How to find the best Ukrainian dating site

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There are hundreds of Ukrainian online dating sites, but how to choose exactly what you need? First of all, ask yourself three questions: How does it work? How much does it cost? Is there any feedback on the Internet? Finding a site is not a problem while determining what kind of site is right for you can be tricky.

With so many beauties on the internet, finding a proper Ukrainian dating website is quite a task.

How does it work?

Many dating websites in Ukraine can use different matching algorithms and use different pieces of information about you. Some of them require an essay-like description of yourselves, while others are more simple in this regard. Before you complete your profile, be sure to do some research. For example, not all men know their character type.
Dating sites in Ukraine can also embed different features, such as video chat, games, gifts for your woman, tours to her country, translation services, audio calls, identity verification, etc. Such tools are important to establish communication. Knowing how much money you are willing to spend is important, which leads us to the subscription costs.

How much does it cost?

As a rule, signup is free on a Ukrainian dating site and thus, you can sign up, browse through any women up to your liking. Correspondence is not, though. Features like video chats can only be used by Golden or Platinum subscribers. Generally, there are three subscription packages: Standard, Golden, and Platinum. Deciding on what type of service you need can save you a few dollars. Having researched dozens of sites, the common services hierarchy is the following:

Standard is a basic subscription without additional features.

Golden subscription includes the benefits of the Standard one and allows you communicating without limits and with any members via video, audio chats. It disables advertisements.
Platinum is golden plus standard with promotion features and few important functionalities like refined matching algorithms and translation functions.

These features can vary, but the general tendency is very much as described.


Knowing customer reviews is important when you are eager to date Ukrainian women. Some places have either no or barely English speaking ladies. Knowing such peculiarities in advance can save you some time. Another key thing is knowing whether signing up via facebook, vk or any other credited social networks is possible. Such procedures lower the chances of encountering a scam.

From there, just read the feedback. Your experience may vary depending on your approach. Ukrainian dating sites are vast and if you seek you’ll find what you need (provided you use our tips 😉

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