The Ultimate Guide to Russian Women

how to meet a Russian woman

Russian women are considered very attractive, intelligent, and interesting females on the earth. Foreign men dream of having an affair with Russian beauties. Some of them even admit that a fleeting holiday romance is almost the most striking adventure in their lives. So, why are they so attractive and how to meet them? Let’s figure it out together!

I’m living in Russia for whole my life, so foreigner should know about cultural differences in relationship with russians if you don’t want to be disappointed after visiting Russia.


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Rusian Girls’ Dating Traditions

Russian dating

Days, months, and years go by, times change, but Western people continue to perceive dating in Russia as something strange and even mysterious. They cannot believe that modern Russian people have many in common with them, that nobody has a bear as a house pet and many myths have little to do with the truth. The big part of all the legends is just a fiction and another part is the already forgotten past. Some of these myths relate to Russian dating traditions. Continue reading

Hot Famous Russian Models


It’s not easy to get into the modeling business, and it’s even harder to become famous and popular. But some Slavic ladies managed to do this, successfully mastering this tough profession. The peculiar beauty and charm of these girls are known all over the world. The faces of Russian Instagram models won the hearts of millions of followers, and even the most famous designers and photographers dream of working with them; their incomes are simply unthinkable. Well, maybe Russian models are not the most highly paid ones in this business, but they make their presence in the global advertising market felt. Today, we’ll show you ten hot Russian models that conquered international podiums. Continue reading

Top 10 Russian Models in Bikini 2017


Any model, despite the neutral facial features, should have a certain set of qualities that distinguish her from other ladies, such as beautiful cheekbones, eyes, forehead, and expressive face oval. And Russian girls often have all of them at once. Every year Russian beauties debut in fashion shows. In this article, we collected ten most popular Slavic models of 2017. Enjoy these Russian beauties’ images. Continue reading

Why Do Beautiful Russian Girls Want to Marry Foreign Men?


Many Russian girls dream about marrying a foreigner. Why? Foreigners always look attractive to them and girls always think that somewhere life is better, brighter, and more interesting than theirs. They want a stable future and confidence for themselves and their children. They want sincere, honest relationships based on love, trust, and loyalty. These are not all the reasons. The rest will be considered below. Continue reading

Typical Dreams of a Russian Woman


Women are truly mysterious creatures. Now they are cheerful and enjoying life, at another moment they burst into tears and hate everything around them. Millions of men all over the world try to solve the puzzle and make their sweethearts the happiest women in the world. They give terrific presents; they become perfect lovers, loving and wise fathers, or reliable breadwinners. However, not all of them succeed. Thus, they begin seeking a woman from another culture believing the problem is in a local mentality. Unfortunately, everything is not so easy. Continue reading

7 Reasons Why Russian Women Make Great Wives


Russian women differ from women of other nationalities. They are sincere, beautiful and make the best wives. Also, they are graceful and charming, have a calm soft look and a gentle voice, and they evoke the most pleasant emotions. Being in their company is pleasant and peaceful because they are patient listeners, delicate and interesting interlocutors who have a quick mind and don’t allow any rude statements in someone else’s address. Continue reading

11 Reasons Why Russian Women Make Good Mothers


It seems like the phenomenon of Russian dating appeared simultaneously with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Western men got excited with the possibility to get acquainted with females from behind the Iron Curtain. The first reason for the then-rising interest in Russian ladies was rooted in the fact that little had been known about them at that time.

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oksana love

From clicking to having a love tour. is a great tool to meet your international love in person.

Let’s start with the fact that the website is easy and pleasant to use. The first thing you notice when enter their homepage is photo gallery. I believe this is a great and welcoming thing to put on the main page. It creates a desire to go on a trip with these ladies and find a true love there.

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Best Places for a Date with a Russian Woman

places for a date

People go out on dates to get to know each other and have fun. The venue of a date is extremely important and should be thought out carefully since the right location can make it and the wrong one can break it. Going out with a Russian girl for the first time, you might be at a loss to choose where to take her. Relax. Although you heard about cultural differences, when it comes to dating, romance, and building relationships, they are not so striking. Women all over the world have universal views on man-woman relationships, so if you’re not new to dating, you know how to behave towards women on dates. Continue reading review

Find Your Love Online

With the development of the Internet, dating websites have become the best place to meet your love. It is because millions of single people are united there. In the modern world, people work hard and young people do it much harder! It is considered that an online dating site is a salvation for modern people who are still alone. There are many reviews about from happy spouses who met each other through this dating site. Continue reading

Top 5 Russian Dating Sites

top russian dating sites

Have you ever heard about Russian or Slavic women? In fact, the general term “Russian dating” somehow tackles girls not only from Russia but also from other Eastern Slavic countries, especially from Ukraine. That is right the cultures as well as traditions and way of life is the same among these nations. Therefore, looking for a Russian girl be ready to come across a hot Ukrainian or kind Belorussian lady.
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Top 5 Russian Dating Sites with Real Girls & Brides


Have you ever wanted to find a decent Russian lady for serious relationships? In fact, the term “Russian dating” tackles girls not only from Russia but also from other Eastern Slavic countries, especially from Ukraine. Since the global visibility of Ukraine increases, women who live there become desirable marriage materials for foreigners.
If you have no idea of where to look for a Russian or Ukrainian wife, just try cyber dating – you will get access to a great many single girls without a need to go out of your home. Of course, knowing where exactly to search, you will succeed much sooner. Meet our top 5 online dating sites where single men from all around the world can meet their Slavic brides!
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Romance Compass Online Dating Site Complete Review

romance compass scam review

Romance Compass is an international online dating site where single men from all around the world meet Slavic ladies for romantic relationships. Primarily, this resource is intended for Ukrainian and Russian dating yet you can find here ladies who live in the nearby countries too.
Why is it worth your attention? In this quick review, we will analyze what makes stand out and what unique features are available there.

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Top 9 things Russian women will always like in men

russian girls

For centuries men from all over the world have tried to guess what is needed win women’s attention and admiration. It is clear that every lady has a lot of preferences, which apply to man’s appearance and psychological aspects of behavior. Their choices are affected by hundreds of factors. Sometimes even a woman herself can’t give a clear answer why she picked one man from others. However, there are some factors, a set of qualities which help a lady make her choice.
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What to Talk About With a Russian Girl: 10 Topics that Always Work

russian girl

Discover what’s on your Russian lover’s mind

Have you met an amazing Russian girl? Well, if not yet, let’s assume this has happened. So you chat to this lady via online dating services or arrange a date and wanna know how to start the conversation and keep her interested. I suggest you take a look at these 10 topics below. They aren’t just safe but help new mates to get to know each other in the beginning of a relationship.
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10 Pros and Cons of Having a Russian Wife

We gathered everything you have ever wanted to know

Male westerners often say “I want a Russian wife” but do they really understand what it’s like? Online dating is already a well-established norm but in a case with international marriages, the situation is not so clear. If you are about to use a Russian wife finder, there are many peculiarities to take into an account.
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7 Reasons Why Russian Girls Are So Beautiful

russian girl

Beauty, charm, sexuality, sensibility – they seem to possess everything. They make men love, tremble, dream, desire them. A lot of scientists spend many hours in vain to guess their secret trying to explain sexy Russian beauty using some scientific terms. But it’s impossible. Physiologically they are the same as other women. The real reason is a bit different. It is connected with the mentality, traditions and the lifestyle.
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How to Start a Successful Conversation on the First Date with Russian girl

russian girls

These days, thanks to different dating apps and sites, you can have five or more first dates a week. No matter on how many dates you’ve been, they are always a sort of step into the unknown. Even if you met online and corresponded for a while, meeting the girl in person is a totally different experience. Very often, nervousness prevents men from getting the most out of their first dates. They see a beautiful girl and their brains reject to function. As a result, awkward silence periodically sets in and both interlocutors feel uncomfortable. This is a terrible feeling when you don’t know what to ask or what to tell next. Many guys voice the first thought that springs to their minds and usually that is something weird. Probably the hardest part of a first date is the first five minutes because sometimes this time is usually enough to make a first impression. Everything matters here: the way you greet your date, how you compliment her, the way you behave, and of course, the first topic you introduce. Since a man is considered to be a leader in a conversation, you should be able to keep the ball rolling throughout the date. Women love with their ears and men’s communication skills matters to them.
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How To Know If Russian Girl Likes You


So, you made your choice and you want to stay with her the whole life? You fell in love with her? The only question here is whether she feels the same. How can you tell if the woman is also in love with you? In this article, we will explore signs and body language that women use to let their men know these things. Whether she is totally into you or believes she can do better, find out it to plan your next course of action. Here are some helpful tips.
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How to Find a Russian Bride

ukrainian brides

Russian bride is a magical pill for a foreigner who wants to be a gentleman and wants her mate to be a lady. The thing is that within feministic countries it is difficult to find a woman who will be okay if you will offer her to carry her heavy bags or if will hold the door for her. This may be interpreted in a wrong way. Foreign men know they should treat their women as equal ones.
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Slavic Women: Who Are They?

Clever Recommendations to End Up a Relationship

Reading the articles about Russian women you often come across the word-combination “Slavic girls”. This is a generic term that denotes Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian women.
Slavs (Slavic people) are an ethnic group members of which reside in eastern and southeastern Europe. There are three groups of Slavs – East Slavs, West Slavs, and South Slavs. Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians belong to East Slavs. So, in order to avoid any differentiations, the word “Slavic” is frequently used.
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Pros and Cons of Dating a Russian Girl

russian girls

Discover the whole truth in 10 steps

Typical Russian Girls Photos


A large number of men get to thinking about dating with Russian girl. Over the last 20 years, the proportion of international couples has impressively grown – including alliances between Russians and westerners. What is special about this kind of dating? I gathered 5 pros and 5 cons for you.


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How to find the best Ukrainian dating site

There are hundreds of Ukrainian online dating sites, but how to choose exactly what you need? First of all, ask yourself three questions: How does it work? How much does it cost? Is there any feedback on the Internet? Finding a site is not a problem while determining what kind of site is right for you can be tricky.

With so many beauties on the internet, finding a proper Ukrainian dating website is quite a task. So if you want to see yourself dating Ukrainian girls, make sure to give this a read.
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What Kind of Sex Do Russian Women Like?

sex with Russian woman

The sexual revolution in Russia occurred considerably later than in the Western world due to the Soviet Union communist ideology. But do Russian women enjoy sex as much as Western girls Sure! Phew, what a relief. Millions of men all around the globe wonder what feelings does it bring to have sex with Russian women. You can come across many rumors about this nation and its women. Just like all Russians can’t live without vodka, or they allegedly hang out in the woods with bears around and balalaika tunes or there is always winter in that country. In this article, we’d like to break all the stereotypes s and tell you how to act with a Russian woman in bed to leave her satisfied.
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