11 Reasons Why Russian Women Make Good Mothers


It seems like the phenomenon of Russian dating appeared simultaneously with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Western men got excited with the possibility to get acquainted with females from behind the Iron Curtain. The first reason for the then-rising interest in Russian ladies was rooted in the fact that little had been known about them at that time.

After a decade of intensive development of Russian dating another reason has arrived, Russian girls were absolutely different from western ladies. Western men have been complaining that the old traditional family had been long dead due to feminism. Emancipation drastically changed western women. They became career- rather than family-oriented. Building a successful career means much more for the modern western woman than dating, marriage, and family.

It is no surprise that self-sufficiency of women hurts man’s self-esteem. While the vast majority of western men got used to the possibility of babysitting with their wives being the main suppliers for the families, there is a certain number of men who have traditional views on family. The attention of those men is mainly drawn to Russian girls.

Because of the patriarchal upbringing, Russian girl’s main goal in life is to become a perfect wife for her man. This approach to bringing up women makes the man a central figure in woman’s life. Russian women are taught to treat men with respect. The image of an obedient wife made thousands of western men get obsessed with a thought of taking Russian girls for marriage.mom with baby

But if you delve deeper in Russian cultural facts, you will find out another reason to marry a Russian woman.

Russian women are ideal for marriage not only because they are perfect housewives, not only because of their deep respect for men, not only because they are well-known as perfect lovers, but because Russian women make perfect mothers.

Russian mothers are a phenomenon which explanation is long and often connected with different tragic aspects of history.

Lesser impact of feminism

The most popular explanation why Russian women make perfect mothers is that they were less influenced by feminism than western women. Still, there were feminist movements in the 18th century. Moreover, feminism saw a brief resurgence in the last decade of 20th century, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The reason why feminism has a lesser impact on Russian women is deeply rooted in Russian cultural peculiarities and history.


The first step to understanding Russian moms is the aspect of self-sacrifice in Russian culture. In women, this aspect transforms into being perfect housewives and mothers. While a Russian woman is ready to sacrifice everything to her man, nothing can stand between Russian mother and her child. Children are sacred in Russian culture.

Family-DinnerTraditional upbringing

The traditional view on gender roles in Russia makes the man the main supplier of the family, but the woman is responsible for housekeeping and bringing up children. Men could be great soldiers, hunters, whoever, but they are mainly useless when it comes to kids’ upbringing. Thus, being a perfect mother is a traditional role for Russian women.

Family is incomplete without children

The child-free movement has never been popular even in contemporary Russia. The main goal of a woman is to give birth to a child. Moreover, the family in Russia is considered incomplete if the couple has no children.

Religious beliefs

Russian Orthodox Church sees woman’s main role as becoming a mother. Sometimes, this can take exaggerated forms. For example, in 2014 Russian women came to pro-life protest holding signs saying “My uterus belongs to government and church”. So, if your Russian girlfriend gets pregnant, never ask her for abortion.

Soviet Union

Although abortion was legalized in the Soviet Union, the operation wasn’t common in the country. According to “Principles of Legislation on Marriage and the Family of the USSR and the Union Republics” parents were to raise their children to prepare them for “socially useful activity”. Every Russian mom was obsessed with the idea of delivering more “builders of communism” for the state.

World War II

The participation of the Soviet Union in WWII claimed millions of lives of its citizens, with most of them being men. With more than twenty million people being dead, it was woman’s duty to deliver and raise more “comrades”. The number of deaths continued to impact mothers throughout the second half of the 20th century and continues to haunt them in contemporary Russia.

Lack of men

The Soviet Union experienced the lack of men after World War II. Women were forced to fight for the attention of the remaining men. Thus, the men were spoiled and started feeling less responsible. The number of divorces increased leading to the increasing number of single mothers.family values

The dissolution of the USSR

The dissolution of the USSR brought the crisis to all of its former republics, and Russia was no exception. The number of divorces continued to increase, and women were forced to work and bring up children completely on their own.

The current state of Russian family

The traditional image of Russian family was distorted by the continuous crisis. With men becoming more and more irresponsible, the number of single mothers saw no decreasing. Almost every Russian woman is capable of bringing up kids on her own. They manage to combine raising kids with studying and working in order to provide for the family.

Desire for the best future for their children

Low standard of living in contemporary Russia makes Russian mothers do their best for their children to have a normal life. The self-sacrifice is still common in modern Russia and mothers are capable of giving away everything to provide the best future for their kids.

If you want a perfect mother for your future kids, you should definitely marry a Russian girl. Although the reasons why they make perfect mothers are partly rooted in tragic history, it shouldn’t prevent you from having a strong and healthy family.

How to Date Russian Moms

Now you see why Russian women make such great moms. It’s time to find out how to date a Slavic girl with kids. If you’re thinking about getting a lonely Russian mom, you should understand that the usual approaches don’t work here. And keep your sympathy to yourself. Be unfeigned and sincere.

Learning the basics

Unfortunately, we got used to applying the experiences of our previous relationships when dealing with a new potential partner. But the approach to single moms should be a bit different. Sure, the goal of dating is to impress and win the heart of your lady. This rule never changes. But the methods must be new. Be prepared for a single mom turning everything you know about girls upside down and changing your approach to them. Forget all the facts about Russian women you learned before.

Developing strategy

If there’s a beautiful single mom in your eyesight, you need to develop a strategy to earn her trust. You know what? Forget about strategies. Your main weapon is honesty. Give up that selfish desire to get her into your bed.

reasons to date a Russian girlDon’t fool her

She had already been fooled before, so she can see through men now. Maybe her protective mechanisms are pretty weak, but at least they exist. What a single mother can’t afford is making the same mistake she did earlier. The fact that she’s a mother, and she’s single tells you what mistake we’re talking about here, right? She probably knows the game men like to play.

Be nice to her kid

And there’s one more thing to consider: it’s her kid. And you should take it into account. To date a single Russian mom, you need to find the common language with her child.

Be realistic

You think that your life’s tough? Well, this girl’s life is a lot tougher! She’s responsible for two lives at the same time. She doesn’t have enough time for herself.

Some major cons

As you already know, the main disadvantage of Russian moms is their “baggage.” They have more responsibilities than you, more bills to pay, more problems to solve and a lot of stress to cope with. Their lives are far more grown-up than yours. And they have much less time for leisure.

The main part of a Russian mom’s compassion, devotion, and sympathy belongs to her kid. Are you OK with being second best? Because for the most part, her child will be receiving more of her love by default. You must be able to understand and accept this fact. Oh, and the kid may begin to hate you. No one will blame the child for hating you without a seemingly obvious reason. You’re a different man. You’re some kind of threat, whether you like it or not.

Expect resistance and resentment, no matter how sincere and handsome you are. You’re in an extremely difficult life situation that takes a lot of time and effort to make it better. But are perfect Russian girls worth such a sacrifice?

There’s no risk without a reward

There are a few reasons to date a Russian girl with kids. The advantage of a single mom is that she knows the rules of the game and needs a relationship in one way or another. To understand other girls, you may need some sort of an interpreter. A single mother has no time to be playful and mysterious. She will sincerely tell you what she expects from you.

Now you’re free from the need to be insincere. A single Russian mom welcomes honesty and sensitivity more than other women who have suffered from insensible relationships in the past. Besides, she needs to change diapers, work, and teach her kid the basics of life. Do you think she has time to deal with your indecisiveness? So be sure to tell her only the truth.

Some believe that single Russian moms are the best Russian women ever, so dating one will be worth it. She can end up being the most devoted and loving woman you’ve ever met if you show patience and compassion from the very beginning.

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