How to Know If Russian Girl Likes You?

Every time you fall in love with someone, you want to know whether your feelings are reciprocal. But women are mysterious creatures and it’s very difficult to figure out what is on their minds. Probably, every guy would like to have a supernatural ability to read women’s minds. The good news is that you don’t have to be a wizard to understand whether your date is also romantically interested in you. The tools you’ll need for it are your attention, observation, and the ability to decipher body language. It’s pretty easy to see how your Russian date feels about you during a conversation. The way she talks, moves, and reacts to your words and actions will speak volumes for her attitude to you. Even if she wants to hide her true feelings for you (and she’ll try to, naturally), her body and gestures will give her away. You may wonder, “How can one understand that a Russian girl is interested in him if they’re communicating only online so far?” That’s a good question. There are a number of signs that indicate the level of her interest in you. Here are some tips on how to figure out, both online and offline, whether a Russian woman likes you.

1. She replies promptly.

One of the signs that a woman finds you interesting is her willingness to communicate with you. If she didn’t get interested in you, she will either ignore your messages or reluctantly answer in short phrases. And vice versa, if she fell for you, she’ll write full sentences and her replies won’t keep you waiting.

2. She is open with you.

If russian girl likes you, she’ll want to tell you more about herself. You should share approximately the same amount of information. If you open up to her, she is supposed to do the same. And she will if she feels the connection. She’ll tell you about her family, interests, and share her plans and aspirations.

3. She demonstrates her interest in you.

You can understand that your interest is reciprocal judging from the way you interact. It should be a two-way street and if you are the only one who asks questions during your conversations, it means she is not that into you to want to get to know you better. And on the contrary, if you ask her about some aspect of her life, russian lady eagerly answers, and returns the question – she wants to learn more about. This is one of the signs she likes you.

4. She looks for alternatives rather than rejects your initiatives.

If you really want something, you’ll look for opportunities to do it or achieve it. If you’re not interested in that thing, you’ll find excuses. This pattern can be applied to the way you communicate with Russian girls. If you invite her to chat and she says she can’t make it but offers to get in touch later, she is interested in further communication with you and the odds are she really likes you.

5. She laughs at all your jokes.

When you talk via Skype or meet in person, you have an opportunity to watch her reactions and analyze her behavior that will tell much about her attitude towards you. The first thing that gives girl’s feelings away is her laughter. If you manage to make a Russian woman laugh, relax – you melted her heart. If a girl likes you, she’ll laugh even if your joke wasn’t brilliant.

6. She cuts the distance between you.

There is even a separate branch of knowledge called proxemics that studies the amount of space people set between themselves and others. We try to keep distance while talking with strangers or people we don’t like very much. Once we establish a certain level of trust, we begin to cut the distance. The same is with Russian women. If your date sits or stands close to you, it means she trusts you and has feelings for you. There is a small test that will help you understand whether you’re allowed into her personal zone. Make a step forward and if she doesn’t make a step back, she is OK with that closeness.

7. She accidentally touches you.

When you are attracted to someone, you want to touch that person because you subconsciously understand physical contact will help you express your feelings. If a Russian girl is attracted to you, she’ll find an excuse to touch you. Your elbows may meet as you walk or she may touch your watch or a button on a jacket as you talk.

8. She looks you in the eyes in a mysterious way.

If a woman is struck by love, look her in the eyes and you’ll understand it. Usually, women don’t have any problems with maintaining eye contact (unlike men) and when they’re in love, they stare in a special way.

9. She mimics your gestures.

Our body language is often more eloquent than our speeches. Watch the moves and posture of your date. If she’s romantically interested in you, she’ll mirror your positions and gestures.

10. She adjusts her hair and clothes.

If a woman is in love, she’ll try to look her best to impress a man. If your Russian girl shows up in a gorgeous dress, with a perfect makeup, hairstyle, and elegant accessories, this is all for you.

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