Dating a Shy Girl: General Advice


With the vast majority of girls being overly emancipated, thus without any fear of expressing their emotions and desires, a lot of men dream about dating a shy woman. Shy girls remain quite mysterious and desirable objects for the vast majority of men. One can say that in the age of reigning feminism, a man just strives for dating a quiet girl, but we do know that the case is much deeper.

Unfortunately, the enigma of shy girls leads to one inevitable problem: dating shy girls requires knowledge of certain rules. That’s why, without further ado, we would like you to check out the top tips on a first date with a shy girl.

Tips for a First Date with a Shy Girl

1. Approach her carefully

Dating is quite hard for shy girls. So, don’t go into asking her out straight away, that’s the first rule of shy girl dating. Start by simply saying ‘hi’ to her on a regular basis. Every time you pass her by, try to make an eye contact with her. But don’t do it in a creepy way, as it can easily scare her off. Whenever you greet her, use her name. It will be a proof that you know her and she’s not just a face in the crowd for you.shy-girl-1

2. Learn more about her

Social networks will be a great help if you want to learn a little bit more about your shy crash. Shy girls are not that talkative, so you need to learn something about her beforehand. But don’t bring it up out of nowhere, as it can be really creepy. She may think that you are spying on her, and that’s not the best way to impress a shy girl.

3. One-on-one conversations only

If you want to date a shy girl, you need to learn that one-on-one conversation is the best way to make her talk a little bit more than usual. So, there’s no point in confronting her and asking for a date in front of a big crowd as she may consider your action as making fun of her.

4. Keep your conversation brief

The vast majority of shy people think that they are not that good at keeping up conversations thus you need to keep your talks brief. So, instead of trying to drag some words out of your shy girl, that to her feels as being gripped in a vice and twisted around, end the conversation by saying how it was good talking to her.

5. Ask her out simply

If your conversations are getting longer and longer, it’s the best time to ask her out for a date in the simplest way: Would you like to go on a date with me?

6. Planning a date

You need to plan ahead, that’s how to date a shy woman. You can’t ask a shy girl out on a date out of the blue, as she will most likely find an excuse to avoid a date. You must already know when she’s free and when she’s not, so you know the perfect time for a date.

7. Fun dates do the best

Although she’s a shy girl, it doesn’t mean that you need a puritan and conservative date. Have some fun. Go for a bike ride or something like this. Fun dates will make her open up more to you thus giving the green light to your future relationships.

How to Have a Relationship with a Shy Girl

Dating a shy girl is much simpler than asking her out. Basically, you need to learn some simple rules listed above to know how to date a shy girl. Below are some tips on how to develop a relationship with a timid girl.

1. Understand why she is shy

Simply, get ready to get to know her better. There are so many reasons why people are shy, and you must be open to any of those reasons if you want to date a shy girl. So, basically, be open to anything.

2. Make her comfortable with youdating

If you want a long-lasting relationship with a shy girl, you must make her comfortable with you. The best way is to show that you’re funny. If you will be funny she will forget that she is shy and will be open with you all the time. However, you mustn’t overdo it because being funny in a goofy way is not the best way to make her comfortable with you. Though, in certain cases, showing that you’re the biggest goofball among you two will free her from her shyness.

3. Don’t point out her shyness

Never try to make fun of her being shy. She doesn’t talk too much with other people – just accept it, don’t try to focus on it. Shy people are often pointed at all the time for being shy. If you want to build a successful relationship with a shy girl, you must show her that you’re comfortable with her being shy and not talking too much. Remember, you fell for her because she was shy, so there’s no point in complaining about her being that way.

4. Get ready for one-on-one activities

Shy people rarely go out. And there’s no point in blaming them for that. They feel uncomfortable in crowded places. They feel like suffocating when they’re in the center of attention. That’s why they mainly lead a quite reclusive way of life. If you want to be with a shy girl, get ready that the majority of your activities will require only two of you. And if you’ll take your girl to the party, don’t be surprised when she will try her best to stay unnoticed.

5. A shy girl needs time to be alone

Last but not the least. Shy people are mainly introverted, so get ready that from time to time, she will require time to be on her own. This is the rule you must just accept if you want to date a shy girl.

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