Pros and Cons of Marrying a Russian Woman

Many men register at online dating sites wanting to meet Russian women because these girls are said to be perfect marriage material. The natural beauty of Slavic girls is mesmerizing and irresistible. Every man wants to have a beautiful wife but the stunning appearance is not the main characteristic that makes foreigners look for a Russian wife. Russian girls have a number of qualities that distinguish them from western women and make them the desired brides. First of all, they are family-oriented which means they want to get married, have children, and dedicate their lives to their families. They have traditional views on gender roles and want their men to be the leaders. At the same time, they are independent personalities with their own principles and values. Being a Russian woman’s husband has a lot of advantages but you should also be ready for some challenges.

Pros of Marrying a Russian Woman

Loyalty. A lot can be said about how loyal Russian woman are but in order not to sound proofless, here is an example from history. At the beginning of the 19th century, there was the Decembrist revolt against the czar. The participants of the uprising were sent into exile to Siberia. Their wives followed them to that remote region just to be together with their loved ones. There is even a phrase “Decembrist’s wife” that Russians use to describe loyal spouses. If a Russian woman truly loves her man, she’ll be by his side through thick and thin and will go wherever he goes because she is his loyal friend.

Interesting conversations. When we look for a life partner, we want to find a compatible person whose views, interests, and system of values would be similar to ours. Good communication and ability to understand your partner are essential for a healthy relationship. When euphoria you experienced during your dating stage wears off, you realize how important it is to have something to talk about with your partner. Russian women are interesting interlocutors. They are well-read (it’s difficult not to be so in the country of Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky), educated, and curious.

Comfort. Russian women surround their spouses with care and love. You’ll be happy to come back home after work because you know your house is your small paradise. No matter whether a Russian woman is a housewife or has a job, she is an excellent homemaker. She knows that she is responsible for making her house feel like home so she does her best to create a cozy and warm atmosphere in her family. Russian women cook tasty dishes and rarely eat out, so you can be sure that when you open the door and enter your house, you’ll smell the mouthwatering odor of food which means tasty dinner is waiting for you.

Wisdom. Wisdom is something you acquire with experience. It’s also associated with maturity. Russian women are wise by nature. This is something that is passed on from one generation of Russian women to another. They know that men want to be leaders and they let them feel their priority in a relationship and then in family. But there is an old adage that the husband is the head and the wife is the neck: wherever the neck turns, the head follows. Russian women realize their power but choose to appear fragile and feminine. In terms of relationships, they don’t make hasty decisions. They understand that it’s always easier to destroy than to build, so they do their best to save their marriages instead of seeking a divorce. They accept their partners with all their flaws and they tolerate many things because they know there is nothing perfect in this world.

Support. Apart from being a wife, a lover, your Russian spouse will be your best friend, loyal fan, advisor, doctor, and psychologist. She’ll find the right words to cheer you up when you’re down in the mouth. She’ll also be sincerely happy for your achievements and will share your happy moments. She’ll challenge and inspire you and will give the strength to move forward.

Being married to a Russian woman has a lot of perks but you should also take into account possible obstacles. They can’t be called “disadvantages” because they can be easily overcome.

Cons of marrying russian girl

Cultural differences. First, you might be staggered by the amount of relatives present in your wife’s life. Russians value family ties and there is a strong connection between generations. Also, there are many Russian traditions and superstitions you’ll have to get to know to understand your wife better.

Language barrier. This is another challenge that many international couples are faced with. The good news is that most girls registered on online dating sites can speak English well. Also, there is a tendency that women from
big Russian cities have a better command of English.

Moving. If you are from different countries, there will come the moment when you’ll have to decide where to live. It’s a popular stereotype that all Russian women want to leave their country and move to the country of their husband. Since there is such a geographical problem, you need to be ready for a long-distance relationship at your dating stage and then find a compromise as to your place of living.

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