Rusian Girls’ Dating Traditions

Russian dating

Days, months, and years go by, times change, but Western people continue to perceive dating in Russia as something strange and even mysterious. They cannot believe that modern Russian people have many in common with them, that nobody has a bear as a house pet and many myths have little to do with the truth. The big part of all the legends is just a fiction and another part is the already forgotten past. Some of these myths relate to Russian dating traditions. Continue reading

How to Date a Chilean Girl

chilean girls

Compared to women from other countries of Latin America, such as Peru and Argentina, Chilean girls remain grotesquely underrated. That’s terribly unfair, but it seems it’s not going to stay this way for long. Hot Chilean girls are slowly drawing attention of western men. Although beautiful Chilean girls are known less than Chilean wine, these hot-tempered ladies are really worth noticing. So, what are Chilean women like? Why these gorgeous females with andean features are making more and more men fix their gazes on them? Are Chilean women attractive? Certainly, but that cannot be the sole reason for the growing interest of men. Continue reading