Best Places for a Date with a Russian Woman

Best Places for a Date with a Russian Woman

People go out on dates to get to know each other and have fun. The venue of a date is extremely important and should be thought out carefully since the right location can make it and the wrong one can break it. Going out with a Russian girl for the first time, you might be at a loss to choose where to take her. Relax. Although you heard about cultural differences, when it comes to dating, romance, and building relationships, they are not so striking. Women all over the world have universal views on man-woman relationships, so if you’re not new to dating, you know how to behave towards women on dates.

The success of your date depends on two main factors – the impression you make on your Russian girlfriend and the venue where your date takes place. In order to win a woman’s heart, you should show your interest in her. For this, ask her questions, listen to her attentively, compliment her, and show your good manners. Acting like a gentleman, you’ll definitely melt her heart. Bringing a bunch of flowers for your Russian girl is another way to show your admiration and romantic interest.

You should also understand that there are places appropriate for a first date and places to go to on further dates. First dates are all about communication and getting to know your partner. That is why it’s important to go to the places where you won’t be silent for hours (like at the cinema). Also, it’s recommended to choose more casual venues where you’ll feel comfortable. However, if you’ve been dating online for a while and know your Russian woman pretty well, you can arrange a date according to her interests or preferences. If you’re looking for the best place for a date, we’ve prepared some good date ideas that your Russian woman would like.


A restaurant is considered a classic venue for a first date. Most likely, it’s the first location that springs to your mind. And you’re not wrong – Russian women don’t mind going to a restaurant on a first date. What is more, first dates are meant for talking, and a cozy restaurant with a romantic ambiance will facilitate your conversation. Try to find out what kind of food she prefers. If you don’t have any idea, choose something traditional. Don’t go to fancy restaurants that offer exotic menu. Since most Russian women rarely go to expensive restaurants, your date will feel uneasy trying to read the items on the menu and figuring out which fork or spoon to use. If you did ask her to a fashionable restaurant, patiently explain to her the dishes you like the most before you catch her confused look. The moral of the story is to take your Russian date to a small restaurant or café with cozy tables for two and romantic atmosphere.

A bit of thrill

You should know that a date, especially the first one, is your chance to make an impression on your Russian girlfriend. In order to impress a woman, you should evoke positive emotions in her. For this, you need something more active and entertaining than dining at a restaurant. Horseback riding is a great idea for a romantic date. If it’s your first date, then it’s better to ride separate horses but if you’ve had some dates before, you can ride one horse sitting close to each other. Being close and touching each other enhance your emotional connection. If you two are fond of extreme, go-karting or an escape room will raise your adrenaline levels. Experiencing something new together is the quickest way to become closer.

Outdoor date

Among the good places for a date, a park is always appropriate when you’re dating with a Russian girl. If it’s a warm season, then a stroll in the park can make a great beginning for your date. Since dating experts recommend combining different locations throughout one date, you can first take a walk in the city park or botanic garden and then dine at a restaurant. Many parks have amusement zones, so you can try out some attractions. Ferris wheel will get you high and let you enjoy the view. Be attentive to your Russian date and don’t walk for too long since she can get tired in her high heels. If there is a pond in the park, sit on the bench and feed ducks – it’s a version of entertainment too.

Intellectual date

Choosing the places to go for a date, you should take into account your and your woman’s interests. If both of you are art-lovers, then the venue is obvious – an art gallery or a museum. Some may say that it’s quite boring to walk from hall to hall staring at the pictures or exhibits. But if you’re really an expert in this field, you’ll be able to impress your date with your knowledge. Russian women like intelligent men. If you are in Russia and you’re looking for a sophisticated place here to for a date, go to the theater. Many Russian women are theater-goers, so if your date is one of them, book tickets. Going to a restaurant after the performance is a perfect follow-up. review

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Top 5 Russian Dating Sites

top russian dating sites

Have you ever wanted to find a decent Russian lady for serious relationships? In fact, the term “Russian dating” tackles girls not only from Russia but also from other Eastern Slavic countries, especially from Ukraine. Since the global visibility of Ukraine increases, women who live there become desirable marriage materials for foreigners.

If you have no idea of where to look for a Russian or Ukrainian wife, just try cyber dating – you will get access to a great many single girls without a need to go out of your home. Of course, knowing where exactly to search, you will succeed much sooner. Meet our top 5 online dating sites where single men from all around the world can meet their Slavic brides!

Romance Compass is one of the largest online dating services intended for men who wish to build romantic relationships with beautiful single women from Russia, Ukraine, and the neighbouring countries. Here, you can choose your special one from hundreds of thousands of female users! The registration is completely free so you will only pay for communication services. Apart from simple chatting, there is an opportunity to have amazing live video chats with your matches, as well as to arrange romance tours and deliver gifts. To protect you from scams, the site’s team thoroughly verifies every girl prior to uploading her profile. Using the highly functional interface, you will find new ladies for dating and marriage.

GoDateNow is another major dating service (and one of the most reliable sites) that connects you to Ukrainian and Russian girls and also provides you with dating advice of any kind. One of the biggest perks of this site is that you can communicate and hold unlimited live video chats with single Slavic girls for attractively low prices. They charge no registration fees; likewise, you can read ladies’ profiles containing all the essential information, exchange letters, as well as add particular girls to your favourites to keep in touch with them. Their anti-scam system is worth special commenting: to make your dating life safe, the GoDateNow’s administration adds only profiles of women who come to their nearest marriage agencies. is a big online resource where you can meet real Russian women seeking love and worship. Of course, they are also ready to appreciate you! Well, this service is actually an online catalogue gathering nice ladies from throughout Russia and the nearby states. Its team promises their users the absolute safety from scams because their registration policy helps select only female members with fair intentions. Sign up and upgrade for free! Thanks to the fast and convenient search system, you can apply your specific criteria of a perfect romantic partner to meet as many potential matches, as possible. The site features a great many video clips of Russian girls and a blog full of tips how to conquer them.

This online dating service is mainly intended for male singles that wish to find Ukrainian brides. Here, you will meet myriads of single girls that desire to marry good men. Register and upgrade your profile for absolutely free and start making acquaintances with kind and gorgeous Ukrainian women! On this international dating site, you don’t have to be afraid of fraudsters since all suspicious users immediately get blocked. To upload their profiles on, girls should fulfil one main condition: they must be really single and have serious dating goals. In addition, local experts are always glad to give you advice on how to effectively marriage a cross-cultural relationship.

This is another Ukrainian dating site you should check out. is considered to be one of the major online bridal agencies in Ukraine so it offers a surprisingly rich variety of candidates. There are up to 500,000 profiles of single Slavic ladies and each of them is open for new acquaintances. Like on other dating sites mentioned in our review, the subscription to uabrides is free and you pay only for correspondence exchanging and live video chats. Besides, you get access to the best video clips and guides to Ukrainian dating. Their team will also be happy to help you plan a romantic trip to Ukraine and send presents to your match.

To wrap it all up

As you can see, there is a plenty of opportunities to meet Slavic girls for dating and marriage on the Internet. We listed only the most noticeable and trustworthy services in this review – of course, there are many more of them. You are free to choose what suits you the best! Just remember the online safety rules and make sure you are ready to kick the adventure off!