Rusian Girls’ Dating Traditions

Russian dating

Days, months, and years go by, times change, but Western people continue to perceive dating in Russia as something strange and even mysterious. They cannot believe that modern Russian people have many in common with them, that nobody has a bear as a house pet and many myths have little to do with the truth. The big part of all the legends is just a fiction and another part is the already forgotten past. Some of these myths relate to Russian dating traditions. Continue reading

Hot Famous Russian Models


It’s not easy to get into the modeling business, and it’s even harder to become famous and popular. But some Slavic ladies managed to do this, successfully mastering this tough profession. The peculiar beauty and charm of these girls are known all over the world. The faces of Russian Instagram models won the hearts of millions of followers, and even the most famous designers and photographers dream of working with them; their incomes are simply unthinkable. Well, maybe Russian models are not the most highly paid ones in this business, but they make their presence in the global advertising market felt. Today, we’ll show you ten hot Russian models that conquered international podiums. Continue reading