10 Best New Pornstars in 2017-2018

hottest new pornstars

In the years 2017 – 2018, the porn industry has become the most flourishing field of internet activity constantly “refreshing” itself with young cute faces and delivering even more top new pornstars than ever before as we’ve bid farewell to 2017 and said hello to the year 2018, picking a list of 10 hottest new pornstars going even harder. Though you may not agree with our opinion, we hope you will agree that all these girls are super juicy! In addition, you can go to the comment section below and suggest some other ladies of the industry you find hot. Alright, this is our top 10 of best new pornstars and we’re getting to it!

The Most Popular Female Porn Actresses of 2017-2018

1. Cassidy Banks

Cassidy Banks

Cassidy was definitely featured on many other lists of best pornstars of the recent years and of course it’d be stupid not to add her to our list too. This girlie gained a lot of popularity last year and all you need is to take a look at her to realize why. She has mind-blowing curves, a nice set of boobs and the true love for sex to take the 1st place in many top 10’s and top 5’s.

2. Bailey Brooke

Bailey Brooke

Bailey is known to enter the business back in 2016. Although we don’t think she is in the same league as for example, Mia Khalifa, that might really depend on whether you like blondes more than brunettes or vice versa. But, no doubt, Bailey is hot as hell and she has definitely earned a place among the best new pornstars 2017 had presented us.

3. Aaliyah Hadid

Aaliyah Hadid

Nah, this girl is not Bella’s and Gigi’s sister if you thought so! Aaliyah’s debut was a real knockout as she can surely boast an incredible body, a pretty face and such a sexy voice. If she will continue the same way she has shown us in 2017, it won’t be much of a surprise to see her claim the best new pornstar of 2018 award.

4. Angela White

Angela White

This wonderful lady brings even more curves to our top 10! Angela was gifted with an outstanding figure and a lovely set of tits, so if you are a huge fan of both, you certainly need to check out some of Angela’s best scenes. And though she is not a newcomer to the porn industry, only recently an actress has been getting the popularity she truly deserves.

5. Crystal Greenvelle

Crystal Greenvelle

Now the floor is given to one of the hottest young porn actresses! Being the main young Russian pornstar, Crystal (real name is Nastya) was born on May 24, 1997. The girl runs pages in many social networks, constantly uploading fresh pics and videos and gathering more subscribers from all around the world. As for the moment, she has starred in 7 porn movies, and it seems Crystal’s not going to give up her movie star career.

6. Lana Rhodes

Lana Rhoades

Even considering the fact Lana has not won 2017’s best newcomer to porn industry award, she has surely been one of the sexiest and most active porn stars of the year 2017 and Lana actually shows not even the smallest signs of slowing up. A great number of her true fans keep their fingers crossed for Lana to finally reach the top of best pornstars and get her long awaited award.

7. Nicolette Shea

Nicolette Shea

Giving quite an obvious fact Nicolette is a total fake and she actually knows it well, everyone loves her! Her Barbie-like features have got under the skin of many porn lovers around the planet and Nicolette herself has risen to become one of the leading pornstars on both Pornhub and Brazzers.

8. Jai James

Jai James

Our list definitely lacks pure ebony talent, like Jai. Anyway, the whole porn industry used to be lacking some genuine ebony talent until Jai James stepped up on the scene last year. From the moment we saw her first appearance on Brazzers, we instantly fell in love with her shapes and passion, so everyone really hopes it won’t take too long for her to release more hot scenes…well, a lot more!

9. Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova

Also known as the “bubble butt” blonde, this 22 year old American pornstar has only been in the business a few years, yet Mia has already managed to collect no less than 5 awards and was nominated for some more. And while her boobies may not be too impressive, that is generously compensated with her stunning booty and a bonny “college girl” face.

10. Brett Rossi

Brett Rossi

We still can recall those times when Rossi was not performing in too hardcore scenes, when she used to be a softy kind of gal, but now her taste of hardcore episodes appears to be fully awakened and Brett can hardly get enough of it. In any case, she has always been a super beautiful one in the entire industry and we expect her to go on with her ventures to be constantly pleasing our eye!

All in All

Now we’ve finally got to the end of our top 10 hottest adult movie female stars that have already achieved groundbreaking success on millions of screens and earned the true love of thousands of devoted fans across the globe. These ten ladies can surely be named the hottest pornstars of 2017-2018. Do you think we actually missed out someone worthy of getting a mention? Be sure to leave your ideas in the comments below and we will be glad to get that chick added!

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