How to Date a Curvy Girl: Ideas & Tips

curvy dating

Glossy magazines try to convince people that thin girls are the standard of beauty. Many representatives of the stronger sex think exactly so. But is it right? In this article, we will prove that curvy girls are the best. Also, we will reveal secrets of how to date them.

How to meet a curvy girl

Stereotypes of the recent time have put on a pedestal a long-legged slender girl making her an example of sex appeal. However, numerous studies of masculine preferences prove: curvy girls cause a much more sexual desire in the majority of men.

On the Internet

These girls often get acquainted through the Internet because it is one of the most popular means of communication. Here you can get acquainted with a real girl and immediately learn all the information about her you are interested in. So, you can visit some curvy dating site and find your love there. This is the simplest way that doesn’t require any extra efforts. It is enough to fill out a profile correctly and upload some beautiful photos. Nevertheless, there is some specificity. Often there are girls who can’t get acquainted in real life. This is due either to an unattractive appearance or to strangeness in character and behavior. This way of acquaintance requires a lot of free time, as well as patience: it may take a long time to find good curvy women on a dating site. But you will surely manage to do it.

curvy online datingVarious group classes, master classes, trainings

There are a lot of girls and you can meet curvy girls there. So you can take part in any courses you like. In order not to spend money, you can attend free public classes and try to get acquainted there. Young ladies over 25 like classical dance lessons. So if there are no partners, they often look for a partner on the sites of dance schools or on forums. You can try your luck there and find a nice partner, for example, for tango courses.

Fitness clubs

Yes, yes, don’t be surprised. If a girl is curvy, this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like fitness. You just have to come up to a girl you like and offer your help or start with a compliment that she has a very beautiful body. The main secret is that your attention shouldn’t be intrusive.

Shops, supermarkets

Girls always have a desire to help others. So you can safely use it. If it is about a clothing store, you can ask for advice whether this or that outfit suits you. In the grocery supermarket, you can ask a girl whether a particular product is of good quality because you are not so good at it. Girls rarely refuse to help.

Mass events, festivals, sports matches

People usually have a good mood at public events. They come to rest and happily communicate with casual strangers. In this situation, you can meet curvy women, start a conversation, and invite a nice girl to participate in the contest. People willingly communicate and your acquaintance can be moved to a quieter place after some event.

On the street

It is not necessary to choose some special place in order to get acquainted with a beautiful girl. Sometimes it’s enough just to leave your house and look around. It is better to get acquainted on the central streets of the city, squares, parks, places where people come just to take a walk and get some fresh air. There is an opinion that girls are negative about acquaintances on the street and it is impossible to find curvy women for dating there. In fact, this is not so. Most girls absolutely don’t mind getting acquainted with men who approach them in public. If you are positive and confident, girls will surely talk with you for a few minutes, agree to a date and give their phone numbers.

Why are curvy girls the best?

They have no problem with the birth of children

Of course, every man cares about procreation. This is very important for all of them. And subconsciously a man perceives the wide hips and fat deposits on the abdomen as female health and fertility. Looking at a skinny model with narrow hips, many men can’t imagine how she can bear and deliver a child. In addition, debilitating diets deprive the organism of a very important hormone — estrogen.

curvy girls datingThey have attractive shapes

It’s no secret that men like big breast and nice hips. Skinny girls often don’t have such parameters while curvy women look very attractive.

They are very feminine

A woman of XS size is perceived as a teenager by many men. They want to have real women in every sense of the word, not a child.

They are cheerful

Indeed, curvy girls often look cheerful and happy and radiate positive. Men are usually attracted to such women. And thin women usually have an extinct look; there is a feeling that they are angry and unsatisfied all the time.

They cook well

Women whose home has the smell of pies and meatballs will always win those who chew salads. Men should perceive them as excellent housewives. You will never be hungry with such woman. Only a woman who appreciates good food can prepare delicious dishes.

They are careful and loving

A very interesting reason that men can’t even explain the words “Well, it’s just so warm, nice and cozy near her”. While thin girls, on the contrary, cause an association with the cold and hardness.

They are kind

Men are sure that curvy girls are kinder, caring, with a rich inner world. It is always sensible and pleasant to spend time with such a woman, and thin girls are not “filled” with anything.

They are sexy

The absolute majority of men consider women with big forms sexier and more seductive.

How to date a curvy girl: 10 great ideas and pieces of advice

Every man should know how to date curvy women. This is very important because wrong behavior can destroy even the most perfect relationship. That is why let’s talk about how to behave while dating curvy girls in order to enjoy relationships instead of endlessly fight and think about how you can keep love.

curvy women dating site1. You need to decide whether you really need this relationship

In order a relationship to be long and lasting, you should really love a person next to you. In this case, you will not need to wear a mask and play. You have to behave naturally in a relationship with a girl. It is always pleasant and easy to communicate with a man who doesn’t pretend to be someone else and such dating is very important for curvy women.

2. Respect a girlfriend

This is much more important than love and other criteria. After all, if a man disappears without explanation, quarrels with a lady, disgraces her and so on, then there just no love between lovers. So, if you look for curvy girls for dating, you have to remember it.

3. Show your care

Dating curvy girls, remember that this should manifest itself in absolutely all matters. Try to behave in a relationship with a girl carefully and protect her from all the troubles and problems.

4. Try to demonstrate your confidence in absolutely all matters

Dating a curvy girl, show your confidence in solving most of the issues. But it is necessary to express your opinion with calmness. Be able to say the word “no”. If you have a date, designate the exact place and time of the meeting. But don’t forget about compromises. Otherwise, you will look like a banal stubborn man.

5. Don’t forget to surprise a girl

Come up with original places for meetings and dates when you try to find a curvy girl for dating. For example, you can arrange a romantic date in an old and abandoned house, from which you can see amazing panoramas of the night city. You can also invite a girl to some amazing excursion, for example, to the marvelous ancient fortress.

6. Make her happy

Dating a curvy girl, take care of her as she is the most precious thing in your life, give her advice, and protect her. But don’t overdo because a girl can start using it. She should appreciate you for this even more. By the way, the first signal that a girl is accustomed to gifts is if she stops saying “thank you”.

7. Show yourself

It doesn’t matter how much money you have, it doesn’t matter how you look and what your physical form is because the most important thing is that you can show it all to a girl. This is not an easy task but you still need to try to show yourself so that she admires you. But you need to show responsibility and optimism dating curvy women. Remember that your further relationship will depend on how you behave with a girl. So never stop at what has been achieved.

curvy women dating8. Look for details for which you can praise her with all your heart

If you sincerely praise a lady, she will remember this very long and will remember it associating you with pleasant emotions. Praise from the heart is the most important thing for every person. When you walk down the street, it doesn’t matter to people who you are and where you’re going. They only have thoughts like “What does he/she think of me?” And the most pleasant thing for a curvy woman is a frank compliment from the bottom of your heart.

9. Listen to what she says (and remember)

One simple and true way to show your girlfriend that you respect and appreciate her is just let her know that you listen to her when she speaks. It is not difficult to do showing yourself as an attentive listener and expressing interest in the conversation, as well as expressing your own opinion about those things she says, and, of course, remembering what she says.

10. Let her feel that she is special

Your girlfriend is definitely important to you, so let her know about it. If you are not busy with any activity during your date, tell (and show) your girlfriend what she really means for you. Everything else is just fun entertainment and adventure. The time spent together is nothing more than just a way of expressing this truth. Don’t forget that all kinds of dates mean a lot for curvy women. So, remind your girlfriend that she is the best.

Sum up

There are men who adore curvy girls. Previously, the owners of magnificent figures had an increased demand. But then the media intervened and distorted the whole idea of the curvy ladies. Of course, appearance is appearance but it is not enough to create a happy family. No matter how beautiful a girl is, her character plays a decisive role. A beautiful wrapper can hide a black soul. Therefore, always look deeper.

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