Review. Is it scam? is an international dating website with dozens of beautiful women from Russia and Ukraine. So what the site is about? Here is a true and detailed review of lada date.

The interface

Everything looks pretty realistic. They did a really good job on graphics here. The first thing you face when you visit the site is their home page with beautiful single ladies pictures and the field to sign up on the right. The great thing about the website is that it enables guests to log in with Facebook, which I personally find really convenient. This is the fastest way to start you search for a happy family life because the site uses your Facebook details and fill in many fields automatically. It is not a reason to feel down if you don’t have the Facebook account – simply put your name, email and birth date and here you are. Once you are a user you have an opportunity to fill your profile. IT will be automatically filled on 6%. Once you upload a photo you have 46% of the job done. Just be attentive and choose the right size of your picture not to make it stretched. The next step is your bio. You will need to tell your country, city, height, body type, eyes color, hair color, occupation, phone, religion, ethnicity, education, smoke, drink, children, marital status, age criteria and a short self-description. Note that you will be able to read the same piece of information about girls you like, plus Level of English field.

The interface is simple. They have a top-bar and a side-bar. The first one includes a home page, ladies profiles, live chat, and support. The side-bar is more detailed. It includes messages (inbox, sent and deleted), ladies (contacts, chat invitations, online ladies, newest ladies, search, photos, ignore list), my account (credits, profile and account settings) and customer service (inbox, new questions, sent mail).


What is more, if you think that there is a scam about lada date, check out their design first. The site does not overload you with advertisements or any other irritating stuff. Besides, they use rather conservative colors on their site.

Furthermore, the ladadate scam would mean that they want to earn money on you. The thing is that all the finances are pretty transparent there. Simply press the Credits button and you will see a reasonable price list. The costs include:

  • incoming letter (free),
  • outgoing letter (7 credits),
  • viewing of the video clip (10 credits),
  • 1 minute of Chat (1 credits),
  • 1 minute of Live Video (1credits),
  • contact information request (25 credits).

By the way, 750 credits will cost you $ 299, while 20 credits will cost $ 12. Thus, pay attention to details to details and save your money.

They also accept major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro and provide a Refund policy on their website.

Options reviews are numerous on the internet. This dating site is really popular nowadays. The thing is they have pretty interesting options there:

  • Send Message
  • Send Gift
  • Start Live Chat
  • Add Contact
  • Get Contact Info
  • Add to ignore list

Lada date enables its users to send presents (real ones). Thus, if you like a girl on this website, just press the Send Gift button and you will get the list of present available with prices. For instance, if you want to impress a Ukrainian girl, you may send her a bunch of flowers (180-450 credits), a big toy (140 credits), a gift set like Martini and chocolate (150 credits), perfume certificate (520 credits), monthly course in English (480 credits), spa certificate (380 credits), monthly gym admission (380 credits), jewelry certificate (720 credits).
And, of course, you may spend the whole day enjoying pictures of stunning Russian and Ukrainian ladies for free.

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