Dating a Shy Girl: General Advice


With the vast majority of girls being overly emancipated, thus without any fear of expressing their emotions and desires, a lot of men dream about dating a shy woman. Shy girls remain quite mysterious and desirable objects for the vast majority of men. One can say that in the age of reigning feminism, a man just strives for dating a quiet girl, but we do know that the case is much deeper.

Unfortunately, the enigma of shy girls leads to one inevitable problem: dating shy girls requires knowledge of certain rules. That’s why, without further ado, we would like you to check out the top tips on a first date with a shy girl. Continue reading

How to Pick Up a Russian Girl

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The discussions on how to pick up a Russian girl have become even more popular recently. You must have heard about various pickup artists’ forums, books, and even workshops, promising to teach you the craft. Considering all the methods we have come up with a few ideas that may be useful for you. Here is our mini guide on this matter.
Let’s be honest, most men have no idea how to pick up a girl, not saying about a Russian one. The very first mistake is saying compliments. Do not use the phrases like “You look fabulous. May I ask your name?” The more compliments, the further is your Russian girl.
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What to talk about with a Russian girl?

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There are lots of guys, who don’t know what to talk about with a Russian girl to make her like them, make each other’s acquaintance and have some time together. As a matter of fact, starting a conversation is paramount and then, talking will come easier and more fluent. That is the reason why you need to define what can begin your conversation at the date with a Russian girl in order to astonish, attract and seduce her.

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