Pros and Cons of Russian Dating Sites


If you’ve never met Russian women but you know they make perfect wives and you’d like to have a dating experience with some of them, you don’t have to go to Russia. In our globalized world where almost everything can be done using the Internet, meeting people from different countries has become as easy as approaching a stranger on the street.

Probably, you’ve already used some dating apps or social media to find a girlfriend within your country. If you want to meet Russian girls, you should go to the specialized dating websites that feature exclusively Russian women’s profiles. One of the advantages of these sites is that the girls, who create profiles there, are single and interested in the international dating. It means that they also look for a partner and don’t mind if he is not from their country. However, everything in this world has its advantages and disadvantages and Russian dating sites are not an exception. You should be aware of both perks and pitfalls in order to get the most out of your online dating experience.

Advantages of Russian Dating Sites

 – You can meet a lot of beautiful women without leaving your house. Moreover, you can chat when it’s convenient for you. Since you online dating is basically the exchange of messages, you have time to think what to ask and how to reply, thus making your dialogs smoother and more informative.meeting-online

 – Online dating is a great way to get to know a particular woman better before you decide to meet in real life. Many first dates turn out to be a sheer waste of time with the wrong person. Meeting women on dating websites gives you an opportunity to eliminate those first-date disillusionments.

 – If a woman registers on a dating site, it means she is ready for a new relationship and she made her first step towards it. Writing to Russian girls in social media cannot be always appropriate because it’s not always apparent whether she has a boyfriend or she is single. With online dating sites, you can be sure your initiative won’t be rejected by that dreaded phrase “I have a boyfriend”. Although women are said to fall for bad guys, in reality, most of them like nice guys who make them feel comfortable and secure. But very often these men are pretty shy to approach the girls they like. If you’re a shy person and you need some time to open up, an online dating site will give you a start.

 – While in real life it would be impossible to have a date with two or three different women at the same time, it is possible on a dating website. By “a date” we mean conversation or chat. You can meet one woman, start corresponding with her, then meet another girl and start chatting with her. Gradually, you’ll see with whom you have a stronger connection or chemistry and focus on that very woman.

 – The fear of rejection approaches zero since you have a lot of other profiles at hand and can write to any woman that catches your eye and whose profile information gets you interested in her personality.

 – You can practice online dating irrespective of your plans for the future. In other words, you can simply correspond with Russian girls (they are great interlocutors, indeed) without the perspective of something serious or you can intentionally build a relationship. If you’re looking just for a girlfriend, you should let your Russian date know about your intentions since most Russian women registered on the dating sites are looking for a life partner, not just a pen-friend.ONLINE-DATING

 – Setting some search criteria, you can get a list of women that are most compatible with your preferences as to eye color, body type, height, hobbies, etc.

 – Besides that, there are plenty of Russian sites, where you can watch beautiful girls in real time. You can see their profile picture and click to see the image right away! For instance, is a high-quality site that offers four options, including live video-chat.

 – It is completely secure. Russian dating sites are under control, and there is a high chance of meeting someone special as girls are real and ready to chat. One of the most popular sites is, where every user has a unique ID, which guarantees the quality of this dating service.

 – But if you want to broaden your mind, you can choose This site offers chatting with a lot of Slavic girls, including Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians.

Possible Pitfalls

 – At first, you might be dazzled by the beauty of Russian women and the number of women wanting to meet decent men from different corners of the world. It can be difficult for you to make a choice because the more options you have, the harder it is to choose. Sometimes you might think “Why am I chatting with this very girl when there are so many other girls waiting for my message?”
– When women (and men as well) fill in their profiles with personal information, they want to seem better than they really are. It takes some time to prove whether those facts are true but the worst part is disappointment you experience when it turns out she is not the person he imagined.

 – There are some people Internet-Scamswho use dating Russian dating sites with the purpose of swindling money out of other users. These dishonest people are called scammers. They create profiles under fake names, upload fake photos, and start hunting for a “prey”. A scammer can be either a woman or a man who pretends to be the woman from the profile photos. He or she invites a man to a chat, communicates with him, and after some time finds an excuse to request money from him. You should get suspicious if your online date starts asking you to send her money. Real Russian women (like any other sensible person) will never request money from the person they’ve just met. Dating sites cannot guarantee total security – it’s only you who can detect a scammer by being observant and cautious.

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