What You Need to Know about Ukrainian Brides: 37 Facts

Explore the world of Ukrainian dating with this comprehensive guide.

Ukraine’s visibility on the international arena is growing – both for good and bad reasons. And it is natural that Ukrainian girls become interesting to men all around the world. Considering how many myths about Ukrainian dating circulate in the West, we decided to give you a real insight into this sphere. To make it easy for you, we gathered 37 key facts about these ladies and split those into 9 groups. Find out the truth about Ukrainian brides right now!
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Pros and Cons of Dating a Russian Girl

Discover the whole truth in 10 steps

A large number of men get to thinking about dating a Russian girl. Over the last 20 years, the proportion of international couples has impressively grown – including alliances between Russians and westerners. What is special about this kind of dating? I gathered 5 pros and 5 cons for you.
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A few easy steps to impress a Ukrainian woman on the first date

Today is a big day! After long nights of chatting and telephone conversations, you are sitting in the café and waiting for a Ukrainian woman you met online. You’ve already seen her photos, but in real life, people may look different than on pictures. Perhaps all your conversations on the web were so exciting because both of you felt more confident under the guise of the Internet.

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How to find the best Ukrainian dating site

There are hundreds of Ukrainian online dating sites, but how to choose exactly what you need? First of all, ask yourself three questions: How does it work? How much does it cost? Is there any feedback on the Internet? Finding a site is not a problem while determining what kind of site is right for you can be tricky.

With so many beauties on the internet, finding a proper Ukrainian dating website is quite a task.
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Top 7 Most Recent Dating Trends

When we started writing this article, we had a 100% considered and thought-out plan of it. However, I wondered if trends were actually a thing back in a day. Of course, massive social tendencies and unwritten rules of behavior have always existed, as well as ubiquitous tendencies in art and culture. However, the term itself has become widespread not so long ago – less than 50 years, and it was used mostly in terms of economics. Therefore, the usage of this terminology is quite a fresh trend (eh, can you notice the irony?).

But let’s get back to the recent dating trends. Last twenty to thirty years have changed a lot. The most obvious reason for those drastic changes is the appearance and popularization of the Internet. Clearly, nobody can nowadays image life without the World Wide Web. Westerners and Asian peoples, in particular, have become somewhat addicted to the benefits of online communication. Nonetheless, we are here not to judge people for their obsessions but to explain to you how the dating scene has changed in recent years. This information will be useful to both millennials and 40-something men and women. So, let’s look at those trends and try not to judge the book by its cover.

Internet acquaintances. In the early 90s, online dating was quite a novelty and people didn’t feel comfortable about it. Why would you ever believe that your interlocutor is real and authentic if there’s no possibility to actually see each other in the flesh? Much has changed since that time, and in recent years people have become more willing to meet their significant others on the Internet. In fact, in 2016, a great share of couples in the USA was brought together by dating applications and services. In the end, it’s not that bad that if people have found a radically new way to meet each other and come together (even though this method might seem a bit unreliable at some point).

Personal information’s accessibility. With the appearance of the Internet and social networks as Facebook and Twitter, in particular, it has become much harder to protect your personal information. You see, when you post something, you make it automatically accessible for your friends and strangers. It means that if someone would want to literally google you out, he or she would have no troubles with that (in case if you leave your personal profiles universally accessible). But there’s also a bright side: You can easily find information about your potential partner and, therefore, make up your mind about the perspectives for your partnership. You know how they say, “Information is the most powerful weapon of all.”

Romance is dead. Well, it isn’t dead in its entirety. Nevertheless, the necessity of romantic gestures has been revalued and, as a result, devaluated. You might admit that pop-culture dictated that romantic relationships do not exist without candlelit dinners, huge bouquets, romantic getaways, and other stereotypical acts of affection. The thing is, all these beautiful actions find its place on the pages of cheesy novels and in romantic comedies, while real-life occasion request less than nothing in terms of demonstration of your affections. Funny how some couples believe it’s enough to edit their relationship status on their Facebook profiles to build strong and healthy relationships.

The fear of commitment. You shouldn’t think that we are trying to agitate you to get committed right after you fall for somebody. Oh Lord, no! Commitment, marriage, living together, and other important steps should be treated with patience and thoughtfulness, obviously. However, the modern community does its best to hide the omnipresent fear of commitment under the disguise of social rebellion. Adolescents and young adults often admit that marriage is just another institution created to enslave people and force them to live in the conditions they don’t choose. And while some of those ‘revolutionists’ actually think so, others use this explanation to hide their relentless fear of commitment.

Remarkable mobility. Let’s get back to what the Internet has come along with. Imagine that a young man from Great Britain decides to send his beloved woman a heartwarming letter in a beautiful envelope. And she lives in France. And it’s 1852. She reads this exceedingly important letter in a month or two when her potential husband has already been brutally murdered by tuberculosis. It won’t happen to you in 2017. Instant messages are delivered right after you hit ‘SEND’ button and – voila! – your love interest is now aware of your feelings. However, mobility has its drawbacks. People often start relationships too fast, and instead of learning each other they just wear rose-tinted glasses and enjoy the moment. You decide whether it’s good or bad but knowing your life partner is necessary.

Emancipation. Hey, you! Yes, you, the ladies’ man that managed to pick up five chicks last week! Your time has come to change your vectors. The 21st century is indeed the most fruitful époque in terms of human rights, especially if it comes to women. Girls are no longer marriage material only. Fortunately, female rights are now equal to men’s rights (in the Western world, at least). It has drastically changed the way girls see dating and which roles they prefer to play. Without doubts, it makes wooing much more time-consuming. But it also means that you get an educated, self-confident, and reliable life partner instead of a gold-digger or a girl forced to spend her time with you because your families decided so. Isn’t that beautiful?

New forms of partnerships. It wouldn’t be right to say that polyamorous relationships are a novelty. No, this concept has existed alongside standard monogamous partnerships ever since the beginning. However, the modern era brought responsible non-monogamy to the surface, normalized it, and even gave it a fresh touch. In the end, you can design your intimate relationships in the way want with the consent of all partners. Some old-fashioned people might say that it’s not normal but that’s just another opinion (so as yours).

Girls for Dummies: What a Girl Actually Needs?

When it comes to dating and relationships, people often assume that we all look for the same – marriage, having a family and children, a cozy apartment etc. However, people are not the same, especially when it comes to gender differences. We are not going to objectify any gender roles or stereotypes, for sure. But men often understand girls in the wrong way, and these misconceptions are as old as the Universe itself. What are girls really attracted to? Are they really that fragile? Do they look for supporters? Let’s find out!

First, let’s once and for all state that most girls don’t look for providers of any kind, especially in the modern world. The emancipation and liberation have taken their turns and women now have more rights than ever before. Without doubts, it drastically affected the way they see the world and, of course, changed the way they position themselves. Females are no longer dependent on their husbands. Therefore, we exclude financial supporters and providers from this list in prior. Of course, you might support your family and wife while she’s pregnant or fully occupied by nursing children, but that’s more of a circumstance than a choice. If you’re in a relationship with a woman who’s only interest is to find a supporter, you should better get rid of such a horrific partnership.

Now let’s move on to some basic constituents of relationships that men often overlook:

Emotional attachment. It would be an exaggeration to say that females are emotionally less stable than men are. Interestingly, women are usually capable of handling bigger shocks and stresses. Being hysterical and overly expressive is just the way of releasing nervousness and anxiety. However, just as every human being, even the strongest females every now and then require some emotional support. Be kind and understanding, don’t hesitate to comfort her or help her release the stress. In the end, the modern era is filled with anxiety-provoking occasions.

Same interests. If you think that cheating is the most frequent reason for a breakup, you are totally wrong. In most cases, ex-partners eventually find out that they move in totally different directions (or just don’t move in any of those). Yes, it’s not always possible to understand whether you are moving towards similar aims or not in the beginning of your relationship. But it’s possible in the course of time (and the sooner you get it, the less painful will your breakup be if happens so). It’s exceedingly important for a woman to be on the same page with her partner; some females ever prefer to date guys they don’t like in general just because they have similar interests and aims in life (which includes but not limited to marriage and having children).

Proper sex life. Oh my, why would we even discuss that? You might admit that some couples somehow manage to build strong relationships without paying too much attention to the sexual sector of their life. Such couples should better be referred to as exclusions from the general rule. Likewise, you may admit that women are less interested in sex than men are. And oh Lord, how wrong such statement would be. The society throughout the centuries has proclaimed that it’s not all right for females to talk openly about their sexual interests and behavior (while talking about, discussing, and even boasting about sex is totally fine for men, admit it). Therefore, some girls still prefer to hide their dissatisfaction, ideas, minor perversions, and overall interests.

Appropriate communication. While being arguably the most significant constituent of a healthy relationship, communication, unfortunately, is often overlooked or underappreciated. The problem with communication between partners often stems from the lack of understanding and, what’s more essential, respect. If you assume that short and cold phrases and situational “kind” gestures are quite enough to form the body of your communication, you have indeed never been in a healthy and solid partnership. Pay attention to both what you say and how you do it. Suddenly, you may find yourself in a toxic relationship where both of you have lost any interest in speaking and spending time with each other but are too afraid to initiate a breakup.

Now that you have learned more about how women see a perfect partnership, you should also learn how they see a perfect partner. It does not mean that you should read this list and adapt your personality to it; we create it so that you can figure out which of your peculiarities are the most attractive to women so that you can focus her attention on those characteristics to win her heart easily.


As we have already mentioned, these days females are able to provide themselves and, therefore, no longer crave men’s support. Nonetheless, just like every socialized person in this world, your potential girlfriend would feel more comfortable if she felt that she could rely on you in every sphere of life, starting from essentials and up to her life. It’s highly possible that you will never have to actually deal with this responsibility, but she should be 100% sure that she can count on you.

Good sense of humor

It’s not only about your ability to crack a good joke or to prefer good comedies to crappy parodies. A developed sense of humor is a type of attitude: In particular, a guy with this feature in his character is able to be self-ironic. It’s much simpler for him to conquer new heights – because it always means that you need to fall to get higher. In addition, girls love a good laughter.


Is there any need to explain why smart guys are better than others? In the end, if it’s not a summer fling, most of us try to build long-lasting relationships, which means that you will have to deal with numerous different life troubles hand in hand. Young girls may at times prefer bad boys to smart and decent guys, but this temporal interest tends to vanish in their mid-20s. Needless to say why it’s much simpler to build a solid partnership with an intelligent man.

Clever Recommendations to End Up a Relationship

Not every love lives eternally. Unfortunately, we sometimes have to face the miserable occasion of a breakup. It’s never easy and it will never be. To make things worse, most people are not able to treat this situation with a straight face and react rather hysterically. We are going to discuss some of the most troublesome constituents of a breakup and give you some recommendations to ease the process. But before, let’s point out the indicators of an upcoming breakup.

5 Signs that Your Relationship is Over

Your communication does not work. By far, the communication inside of your partnership is the most important part of its development. If you have become foes and not allies, you are indeed doing something wrong.

Your sex life is a mess. Sex is yet another significant constituent of a healthy relationship. It’s never about frequency but about the quality of your sexual intercourses. Don’t treat it as something excessive!

You don’t see your future together anymore. Just imagine the most idyllic future you ever thought about. Can you see your current partner beside you? If not, you should better leave it as soon as possible.

You started thinking about other people again. When our relationships work as an oiled mechanism and we are totally consumed by our partners, we don’t think about other people in any other way.

You are constantly fighting. Compromising and making a way to a mutually comfortable decision is a sure sign of successful relationships (while the opposite is an indicator of an inevitable end).

Obviously, if you can relate to some (or all) of the aforementioned indicators, your relationship has totally burned out from the inside. Of course, there’s always a point of no return – you will fill it coming. But until then, you can actually change something about your partnership to make it work. And that’s when we are coming closer to basic preparations to a breakup process.

How to Prepare for a Breakup

Yes, as we have already mentioned, breaking up is never easy. However, if you make up some preparations, it can go as easy as possible. Here are some basic recommendations and preparation measurements:

Understand yourself. Long before you initiate this important conversation, you should understand if you are really eager to end this relationship up. Many couples broke up before a serious argument (yeah, much ado about nothing in most cases) without even realizing that what they had been much more important that the topic of the argument. If it’s your case, sit down, relax, and try to understand if you are actually ready to leave her. Don’t rush, in particular.

Point out the main reason. When it comes to a breakup, people always seek the most harmless approach – we often love to our significant others to lessen the bitterness. Don’t! Find the best explanation of your decision and tell as it is. Such catchphrases as “we are ruining each other’s lives” or “we would be better off as two” or “I don’t deserve you” or “it’s not you, it’s me” have literally zero meaning and may only harm your partner more than the bitter yet sincere truth.

Choose time and place wisely. Just imagine how disappointing and humiliating it is to be dumped in front of a crowd! Yeah, it’s quite a grievous situation. Likewise, you would not want to add a breakup to the list of misfortunes you have experienced throughout the day. Therefore, it’s essential to choose time and place for this unusual thing. We cannot recommend the perfect circumstances for your particular case as it’s quite subjective. But staying inside your house, far away from other people’s eyes and ears, might work nicely.

Do it in person. Well, in most cases, it’s the only possible way. Be ready that you will have to face a prolonged conversation and discuss every uncomfortable moment related to your relationship. Unfortunately, the modern era has come accompanied by such horrific ways of breaking up as messaging and phone calls. In such cases, it seems like your partnership never actually meant anything to you or your partner. To avoid this unintentional cruelty, you should better initiate a conversation in person. Nonetheless, you should be ready that…

The emotions are going to burst. Luckily, you are now aware of it. Obviously, some girls go through this depressive process with honor and calmness. But hey, not more than 20% of females are that strong. Being emotional is absolutely okay in case of a breakup (especially if there were no signs of trouble). So take it like a real man, try your best to comfort your ex-girlfriend and make her feel less offended. In the end, you are the one who initiated the entire thing, so take responsivity.

Bonus! Nontrivial Ways to End a Relationship.

That’s what you have been waiting for! We know that for sure.

Act femininely. Like, yeah. We know you are a manly man. However, it’s not a big deal to imitate feminine traits for certain time. Act hysterically, scream and preach all the time, make a big deal out of literally everything – starting from her looks and up to what she said during her sleep (you can make it up with a little bit of creativity). Cry and listen to early songs by Mariah Carey.

Compare her to your mother. Such phrases as “my mother would cook lasagna better” and “my mother’s stitches are more even” would drive her insane momentarily. Make her believe that there’s only one perfect woman on your mind – and it’s your mother.

Start destroying everything she loves. She obviously has a favorite plant and the dress she thinks she looks best in – and freaking destroy those. She will dump you much sooner than you imagine.

Say she got fatter. It kills her feelings immediately, even if it’s 100% true. Just say it aloud to make her think you are a total douchebag. And no one wants to be with such an individual.

What Kind of Sex Do Russian Women Like?

The sexual revolution in Russia happened considerably later than in the Western countries the Soviet Union official ideology. But do Russian women like sex? Yes! What a relief. Millions of men all around the globe wonder how it feels like to have sex with Russian women. There are many rumours about these nation and their women. Like all Russians can’t live without vodka, or they allegedly make out in the woods with bears hanging around and balalaika soundtracks, or there is always winter in that country. In this article, we want to break the myths and tell you what to do with a Russian woman in bad to keep her satisfied.
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Pros and Cons of Russian Wives

Romance with a Russian woman can be intriguing and fascinating. They are able to make many men go crazy around the globe.

Once you saw photos of online Russian wives, you can hardly resist dreaming of their enthralling beauty day and night. They may seem just too perfect to be true! But they are real. They are a mix of reality and dreams blended together.

We chose some pros and cons to help you figure if you want to win the heart of your Russian cutie.

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