Why Do Beautiful Russian Girls Want to Marry Foreign Men?


Many Russian girls dream about marrying a foreigner. Why? Foreigners always look attractive to them and girls always think that somewhere life is better, brighter, and more interesting than theirs. They want a stable future and confidence for themselves and their children. They want sincere, honest relationships based on love, trust, and loyalty. These are not all the reasons. The rest will be considered below. Continue reading

Typical Dreams of a Russian Woman


Women are truly mysterious creatures. Now they are cheerful and enjoying life, at another moment they burst into tears and hate everything around them. Millions of men all over the world try to solve the puzzle and make their sweethearts the happiest women in the world. They give terrific presents; they become perfect lovers, loving and wise fathers, or reliable breadwinners. However, not all of them succeed. Thus, they begin seeking a woman from another culture believing the problem is in a local mentality. Unfortunately, everything is not so easy. Continue reading

7 Reasons Why Russian Women Make Great Wives


Russian women differ from women of other nationalities. They are sincere, beautiful and make the best wives. Also, they are graceful and charming, have a calm soft look and a gentle voice, and they evoke the most pleasant emotions. Being in their company is pleasant and peaceful because they are patient listeners, delicate and interesting interlocutors who have a quick mind and don’t allow any rude statements in someone else’s address. Continue reading