Best Places for a Date with a Russian Woman

places for a date

People go out on dates to get to know each other and have fun. The venue of a date is extremely important and should be thought out carefully since the right location can make it and the wrong one can break it. Going out with a Russian girl for the first time, you might be at a loss to choose where to take her. Relax. Although you heard about cultural differences, when it comes to dating, romance, and building relationships, they are not so striking. Women all over the world have universal views on man-woman relationships, so if you’re not new to dating, you know how to behave towards women on dates.

The success of your date depends on two main factors – the impression you make on your Russian girlfriend and the venue where your date takes place. In order to win a woman’s heart, you should show your interest in her. For this, ask her questions, listen to her attentively, compliment her, and show your good manners. Acting like a gentleman, you’ll definitely melt her heart. Bringing a bunch of flowers for your Russian girl is another way to show your admiration and romantic interest.

You should also understand that there are places appropriate for a first date and places to go to on further dates. First dates are all about communication and getting to know your partner. That is why it’s important to go to the places where you won’t be silent for hours (like at the cinema). Also, it’s recommended to choose more casual venues where you’ll feel comfortable. However, if you’ve been dating online for a while and know your Russian woman pretty well, you can arrange a date according to her interests or preferences. If you’re looking for the best place for a date, we’ve prepared some good date ideas that your Russian woman would like.


A restaurant is considered a classic venue for a first date. Most likely, it’s the first location that springs to your mind. And you’re not wrong – Russian women don’t mind going to a restaurant on a first date. What is more, first dates are meant for talking, and a cozy restaurant with a romantic ambiance will facilitate your conversation. Try to find out what kind of food she prefers. If you don’t have any idea, choose something traditional. Don’t go to fancy restaurants that offer exotic menu. Since most Russian women rarely go to expensive restaurants, your date will feel uneasy trying to read the items on the menu and figuring out which fork or spoon to use. If you did ask her to a fashionable restaurant, patiently explain to her the dishes you like the most before you catch her confused look. The moral of the story is to take your Russian date to a small restaurant or café with cozy tables for two and romantic atmosphere.

good places for first datesA bit of thrill

You should know that a date, especially the first one, is your chance to make an impression on your Russian girlfriend. In order to impress a woman, you should evoke positive emotions in her. For this, you need something more active and entertaining than dining at a restaurant. Horseback riding is a great idea for a romantic date. If it’s your first date, then it’s better to ride separate horses but if you’ve had some dates before, you can ride one horse sitting close to each other. Being close and touching each other enhance your emotional connection. If you two are fond of extreme, go-karting or an escape room will raise your adrenaline levels. Experiencing something new together is the quickest way to become closer.

Outdoor date

Among the good places for a date, a park is always appropriate when you’re dating with a Russian girl. If it’s a warm season, then a stroll in the park can make a great beginning for your date. Since dating experts recommend combining different locations throughout one date, you can first take a walk in the city park or botanic garden and then dine at a restaurant. Many parks have amusement zones, so you can try out some attractions. Ferris wheel will get you high and let you enjoy the view. Be attentive to your Russian date and don’t walk for too long since she can get tired in her high heels. If there is a pond in the park, sit on the bench and feed ducks – it’s a version of entertainment too.

Intellectual date

Choosing the places to go for a date, you should take into account your and your woman’s interests. If both of you are art-lovers, then the venue is obvious – an art gallery or a museum. Some may say that it’s quite boring to walk from hall to hall staring at the pictures or exhibits. But if you’re really an expert in this field, you’ll be able to impress your date with your knowledge. Russian women like intelligent men. If you are in Russia and you’re looking for a sophisticated place here to for a date, go to the theater. Many Russian women are theater-goers, so if your date is one of them, book tickets. Going to a restaurant after the performance is a perfect follow-up.

Active date

If you enjoy active but not too extreme rest, try bowling. It meets all the criteria of the best place for a first date: it’s interesting, unusual, and everyone can play it. And even if one of you or both of you are terrible players, who cares? You need to show your Russian companion that you’re a lot better than other guys when it comes to dating. Once you do this, you need to find out if you can same the same about her, and such an interesting activity as bowling is perfect for this. It’s also a great chance to see whether she knows how to lose with dignity and still have fun even if all of her bowling balls miss, or she’s worried about what people around may think about her.

An aqua park is another great place for a date with an active girl. Water slides, splashes, water rides – what can be better than that? But first, you need to make sure that your new girlfriend can swim. Here’s one more plus – you can check out her slim body.

good places for a dateDo you like dancing? Pay a one-time lesson in a dance studio and get a surge of positive emotions and a good mood for the whole day. Guys rarely choose such places for a date, so you’ll clearly stand out among your potential competitors.

More vivid emotions

If you want your date to be filled with bright emotions, invite the girl to the contact zoo. It’s much more interesting than an ordinary zoo or other places for dates, so if there’s one in your city, go there right now. In the contact zoo, you can spend a unique, truly unusual, and original date, and it won’t leave your companion indifferent. Each girl dreams of feeding cute little animals like ostriches, lambs, rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, guinea pigs, or parrots.

When choosing good places for a date, you need to pick one that will make you feel comfortable in other’s company. In this case, the amusement park works great. Is your date missing some vivid emotions? Just try a scary roller coaster or take a ride on the Ferris wheel. Russian girls love that. The place you take your girlfriend to on the first date can tell a lot about you. Ask her out to somewhere she has already been a hundred times, and she’ll start thinking that you’re as plain and boring as most of the guys. If you go to an unusual spot, for example, an amusement park, you’ll show that you have at least some sense of originality.

Make something together

If you want to invite her to a romantic dinner and make it extraordinary and add something new at the same time, then you should arrange a culinary date! Rent a kitchen in a café or one of the spots where culinary classes are held and hire a chef to control the process. This option is perfect for you because Russian girls love cooking. With the chef’s help, you can learn how to prepare delicious dishes, and you’ll be sure that you won’t spoil them, turning the kitchen into a battle zone with burning frying pans and knives flying around. The only problem is that you won’t be able to enjoy each other’s company fully while cooking because of the chef, so you’ll have to wait for dinner to have a heart-to-heart talk. Also, it’s worth mentioning that renting a kitchen and paying for a chef’s services can be quite expensive.

And here’s the last spot on our list of good places for first dates. Remember the scene from The Ghost with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze sitting together behind the potter’s wheel? Try to repeat this romantic moment and invite your girlfriend to a pottery class. Perpetuate your feelings in clay and make small pots with a memorable inscription for each other. You will learn how to shape the pots and combine different types of clay. Then each of you will make a clay souvenir. You can take everything you made home and put your masterpieces on a shelf when they dry.

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