The ‘Is My Wife Cheating?’ Checklist


The very idea that you have a cheating wife is disgusting for many men. Cinematography, literature, and famous people have created the image of a deceiving husband, and the fact that a woman can also cheat on her husband is often shocking.

As a rule, men pay little attention to the mental state of their spouses. Therefore, they find out that they were cheated on either accidentally and unexpectedly for themselves or when the cheating wife stories have already become public knowledge. Continue reading

11 Reasons Why Russian Women Make Good Mothers


It seems like the phenomenon of Russian dating appeared simultaneously with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Western men got excited with the possibility to get acquainted with females from behind the Iron Curtain. The first reason for the then-rising interest in Russian ladies was rooted in the fact that little had been known about them at that time.


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Why Younger Girls Prefer Older Men


Most women want their partner to be a few years older than them. As you can remember from school, girls mature faster than boys, both physiologically and psychologically. It’s natural that they are drawn to older guys who seem to be more mature than their peers.

This tendency goes on in adult life. Girls in their early 20s feel attracted to men in the late 20s or early 30s. They believe these guys are more established, mature, and interesting. Since women tend to view all men as potential partners, older men, who are reliable and self-sufficient, seem better candidates for them. Continue reading