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Russian dating

Days, months, and years go by, times change, but Western people continue to perceive dating in Russia as something strange and even mysterious. They cannot believe that modern Russian people have many in common with them, that nobody has a bear as a house pet and many myths have little to do with the truth. The big part of all the legends is just a fiction and another part is the already forgotten past. Some of these myths relate to Russian dating traditions.

People consider them to be too awkward and old-fashioned but, in fact, many of them meet the best traditions of the amazing Hollywood movies and the most romantic books. If a man dreams about Russian women dating, he should learn the main features of Russian culture of dating in order to increase the chances of winning beauties’ hearts. When the man doesn’t know the Russian dating traditions, he behaves as usual, but the result of his efforts is far from the desirable one. Why is it so? This is so just because he behaves awkwardly in the girl’s eyes and they can have very different views on the same thing.  So, if you are determined to be involved in Russian girls dating, try to remember the below-given information or at least, to save it somewhere at hand.

Who is in control?

In many other countries, there is always a confrontation for the equality of the sexes. Women don’t want to seem weaker than men even in the romantic relationships, but the situation is opposite in Russian dating etiquette. The roles of both sexes are extremely clear and the courtship is held in accordance with one possible scenario where a man plays the leading role and a woman prefers to be weaker and feminine. It is customary for men to tackle the issues and make decisions, so be ready to take initiatives on your own. It is you who should send a message and call first, and especially who invite the girl on dates. If you want to get acquainted with Russian women for dating and want to show yourself from the best side, behave like the knights. You can show this in your manners, speech, and deeds. You can watch some romantic films where the main character behaves like a medieval lover to understand better what behavior is expected.

How should you greet when dating Russian women?

online Russian datingSome Russian girls are quite superstitious, so don’t shake hands in the doorway especially across the threshold because it is considered to be the sign of a future quarrel. Several years ago, it was considered impolite to shake hands with women, but now it is quite normal especially in formal situations. Don’t forget to take your gloves off when shaking hands, as well as shoes when entering your Russian girl’s house. Almost always you will be given a pair of slippers inside the house and even if it doesn’t happen, you should not walk with your shoes on inside the house. If you are invited into a family home, it will be polite to bring a gift. It can be a bottle of wine, chocolates or a bunch of flowers. If there is a kid, you should provide them with a small gift as well.

What chivalrous things are expected from you?

If you have already been involved in online Russian dating, you know that Russian girls are very romantic and they dream about prince charming who will treat them with respect and will pamper them with romantic surprises, flowers, and unexpected pleasant gifts. Usually, girls expect all this romance at least at the beginning of the relationship when men do crazy pleasant things just to make their girls smile. Men try to demonstrate their good attitude and manners opening doors in front of their women, taking women’s outerwear off, and watching their language. True men will never allow their women to carry something heavy, it is always their function as well as solving different problems and helping their sweethearts. Don’t ask a girl to share the bill, it is considered to be quite rude because if a man asks a woman on a date, he pays all the bills on the date. It is just one of the traditions. If the couple shares the bill, they are just friends or even acquaintances. In addition, it can be the checking for greed and if the man doesn’t pass it, the girl will hardly agree to go on a second date.

Is a bunch of flowers so important?

It is a kind of a must. This one of the cultural pleasant traditions that has great popularity.  Even if there is no any important occasion for giving flowers, you can bring the bunch only for creating a good mood or cheering up. If you don’t want to take it on a date, you can use a delivery service, this can be even more romantic.  It is possible to give only the odd number of flowers in the bouquet since the even number is used for funerals. You should better find out the girl’s favorite colors of flowers in advance because some girls like yellow flowers when other consider them to be a sign of an upcoming breakup.  Red roses are a symbol of passionate love and are preferable almost on all the occasions. In spring, you can give tulips or irises. Watch the freshness of the flowers because some girls believe that freshness of the bunch reflects the depth of men’s interest in them.

Do you need to wait if the girl is late?

If you come earlier or just are on time and the girl is late, don’t worry, it is quite a usual situation. There is one of the unwritten rules of the Russian dating traditions that says that a girl has the right to be late. It is absolutely normal when a girl arrives 15 minutes later than you have agreed.  There can be different reasons for being late, she can hit traffic or just devote more time to her outfit and makeup than necessary.

Russian culture of datingYou can be surprised, but the girl can even come on time and wait 10-15 minutes somewhere nearby in order not to make you think that she is desperate one or she falls in love with you. If the girl wants to show her own worth, she will never be right on time, just deal with it.  Instead of asking for the reason of being late, just tell her that she looks wonderful and you are happy to see her.

Do compliments still play a big role?

Usually, if a man asks a girl out on a date, he makes all the arrangements, starting with a place and little surprises, and a girl tries to look wonderful. It is demanded to inform the girl where you are going to spend this evening, whether it will be a restaurant or an amusement park. This information will influence her choice of the outfit. Russian women start preparing for the date in advance, choosing clothes, doing hair, etc. Every girl wants to look amazing. In return, a girl will expect to get many compliments and admiring looks. If you want to have a beautiful princess next to you, you should treat her respectively.

Are there any strict requirements for talking?

There are no demanded and obligatory themes for talking on a date as well as for its duration and the end. People do what they want, choosing the emotional side of the date.  Be ready to listen to many different stories about a girl’s family and try to remember some important moments. Russian girls treat family values more seriously than it may seem to Western people. Do your best to avoid any jokes on that topic and do not forget to tell her about your relatives. If your dates will become something bigger, be ready to see your girl’s family quite often. The family is the main priority in all senses for any Russian girl. People can freely talk about their hobbies such as reading, drawing, doing sports etc. Usually, a girl expects that a man is a good storyteller with a great sense of humor.

What about sex? Do you have any chance?

Surely, too close intimacy after the first date is not the best option, especially if both of you are searching for a serious relationship.  However, people can kiss if both want to do that.

In addition, do not expect too much to see the Russian beauty in your bed after the second date. If you are searching for Russian girls only for this purpose, be ready to be disappointed because these girls are not so accessible as you think, you believe in another myth. If you want to have sex, first, you should prove that you are worth it. Russian girls like to get to know their partners better, get some information about their characters, strong sides, aims, life views and only after that about intimate life. You might consider this approach to sex to be old-fashioned because you meet it very seldom among Western women. Nevertheless, this fact might play not the last role in the development of the popularity of online Russian dating among Western men.

What will be next?

People decide themselves whether they are ready to move forward or not. A couple can get married in several months or stay unmarried for years, it’s only up to them.  However, take into account that if you have more than 7 dates, it is considered that you have a serious relationship.

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