowledge.

Study carefully the main signs your wife is cheating. Perhaps, one of the below-listed signs will seem familiar to you. However, do not forget that the most reliable evidence of wife cheating on you is a woman caught at the “crime scene” with another man.

So, how to tell if your wife is cheating on you?

1. She became more secretive.

The first sign of cheating is the suddenly limited access to her personal space. In other words, if in the past you could freely use her computer or mobile phone, now, she does not let you in there under any pretext. When she reads messages, she smiles quietly rejoicing and vaguely answers to your questions about the reason for a good mood. It is possible that you should not know about it, because you may not like it at all.

2. She began to pay more attention to her appearance.

You suddenly noticed that she began to watch her appearance much more carefully. Well, do you remember how it was when you met her? She had a perfect makeup and outfit, and you were clean-shaven trying to impress each other. She is trying now. Not for you. Anyhow, if you noticed that she cut and dyed her hair, for example, brunette, kept on a diet, got carried away with aerobics, lost two sizes and spent all the family savings on the new wardrobe under this pretext, then you have a reason to ask yourself a question: “Is my wife cheating on me?”

3. She got suspicious friends.

Pay attention if your wife suddenly got a new girlfriend or a company of friends to which she did not invite you, or if she started to spend all of her free time with her old friends. She walks with them to some events, to the cinema and comes back late. Everything is without you! After such walks, your wife is usually in a great mood which immediately spoils in your presence.

cheating4. She does not want to have sex with you.

The amount of sex in a couple’s life can be reduced by various reasons, including a busy schedule, depression, stress, and life itself. However, if a wife cheats on her husband, it can also greatly reduce the amount of conjugal sex.

For many women, emotional attachment to a person is important in sexual relationships. Therefore, the cheating wife does not have a sexual attraction to her husband, because she became emotionally distant. She is not interested in sex with him. Now, she tries to go to bed earlier and fall asleep at once or vice versa in order to avoid having sex with you. She can take your hand off her shoulder in response to some kind of affection from your side in the process of foreplay. Even if it was pleasant and exciting earlier. She avoids contact with you at the level of the body, including the strong unwillingness to kiss you.

5. She became more irritable.

The practice shows that cheating wives very often find faults with their husbands, argue with them, and provoke conflicts. In other words, they are looking for an excuse to finish the relationship. If earlier you were soul mates and now your wife is annoyed at any trifles, begins to react harshly to your shortcomings that she hasn’t noticed before, you should know that she lost her interest in you. She will not be the first wife caught cheating.

6. She started to work harder.

More precisely, your wife claims that she has more work to deal with. Suspicious change of the schedule can be manifested in different ways: she leaves the house earlier than usual, comes back home later. She did not come to dinner claiming that there was an urgent meeting. She misses your calls. She might also pretend to “have forgotten” the phone at home, or her battery suddenly began to hold a charge only for a half of the day and, as a result, her phone is often unavailable.

7. She has ceased to be interested in your life.

Now, she is not interested in what you feel and how you live. She becomes indifferent to your tardiness and your late arrivals from work. She does not care anymore. She dreams about another guy. By the way, she may ask you to go anywhere to have fun yourself or to have sex with someone else. Do not ask yourself, “Has my wife cheated on me already?” You know the right answer.

signs-of-cheating8. She has bought new clothes.

She has bought new expensive clothes, and she has changed her perfume and cosmetics to new and more expensive brands, although your incomes have not increased. Women can both buy themselves new clothes and accept expensive gifts from other men, considering the fact that husbands are usually not very attentive to their wardrobes. After all, she can always say that she has already had this or that thing. In the end, her mom or girlfriend gave it to her.

9. She often talks about her new male colleague.

She started talking about a new colleague from work or a business partner about whom you did not hear before. Each time she emphasizes that their relationship is purely friendly, but at the same time, she constantly talks about his wonderful figure and character qualities which personally you do not have.

10. She often seems quiet.

The thoughtfulness on her face is explained by heavy thoughts about how and when it will be better to break off the relationship with you; whether her lover will accept her or she should try to leave the possibility of returning home.

All these points will help you answer the main question: “How to catch a cheating wife?” Review this checklist one more time and make the right conclusion.

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