Russian Dating Etiquette

Learn how to date Russian beauties in the right way
What do we need etiquette for? To make a long story short, it is necessary for efficient socialisation. Modern people have to mingle with numerous counterparts every single day. Although the conception of courtesy changes over time, there are certain basics that never fall out of use.
Today, our relationship experts wish to give you a curious insight into Russian dating culture. This article will tell you what Russian Dating etiquette rules to master in order to impress your foreign girlfriend. Read and gain from the tips below!

A beau comes first

It’s totally unacceptable for a Russian lady to wait for her partner to arrive on a date! As a man, you are supposed to come 10-15 minutes in advance especially if there’s something you have to prepare for your woman. As for her, she has the legal right to be late. Girls traditionally have certain privileges and whilst a growing number of female westerners behave informally on dates, Russians adhere to the rules. Don’t get surprised or irritated if your partner is 5-10 or even 30 minutes late. Why so? Most commonly, she has spent a few hours by the mirror struggling to overwhelm you with her best look. Let her know those efforts weren’t in vain!

Greet a woman appropriately

Any date starts with greeting (oh, who could have guessed!). There are many different ways to greet one another all over the world. In Russia, they use almost the same gestures and phrases as in Europe and the United States. But there are some details you should pay attention to. For example, it would be wrong to shake a Russian girl’s hand – you should kiss it instead. Well, if this seems too pompous to you, merely kiss her on a cheek. Shouldn’t you kiss your mate on lips? As a rule, Russian girls aren’t into doing so in public as this act is rather intimate. You are free to try, though.

Your exterior hugely matters!

Russians like to say: “Our women are the most beautiful on the entire planet”! And know what? We won’t argue with it. Physical attractiveness of Russian girls is obvious and instantly draws men’s attention to them. There’s nothing astonishing about the fact any guy would like to date a beauty. On the other hand, the aesthetical aspect means a lot for representatives of the fair sex. As Russian ladies surpass other females in gorgeousness, they naturally wish to communicate with handsome admirers. In fact, this doesn’t mean you must look like a cover guy or a professional athlete yet you definitely should constantly work on your physical shape, properly groom yourself, and dress sharp.

Surprise her

In the Western world, girls generally don’t expect their mates to give them gifts. In Russia, girls get rather frustrated if they don’t receive any material signs of affection. Take us right: these ladies don’t chase after your money. They’re just fond of generous men. From their point of view, gifts help create a romantic atmosphere which is highly important for them. In order to please your woman, treat her with romantic surprises from time to time (here’s no need to do it every time you meet). Those may be unconventional date scenarios, nice and meaningful presents, special signs of attention, or fancy deeds.

Flowers: the all-time solution

Picking a perfect gift for a Russian beauty might not be an easy job. If you genuinely don’t know what to present, we suggest you bring flowers. The tradition of giving those in Russia is indeed powerful; it’s an integral part of local culture and to fully describe it, we would really need to write another article. But let’s focus on the dating aspect and russian dating etiquette. First of all, consider your lady’s preferences. No idea of what she likes? Then buy the finest roses ever – it usually works. Note that your bouquet should encompass an odd number of flowers because even numbers are brought to funerals.

Your behaviour should be flawless

Courtesy is yet another merit that Russian ladies seek in relationships. People in this country support the established view on gender roles division: a girl should be treated like a princess by her wooer. If you want to conquer a heart of a woman from Russia, it’s necessary to demonstrate behaviours of a true gentleman: to open doors for your date, to help her to be seated, to show good table manners etc. Besides, watch out how you speak – don’t tell her backhanded compliments, express your thoughts politely and clearly. Last but not least, a gentleman is never rude towards people around him.

A man is a leader

We’ve already mentioned that in Russian society, men play the leading role. This refers to dating life as well. Around you, a woman wants to feel protected, needed, and admired. An average U.S. girl doesn’t mind asking a guy of her dream out but a Russian girl would barely ever do so: she only drops hints of liking and waits for her prospective boyfriend to take the first steps first. Hence, don’t be timid with her, take the initiative! Arrange dates, choose venues and make reservations, offer topics to discuss during the dinner, and accompany your lady home. Without exception, Russian women fall for straightforward and confident men.

To pay or not to pay?

Even westerners periodically ask this question to themselves – in spite of the fact their women have already got pretty emancipated. When it comes to Russian dating, the answer is unequivocal: a man does pay for a date. According to recent sociological studies, up to 80% of Russians agree with this statement. Keep in mind that local girls dislike scrooges very much. If a guy refuses to pick up the bill – especially on a first date – he won’t get a second chance. How about splitting the bill? We would say it isn’t a very good decision. This might be acceptable for only long-term couples in particular cases. During the honeymoon phase, your Russian girlfriend should find out that you’re capable of providing her with moral and material support. Just because she longs for a strong male!

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