How to Find a Real Russian Bride

Russian brides are rather popular among foreigners. Not that each Russian girls dreaming of a foreign prince, but a great number of them is. The reasons are different but the aim is one – they are looking for a happy life with a beloved person.


It may seem the answer is obvious, as you should find a Russian bride in Russia. However, that is not quite true. You may find a real Russian bride within one of the post-Soviet Union countries, for example. Dating websites offer you a long list of Russian girls for marriage from all over the world. You may be even lucky to find the on in US. For instance, suggests it users to fill the search form, where you can mention all the features you want your bride to have and the way you want her to look like. You may specify everything you want, beginning with the age, religion and up to eyes color of your Russian brides online. Simply create the profile at one of these dating websites and start you search in order to marry a Russian woman. Some websites, such as offer useful filters, so that you can narrow your search.

Some websites led to dates and relationships, while others led to marriages. If the marriage with a Russian girl is your intention, then you should go and check russian brides, romancecompass or ru-brides websites. Or check any other site to find online Russian brides. This is where you can find beautiful and loving single Russian women for marriage, looking forward to the right man, like you. Follow our tips and find Russian girls for marriage.


If you want to find real Russian bride, you should be aware of all the possible scammers on online dating sites. This information can keep you safe, so try to keep it in mind before throwing a great amount of money on a fake girl Russian bride online.

Do not allow scammers to take advantage of your desire to start a happy life with a Russian bride. They usually play on your triggers forcing you to send money and gifts for fake young ladies via fake dating company.
Thus, if the fake Russian girl for marriage uses the wrong name while chatting with you, it may be a sign of a scammer working here. There are other warning signs that may help you to get to know whether you are dating a real person or not. Be careful if your intentions are serious and you want to marry a Russian lady.
Make sure that the information you hear from your Russian lady coincides the information mentioned in her profile or in social networks. By the way, it should get your attention if her page on the social network was created a few months ago only.

Keep in mind that if you do not send money to the scammers right away their messages become even more desperate. They won’t leave you that easy.


Being aware of some possible scams, it will be easier to make sure you communicating with the real person. Now, if everything is all right, you should start dating you Russian bride, so that over some time, she may become your Russian wife and make you happy.

Imagine you saw a Russian lady in a gallery, provided by your dating website, and you really like her. How would you start the conversation? Of course, you may start it with “Hi” but you will have the same boring response if you will get the response at all.

Well, let’s think of something more creative than “Hi”. Look through her profile carefully. Pick a thing there and make fun of it. First of all, it will tell her that you actually have a great sense of humor, which is an important criterion for Russian women. For addition, it is always great to start relationships with something positive. Just make sure you are not over acting. We don’t want to offend her, right?

Break the ice! It may be scaring and difficult, especially with Russian women. It’s sort of like falling down as soon as you walk into a party: It’s scary for a second but breaks the ice immediately. Show her that you do not take yourself too seriously and ask something as silly as “Dear, where have you been?” She has to respond such an extraordinary introduction.


Once you broke the ice, you need to keep her interested. So, how to make your Russian girl fall in love with you? Actually, it is not so difficult as it seems to be. You are a foreigner and you will be 100% interested in her, as long as you are attentive and listen to all her stories (or read all her stories and respond correctly). But if you feel it is time for you to make something great for her, you need to come up with a plan in advance.

The easiest, and probably, the most unexpected and romantic idea it to visit you, Russian girl. This will become a great experience for both of you. You will get the opportunity to get to know each other better. Besides, it’s a chance to go deep into a new country and a new culture for you. It even may help you to understand your future bride better.

Another important thing is you should be able to impress her in her city and look confident while doing it. Try something romantic. Arrange a date most Russian men cannot afford to arrange. Try ballooning, for example. This will 100% make a Russian lady feel unique. And she will easily fall in love with a man like you!

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